For most NianWeiEr places in China
Some "hit" line is a blend of the ancient Chinese Spring Festival culture, folk recreational activities, ethnic customs and other elements. 1, chengdu Experience of the three folk to kam Chengdu wuhou temple has been chengdu cultural landmarks, the Spring Festival to the temple of marquis fee

China's annual The Spring Festival folk

Historians hutong: Beijing one is rich and expensive lane
Old Beijing has rich east west, north of poor south base, is the live dongcheng do big business merchant family, live wl wangfu baylor and other senators, beicheng mostly do small business people, in south is by juggling tribeswomen unwashed and brothels.But there's a hutong is different, the hutong

Beijing hutong

Article 12 in China is not known as the color line to the public
If every month have a journey, so be sure to China this article 12 color line.The most beautiful four seasons on the road, do you most admire in the heart is a few months? Jan: half is sea water, half is flame Line: haikou, wenchang, qionghai, mannings Main point: wenchang tai wan, stone park

red line hainan yunnan sichuan guizhou guangxi xinjiang plateau gannan shaanxi hunan

If you have love in Beijing, you should so play!
In Beijing, talk about feelings play love seems to be not an easy thing.We may look delicate, material abundance, the spirit of independence, but it seems hard to meet a know cold warm, intimate lover.If one day in Beijing have love, we can go to the joyous pavilion tanchun, go to kunming lake white

Beijing love Diaoyutai gingko boulevard The north sea Wto-day order GUI jie street, houhai

The most beautiful autumn in Beijing Picturesque ginkgo
Spring, summer, fall, each have each beautiful, and the late autumn in Beijing is the most flavor, with golden sunset is the fall of ginkgo leaves, with the wind rustling.Ginkgo tree, is the existing seed plants in the world's oldest precious plants, thus known as a "living fossil" and "panda" plant

In the autumn Beijing Ginkgo biloba l. Ditan park badachu involved The red screw temple

Swim mountain flowers Yunnan Luo Ping found flowers Tian Hang perturbation strategy
Luo Pingyou mountain, water, beautiful flower field.If you are a photographer, if you are a QiongYou backpacker, Luo Ping is in your heart the beautiful pastoral ideal. Luo Ping in eastern yunnan province, the ten thousand mu beautiful every spring rape fields are to be bent.Jiulong waterfall gro

yunnan Enjoy flower Luo Ping strategy

Romantic spring to teach you how to play in Beijing
Beijing spring the weather gets warmer, and the recovery, flowers in full bloom, is the best tourist season of the year, Beijing attractions very much, from the natural landscape to cultural sites, numerous, so Beijing spring tourism where fun, today will give you recommend a few suitable for spring

Beijing In the spring tourism

Love the city that never sleeps guangzhou day and night to play the map
Changes in the guangzhou, visit guangzhou map must also change.They are no longer confined to simple and similar consumer place, and continuously explore and cultivate the characteristic shop, coffee shops, restaurants, and art space.These interesting new consumption, on the decoration and location

guangzhou To have fun The city that never sleeps

Rediscover the street in chengdu elegance
If at the end of the board the plain mountain overlooking this familiar land, as the mist away gently, plain in the village surrounded by green trees and streams, it carefully in the depths of the earth. If chengdu wenchuan far away;If chengdu's Yangtze massif with active nearby longmenshan tecto

sichuan chengdu elegant street

Xi 'an customs
birthday Family members birthday, the whole family to eat noodles, referred to as "longevity noodles".Now pay more attention to children's birthday, buy clothes, toys, caterers birthday cake, birthday candle.Children also bring gifts to celebrate, warrants to the cake candy distribute kindergarten

shaanxi Xi 'an customs