"Let's go" said will see the world with my parents, Beijing 8 days free line strategy in detail

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My mother wanted to go to Beijing for the older generation, the capital, Beijing for countless memories, they change their life how many policy decisions here, fate is also changing.

Over the years, mom told me a few times, now old, ability is not good, also don't can go now before moving to, probably won't be able to make in the future.

My dad young visited Beijing, I with my daughter-in-law have been to many times, also sent to my son and my mother are not home to Beijing, for this reason, I also once.After all, guangzhou to Beijing ticket really not cheap.

July I tell my mom, don't you join a package tour, with my dad, my son, go out with the bus, and the guide took, suitable for the old man's house.My mother look after stroke, he said not to go, a man is 4500, I know, she is heartache.

Still remember once promised?You said you want to take my parents to see the world, don't wait until tired to think of them...

I always remember the inside the memory in the article: when I grow up must take you to travel!

To look at a few times, tears can't help running out, yes, I said will go to see the world with my parents.

Then, high-speed rail tickets, booking tickets, find friends booking hotel, I, my father and my mother, my wife, my son and my mother-in-law, a line of six people, on a trip to Beijing.

This article, is dedicated to all the mom and dad and son filial piety their daughters, with my parents go to see the world, don't wait until tired to think of them...

Booking a flight

Domestic air tickets really expensive, because it is summer vacation season, is even more expensive.

Find really nothing of experience domestic cheap tickets, because it is Ming Ming button, so where can only go to http://www.qunar.com to find which the agent discount terms, much more cheap airline ticket

So waiting a few days, also borrowed travel agency friends internal platform account check (check the actual knot is more expensive than the outside!)

Adult: 1310 * 6550 + 5 = child ticket: 900 * 1 = 7450 booked 6 seats on the plane to Beijing - guangzhou

High-speed train tickets

Take the plane to Beijing by train and is actually a very tangled problem, beijing-guangzhou route after the high-speed rail traffic, guangzhou, Beijing only need eight hours

Is three hours by plane, but if you add to the airport (1 hour), arrived at the airport in advance (2 hours), the airport to downtown Beijing (1 hour), so calculate down, actually spend time also by plane was not much shorter than the high-speed rail.And now north of the airport flight delays is a few minutes, give you a 2 hour delay, actually like sit high iron makes no difference.

So go we choose is sit high iron.

The ministry of railways high-speed rail ticket booking website: http://www.12306.cn

Before booking need to register a user, and then download a root certificate

Then you can direct the query and 20 days of train tickets booking, booking need to input the id number of passenger, children can use adults id number of the purchase.The bus directly to brush the second generation id card is ok, don't need to change the ticket.

Adult: 862 * 4310 + 5 = child ticket: 431 * 1 = 4741 high-speed rail tickets booked 6 Zhang Guangzhou - Beijing

Full payment

Guangzhou - Beijing high-speed rail tickets: adult ticket 862 * 5 = 4310 + children ticket: 431 * 1 = 4741

Beijing - guangzhou ticket: adult ticket: 1310 * 6550 + 5 = children ordered six 900 * 1 = 7450

Beijing one cartoon: 6 CARDS from 240

Tickets and diet: 5308

: a total of 17739 people

On average, plus the usual breakfast, fruit, bread, what of spent 300 yuan, each person's spending is 3000 pieces

But the premise is here, we are friend arranged accommodation in Beijing, according to the cost of the apartment is 600 a day, we live for 7 night, here with 700 pieces of each, so normal to calculate words, everyone should be about $3800