"Let's go" said will see the world with my parents, Beijing 8 days free line detailed strategy - houhai

First stop: houhai

 houhai is an integral part of Chinese quadrangles, saying is "the sea", is actually a huge artificial lake.Up the street outside, after its action to xinjiekou street in the west.This is the city before 700 yuan dynasty period of ancient waters.Don't go around houhai lake in Beijing and it is equal to the haven't been to Beijing.

The traffic

Bus 107, 124, when arrive station bao chao hutong 】 【 【 nanluogu xiang 】 north mouth;13, 60, 118 road bus until "the lane" south lane nankou station.

Take the subway line 6 to 】 【 houhai, can under the north sea north station 】, then through the lotus market 】 【 to 】 【 sea before.

The day we are in nanluogu xiang 】 【 station, and then to go to the first [nanluogu xiang], then wear a 【 】 to Ann outside street, reach the pipe smoke XieJie 】 【, then get to houhai 】 【 】 【 silver lake bridge began to visit.

About nanluogu xiang

Nanluogu xiang is a very famous ancient street, north to the drum tower street, south to gates avenue, because of their things have eight symmetry alley lined up, therefore, also known as "centipede street", from north to south, the east follows after 8 for JuEr hutong street, temple alley, follows temple lane, qin old hutongs, north syma hutong, east cotton hutong, plate factory hutong, wonderful bean hutong, 8 for the former gulou street alley on the west side, black sesame seed hutong, manholes, hutong, hutong, sunell group MaoEr hutong, rain is falling all hutong, hemp fiber hutong, auspicious hutong.By over-packaging MaoEr hutong is the most famous, because it has the most complete existing courtyard houses, including 7-11 pound home garden (garden), 13, 21, wenchang palace, residence of Feng Guozhang 35 and 37 for WanRong maiden, 45 is prefect yamen.

It is said that there are many characteristics in nanluogu xiang shop, but we are not interested in to this kind of project, so just visited it compare with the hutong characteristics, did not go to that piece goods street.

Nanluogu xiang has now through to whitewash, the courtyard houses are mostly renovated, slowly slip ring, hanging out, can experience the Beijing hutong characteristics, and have a clean and comfortable environment, although the lack of the feeling of the original, but the mood also won't feel pity.

Followed the map on the phone, out of the ground outside street, 200 meters north street on the left is the pipe smoke XieJie, many characteristic shop here, arrived this morning, however, most of the shops haven't open the door.

About the pipe XieJie

Pipe XieJie yanju, when the qing dynasty calligraphy and painting mounting and selling antique jade, is a bustling commercial street.Think about it, when only the eight banners' children and rich merchants will take snuff, were able to play antique calligraphy and painting, because tobacco is a FMCG, will become the main purpose for people to pipe smoke XieJie, so in the guangxu emperor shun tianfu volunteers will be named pipe smoke XieJie this street.

Pipe smoke XieJie now, most of the shops are a variety of different styles of small endowment emotional appeal, probably inside these stores sell is famous calligraphy and painting, but now is some special snacks and small property completely souvenirs.

Blown sugar guy

The scenic spots in Beijing can see blow to sugar, thus blowing sugar creature is a skilled job, "he blowing gas to evenly.Sugar guy blow after good, use the scissors to spare parts, with a small stick dipped in a little TangXi, good blow long stick on it, a piece of work is complete.

Artisans, than it is to let children blow air into the sugar-coated figurine, make animals like don't like see people a think tank, the figure is just a play.That dare not eat sugar oh, too dirty.A creature of the sugar price is about $15.

After the bridge

Through the pipe smoke XieJie arrived sycee bridge.Before people on the bridge, the left hand is the sea, his right hand is houhai.Due sycee bridge is located in the front on the channel between the sea and houhai.For the south-north single-arch stone bridge, because look like pieces of silver the said sycee bridge.Is one of the landscape of lakes and one small yanjing eight sights.Standing on the sycee bridge can be seen from the west in the past, past is called "the concept of sycee mountain".

Right now many lakes in the evening, all sorts of bar opening, people are busy, the day early in the morning, basic didn't open the door, but you can experience the quiet, can also hire a human tricycles, around a circle, listen to explain, anecdotes.Here at night it is another amorous feelings.

Famous "barbecue season" "nine gate snacks", etc., in the silver lake bridge.