Said "let's go" to see the world with my parents, Beijing free line 8 days detailed strategy - deep, respectful wang fu


Sit tricycles houhai

Manpower tricycle in houhai lake is a scenery, rent a three-wheeled rickshaw tour along the houhai - west sea - sea before, will be on the way by soong ching ling's former residence, residence of guo moruo, nine gate snack street, wangfu deqing, respectful wang fu (and of former residence), tao baylor mansion, sycee bridge, time about half an hour or so, teacher will edge cycling, edge to give some explanation about houhai and hutong allusions.

Price bargain on her own, because forget before I came to know about the price about, so finally talking about 35 pieces of each.Later heard by car when the teacher call the company declaration, the quote is 25 pieces one (because is unified management, so want to entry, extra they won their charge), so if you also want to ride to houhai, remember to bargain.

After actually sit the car, we and the route along the tricycle themselves slowly around again, it is just an hour, and will not be tired, sit three rounds of also is a kind of characteristic of tourism experience, just like "sit manpower tricycle swim lane" is not a booth, Beijing tourism without tickets in houhai, power line is handed over the tickets.

Respectful wang fu

Respectful wang fu is our country the most complete palace buildings, divided into two parts, the mansion and garden house before, and in the back garden.Once successively as ho-shen, yong Lin mansion.In 1851, prince gong yi xin become the master of the house, the name of respectful king government office, also therefore.Is it possible to estimate the main everyone is very curious to see what on earth this big corrupt official and he is how luxury.But tickets are really expensive, 40 yuan, we visited the imperial palace, now that is a little lack of interest on the building, just hang at the door and went inside.

Day and night all kinds of fishing, and there's no banned fishing.Houhai is actually the old Peking man park, swimming in summer, skating in winter, it's summer night there are many wild swimming here.The day we can see someone swimming in the lake, water quality is good.

Political: half a duck green water pool, several array wicker wind.Slowly find fang diameter, doubt and escape.Crow warbler break also continued, in the drawing.

"Sea", is actually a huge artificial lake, is the old royal prerogative, a clear pool.Houhai is located in the centre of Beijing, tian 'anmen only four, five, connected to the famous beihai monohydrate, and jingshan, the Forbidden City, is relative.Coastal walking, one not careful will see tile red walls.In the tall majestic gate, can only see nosocomial SenYu tall trees.Wandered through the mysterious.It is said that the waters of houhai attached to the palace of the dragon vein, The Times are on high ground.So, generations of the monk temple temple built in here, and while the royal ministers and location to build house on the shore landscape, famous people have also moved to the lake, began the houhai beside the original bank life.As a result, they say, "after the shichahai lake city".

So stroll, around a circle back to sycee bridge, today's lunch to barbecue season is solved.