"Let's go" said will see the world with my parents, detailed strategy - wangfujing Beijing free line 8 days

The second stop: wangfujing

Leave the houhai lake, called a taxi, about $20, came to the wangfujing today.

Wangfujing commercial development soon, north from nankou Beijing hotel into the street, see the signboard is high, store the looming, crowded, like flowing water.The street now have Asia's largest commercial building, the density is the largest and most concentrated shopping malls, hotels and stores.

To say the truth, the wangfujing foreign tourists to, already do not have any attraction, sell things, here also has stores in other cities, to wangfujing, for us, but also is a project going on.

From north to south through the wangfujing street, just arrived in changan avenue, intersection there is a metro station "wangfujing", we take the subway back to the hotel directly to the end of the day.

On the sixth day of the overhead

Manpower tricycle: 210 pieces (35 per block)

Barbecue season lunch: 374

By taxi: 40 (2)

Buy fruits: 20

Go for cheap fang roast duck dinner, friends treat

: a total of 944