"Let's go" said will see the world with my parents, 8 days free line detailed strategy - the temple of heaven in Beijing

On the seventh day, tomorrow will go back home, today's mission is not nervous this morning so all stay in our hotel.

First stop: the temple of heaven

The traffic

Take the subway line 5, the east gate of the temple of heaven to the subway to get off.A1 and A2 exit can look at the east gate of the temple of heaven park.


The pass of the temple of heaven is 30 yuan, 15 yuan student tickets (please make sure to buy ticket, because QiNianDian, echo wall such as YuanZhongYuan is must buy a ticket to enter, otherwise, you swim the temple of heaven is like a park makes no difference)

The main attractions

QiNianDian, yu huang arch, echo wall, dome.The temple of heaven is very big, is a large park, coverage of the trees is very high.

The temple of heaven park, is one of the world cultural heritage, for the emperors of the Ming and qing dynasties, rain, and pray for good harvest of special altar, is the world's existing largest and the most perfect ancient flocks of the sacred buildings.

The temple of heaven must carry an umbrella oh, this one is tan is very...

Famous QiNianDian in the north, this is the temple of heaven in the most magnificent, the most beautiful buildings, and imagination from the last day of the place.QiNianDian, jiajing twenty-four years (1545 years) to the triple top round the temple, the temple roof covered with green, medium yellow, the green coloured glaze, the moral heaven, earth, and all things.Qing qianlong sixteen years (1751) to jinding three color tile for unified blue tile, named "QiNianDian", is Meng Chun (the) day of good harvests special-purpose buildings.

Square in addition to the tai chi stone is in the center of the circle, the outer ring are arc shape, number and Yang number, symbol ascended, day emperor memorial tablet in the tai chi on the stone, symbolizing the day emperor high on cloud nine.

Imperial vault yu

Circular fence around the yard, the wall is about 3.72 meters high, 0.9 meters thick, brick wall body with shandong linqing grinding brick to seam, blue pantile top, this is the famous "echo wall".Imperial vault yu round the walls of the compound natural sonic refraction, ground brick wall of build by laying bricks or stones to seaming way makes wall structure very closely, the surface of the wall diameter of 651 meters, 3.27 meters high wall.When people are standing behind things peidian peidian near wall speak softly, although the two sides far distance apart, but can be very clearly heard the other voice of speech.This is because the circle is smooth, the sonic refraction.

The walls have let grating to surrounded, so god the horse the echo wall effect are only legend.

HuanQiu altar

Held the winter solstice is the place of worship, the main building have HuanQiu, yu huang arch and peidian peidian, hutch, three libraries and slaughter god pavilion, ancillary buildings have clothing, lighting, etc.HuanQiu round shape like a day, three layers of the altar, 5.17 meters high, 54.92 meters in diameter, lower the upper diameter of 23.65 meters, each layer of all the steps in each grade nine.

Outside a boulder, upper center for shop sector shaped stones nine laps, inner ring nine pieces, in multiples of nine, in turn, to extend, column board, column are also in multiples of nine, symbol "day".HuanQiu countertops slab, block board, and the number of each steps are surprising as a bitter or multiples of 9.Such as layer above the countertops slab center round stone as a starting point, the first lap for nine pieces, for 18 pieces of the second lap, in turn until the bottom of the circle are increasing in multiples of nine.The number of the layers of white marble boulder fence panels is the same.

The second stop: the bird's nest, water cube

The traffic

To the bird's nest, water cube) take the subway line 5 under the (hui new west street nankou) station, in the subway line 10 under the (north) in sand-layered stand, in the metro line 8 (Olympic stadium) stop B1 and B2 station can see the bird's nest and water cube.Or take the subway line 4 under the (haidian Huang Zhuang) stand in the subway line 10 under the passengers can get (north) in metro line 8.Can also take the subway line 13 stand in (your) or on (shaoyaoju) stand in the subway passengers can get to the subway line 10 north to change.


If not, just look at night view outside, don't money

At night there is a large noisy noisy big market, but also can't say something worth buying, snacks also have no, only provides instant noodles and so-called old Beijing yogurt.Look at the bird's nest and water cube, personal feel or to compare good evening, the effect of lamplight, better than during the day.

On the seventh day

The temple of heaven park tickets: 196 (adult pass four * 35, old man, child ticket 2 * 28)

+ lunch dinner: 176

: a total of 389