Shanxi datong played -, and ancient city of pingyao ancient city sites, the yungang grottoes

Shanxi datong played -, and ancient city of pingyao ancient city sites, the yungang grottoes

Hen quietly hanging on the cliffs;Of sunny in the morning, let the hen subduction in the dark with the shadow of the cliff, I went up from the west, respect the gods FoYing slowly;Stop at the attic only through a foot, foot board, is teetering;More than half a dangling body, stretch hand to measure mount heng wei, ear to listen to a pair of transformation are increasingly loud recitation of the Buddha, meditation to the ways and make the miracle of Buddha to Buddha.

Broadcast repeatedly broadcast, an endless stream of people into the gate lock, National Day, wu lodge airport sky suddenly dimmed;Magnificently LiChou and the sorrow of parting makes noise: if together, have affection, if you leave, how to send?Three hours later, China Eastern airlines plane landed on time, I finally from the warm "ideal" drill out, back to the cold reality.

While, nearly half of life, but confused forty and: bring the opportunity, and confused, and reality, the perplexity and remaining life attitude.

I don't know what is meant by "crazy journey", when she was younger, had thought of a person carrying luggage, across the qinghai-tibet highway;Now Peter, thinking is more and more confused: can I have some humble in man's ambition, shielding my shallow cognition, let me more knowledgeable of the motherland is broad?

So this time into the jin, is to try.Try one's journey, try one's strategy, try reservation booking these others seem very simple work, then try to use a person's state of mind, it suggests, to cross some perplexity.

China, emerging social injustice, let the world beliefs constantly offset, since the primitive clan) in one thousand, the world class from datong to change not datong, big different and different, during the evolution, the wise not disturbed.And datong, from Zhou Chaoqi, it is the outside world yearning heaven on earth, in here, people do the same, to enjoy life, Confucius' rites · LiYun "describes the" ideal society ".Datong prominent strategic position, on the other hand, because of its capital portal, SanJin protect, protection of the central plains, a war since ancient times, as the mohican, nuzhen destroyed liao, Mongolia out gold, datong under both first strike.

So the datong, is the first stop.In datong, a few days, around the ruins of the half and half city classic new buildings turn, look at the new town and lives of mutual permeability.Because of datong, because of the nationally known GengYanBo, can experience the worst place of the "different" with Chinese characteristics and the people of "datong" good wishes: listen to the chanting GengYanBo of good, can understand, in great China, completes the officer to do good, really difficult.The investigation to the end, is still a "different" noblesse oblige, everyone was busy myself is big, but not courageously determination, talk easy?


No in datong through, can't understand how thick the years of accumulation of datong, the accumulation of dust is even more than the old alley roof.The drum building area near the official's branch, enshrine, nine dragon screen, fahua temple, ancient city wall and other famous scenic spot clean bright clean, distance very close, can reach at will.Next to these modern buildings are often the shabby house, also with a decade of rare wanton public toilets.The span of time and space, particularly in datong.The renovation of the history, and a forest of giant scaffold, the change of the city, is characterized with GengYanBo.

Datong food

Reputation in the phoenix pavilion, style is decorous, burn wort smells flowers, is a metaphor of the emperor zhengde period of unofficial history;But more do command "rabbit head" street, near to the noisy at night, and let the datong, smooth add a few minutes of warmth autumn.Quietly quietly in the street, but a lift "fat" to rabbit head shop door curtain, face flushed and one's ears hot, everyone's face, show kind, this is another characteristic of "datong" : drunk, tube group you are princes, groom pawn, datong.

Datong washing bath

Have never experienced the baths in the north, so in the margin of nobody inspected, to please the dragon hotel washing bath, I'm in the grand view garden Liu Laolao, rub zao, rest, bubble bath, what all feel fresh, especially rub zao, the teacher speak authentic shanxi accent, rub while ask, no room to speak to you, "my husband not comfortable? Well!""Power line? Just, ok!""My husband triad or??!""Rub salt or? To? Ok!"After I had understand actually many necessities is an item, is like a painting full wipe.Washing bath is in the north, more like a family reunion, on a few family baths, three men gather together a mahjong table, three women gather together a table, the children are in the containing project buffet, with dishes, running around.This is another kind of expression: "datong" family happiness, simply through the warm sunset, from the window, the gap is aspersed on everyone's face.


Hen quietly hanging on the cliffs;Of sunny in the morning, let the hen subduction in the dark with the shadow of the cliff, I went up from the west, respect the gods FoYing slowly;Stop at the attic only through a foot, at the foot of the plank crumbling, even the slightest sound let a person fear;More than half a dangling body, stretch hand to practise the rhythm of the sky, quietly measure opposite heng heng wei, ear listen a pair of reciting Buddha temple increasingly loud sound downstairs, repeating those ways and make the miracle of Buddha to Buddha.I like visitors each with a mystery on tower, temple timbers and watch those bearing on the final is still hard to find, the ancients' great fairy, is waiting for everyman can understand?

Heng heng

Mount heng is before I finally climbed the mountains, 03 nanyue dongyue, 05 west, 07 zhong has been involved in.The afternoon sun, lush greenery, wind erosion and bone disease, I sit on the stone steps of enlightenment, exposure.Around the mountain every inch is full of spirituality, I is the temple of the gods, in front of me is the soul of the mountains, enlightenment cliff stone chessboard, also seems to have a fairy to Wilson.I like the way that six hundred strains of pinus tabulaeformis, standing still, waiting to see.

Before a house, to see an old lady step a worship to the doors of the temple worship, level best to stone steps in front of her, does not seem to be difficult.The power of the course, in this moment infinite amplification.The temple of mount heng, filled with visitors caught hand then visit fortune-teller Taoist, and I have always been pursuing "shakily, only to watch the phase" principle, one to the monks caught his hand, fast hands, or even with your hands, and a noble, rush down to a temple.

Tower during

Tower so as to worship Buddha, also known as the Buddha Buddha palace tower.To so, was at four o 'clock in the afternoon, tower lazy is located in in the center of the street, to greet the visitors ask;Tower was banned visitors climb tower for more than two years, I can only from different angles, under the tower tower overlooking HengBian and exquisite workmanship, strolled into the first visits to sakyamuni, the Buddha's generosity and kindness, see the temple at the top of the caisson, the wind stopped tree shaking, peace.

Yungang grottoes

With the mogao grottoes, the longmen grottoes and called China's three major grottoes, yungang grottoes under climate and sand erosion, nearby coal and raise the coal dust, undaunted disorderly wearing coat for the Buddha.When I entered the yungang, at yungang because "the world tourism day" from the 150 yuan tickets, people are available, the number for most belong to the expensive watch, in the setting sun bodhisattva smile, warm is aspersed to everyone, but this kind of datong, also can only once a year.The intent of the grottoes builders, and, of course, is to promote the dharma datong, livelihood of equality.But they should not think that the Buddha actually fell in one thousand, Buddhism really prosperous economy.Buddha halo look all day after day, there is no ship in the world, why penance cross?

Yungang stone, each piece seems to be easy to fall off, cut hand the beheading of nie, is to let people see the harrowing experience, many famous vividly, are quietly disappeared.Setting sun blazes in the movie, a lot of lady beetle, cruising in the Buddha and people, like a group of sermons waiter, some of the "datong" message.In the Buddha sitting Buddha like, I stopped, Buddha double listen hang down, sit down, feet plate end put her lap but erosion, always smiling, as if no amount of suffering, in front of him also futile;If anyone is equal, the world and which come so much suffering?


When my male correct move in yanmenguan, the sun and the moon high up in the sky.Yanmenguan, the full of blood and killing means that the name of this even the wild goose to fly but in north-west, has been in full farm inn and restaurants, as the badaling Great Wall of the game.Wear and the door closed wind, tore the banners on the battlements HuaHuaLaLa, in the morning mist wet stone stairs to sit down, even the air with old blood salty smell.Scanned mouth, from the training ground and battery to stay telescopic watch tower in the distance and the beacon tower, looking at Yang warrior mountain stone, sing a song of "crossing the yanmenguan" alone "leisurely autumn Xiao Yan more hard, long iron bow to zhang, the wind chopped with courage lost, see the six Yang lang."They were filled with regrets;Through, finally had a first yanmenguan pull the guests.

The Great Wall is wide Wu Ming

The jin, and I have a purpose is to find the Great Wall;I want to, not like the badaling Great Wall that with modern packaging, but find the annihilation on earth, the Great Wall of original.Lookup map at that time, the Great Wall of datong first victory, then, found the xinzhou and wide Wu Changcheng along the border of it is mined here, it has been proved that this period of the Great Wall, and I dream of the Great Wall, it is.

My name is master in pull over to 208 national road, straight to the Great Wall of the literary abandoned;It weighs the Great Wall is a wall, a brick wall.The brick wall, some villagers dig build by laying bricks or stones under the garden fence;Some scattered at the edge of the wall without reason;Are some simply dug a hole, become a hobo.Have a section of the wall, the villagers to get in the way, direct to dig a big arch, became a CunDao, hold in and out of the vehicle.These walls, unable to identify the year, for the villagers, they just long years of a case in point;The field of a donkey, looked at me oddly the stranger, in turn out this section of the wall in the kitchen, yu yu for a walk, touch the east side to the west picking;It TanTanQi shook his head and continue to face and eat grass.

After wide Wu Changcheng is ready to develop the scenic spot, the estimate to turn into a "Chinese" scenic area;I went to the old wu.Arrived at noon, the scenic spot is only I a person, also don't see a tree, the car can't even find small shadow covered covered.I a person walking in the endless history of the wall, most of the brick wall peeling, drop down ravines;Through mountains, layer cascade folds, the Great Wall is unable to revive old glory;I go forward in the shallow grass a doers of the word, from the point of trace hoofprint and dung, the road way of recent use, mainly for the sheep to walk.Both sides to wear strong winds, whirring, blow my eardrum, seems to me that above the valley, past scenes of the walls.Turned round, panoramic view of the distant highway, mountains, plains, also can see the writing in the big square in front of the group.Along some of the blue flower somehow JiaoYan and appears in reminiscing about those in acacia and teary ending in one thousand.

I finally stopped in a beacon tower and appreciate the magnificent structure in the beacon tower in the dark and wide field of vision.From the ruined the stairs to the top of the beacon tower, panoramic view of the whole valley.Under the sun from my head straight, as through my du second pulse, give me the infinite energy, even my shadow away together.I went walking up and down at the top of the small beacon tower, loud Shouting, stand up sit down, as in the evil wind and dance, wind through;For tired stunned for a long time, but has been reluctant to leave the mountain spirit little your blessing.


Off the train at six in the morning, the first impression of pingyao, is quiet.The warm sun on my face daub, let my face groggily rutile.After the luggage down, first of all do, chaoyang is the city of pingyao chase.When the sunrise from the depths of the alley, from red lanterns through it, you will remember all the good things in the world.Cool autumn light curtains of your trench coat, I sat down on the street at a breakfast file, listen to the morning asked, the exercise of the old people;These landscape, where all have, earth datong.

The sun slowly climb up high, people finally came out, the ancient city of db also raised a.I took to the arch door, to the east gate strolled along the walls, outside walls is the farmer's market, the villagers harvest their own vegetables and fruits, with farm machinery car, waiting for the buyer;City is layered roof, watching crowds pigeons circling back and forth, I saw a single pigeons stop at the top of the turret, or lonely or a proud look forward to, has gone through the roof.

Then the pingyao, to know the ancient city, it is still a lot of player's dream.Well-preserved yuen, XianYa, Confucian temple, etc., to maintain the ancient city of antique (ancient city with four 4 a scenic spot is not wave get hollow reputation), and dazzling shops, and follow one's inclinations of wandering, can always find a reason to pause and place.The time near the National Day, the scene of the city flag red, whether ShiLou overlook, or on the street, is a bustling scene.Night walk tired, sitting in front of the museum of yuen, all the lights in the ancient city of nothingness, dazzling light beam, nosing around, a bunch of a bunch of liao pull you, catch your heart.

Pingyao, more is that these ancient buildings unique business culture factors, let "datong" people have the idea of a "different".Pingyao's saving consciousness is very strong, a lot of whose proprietor in use, with residence inn, rare is that a lot of house, have home treasure, for guests, we find the value of the accident.

Evening CDH pingyao

At 5:30 in the afternoon, I in the south street racing, just to the south gate as soon as possible to meet embalm door to watch the sunset.The setting sun is like a halo outside wearing a layer, through the shade, sprinkled on the face embalm on each piece of brick wall of the door, the more heavy, the golden yellow.Visitors walk on walls, in succession were taken guests squats beside the battlements, children happy laughter from the south gate square in succession.Imperceptibly, the setting sun, quietly doing the settlement of this job.It will slowly misty clouds around the suction, energy increasingly put zhang, behavior but not make public.I accompany, no distractions.A girl eagerly blunt come up, GanTang sunset night;The setting sun is not wait for you, I've been waiting.

A wall of the castle

Compared with other attractions, pingyao I chose the wall of the castle, because yearned for it at the back of the two words.A wall of the castle is a well-preserved ancient military fortification village, barriers to village together, and extensive underground andao, connected to ground is clever.By "trench warfare", or by a wall.

I sat in the castle wall, feet dangling.This is little tunnel, CunDao, separate the local-style dwelling houses and temples, no-load tram show local characteristics.Basaltic within the courtyard in front of the hall, "namo amida Buddha" round card with a lot of coal briquette, relax and even yellow dog ignore all harassment of the outside world, just like other dog.Twitter sparrow, the fog of divergent, let this clear land smooth add a few minutes of solemn and respectful.And the silurian, stage and so on ancient temple inside the fort, rarely traveled.Fort resident many moved to the outside, but leave room deep reiki old house.The original but fully functional castle, like a simple village, not with a trace of copper bad smell.

Datong in the heart, is the datong, datong away from the body, is different;Keep the heart with.I am an ordinary person, can only be very ordinary way, to walk on this land which is not common, make an effort,

Less common.

In October 2013,

Follow the new shanxi strategy:

The original one, visit tickets is playing with mobile phone software, the result was not careful tickets booked on the day of National Day, taiyuan to shenzhen, will continue to look for how the past, when the past;Booked a ticket on September 24, guangzhou to datong, the remaining task is to put in the middle of the six-day trip filled.Train ticket opened (20 days in advance) at 1 am, using a mobile phone accidentally booked the datong to pingyao soft sleeper, take id card in the country as a fire exit selling point a sweep, immediately to print out the ticket, trevor? Simple!

Tours, the biggest limit is traffic, especially to the development of the attractions of some non;So often see guests carpooling to travel on the trip.In datong, scenic spots, such as, and mount heng arrived there was no bus, only by charter, especially hen to mount heng only six or seven kilometers road, back and forth to 80 yuan!Pulled charter, in contrast, the 150 yuan to the wide arms, pingyao to castle wall + zhang wu lodge airport 440 yuan, is much more reasonable.

Three, from already made into jin route, for your reference: on September 24 to guangzhou baiyun guangzhou - datong (stopping changzhi, 240 min), night at datong;25, datong - muddy source (90 min), swim, and mount heng, muddy source (60 min) - so, tower look so, so - (60 min), lodge pulled;26, to the wide arms (60 min), yanmenguan, Ming guang Wu Changcheng, wuhan tombs, pulled back, pulled - datong new south railway station (110 min), night at datong;27, ancient city wall in the morning, the nine-dragon screen, fahua temple and enshrine, looking for datong alley, yungang grottoes (30 min) in the afternoon, night at datong;28, rest days, luggage in the afternoon after washing bath center, 11 PM in datong - pingyao soft sleeper (420 min), night at the train;29, roaming pingyao, pingyao;30, into a wall of the castle (60 min), pingyao, night at pingyao;On October 1, pingyao to taiyuan wu lodge airport (100 min), taiyuan - shenzhen (170 min), back to huizhou.

Fourth, in pingyao, want to buy enough souvenirs, must bring enough cash on me, because many shops can't charge;I saw two like I did, not enough cash on me, carried by the owner to use electric cars to the county only a withdrawal of rural credit cooperatives.

Five, if in pingyao live more than two nights, can come to pingyao around nearby attractions, such as jiexiu continous mountain, the wangs courtyard, jstars courtyard, and a wall of the castle, etc., is a half-day, everywhere in the city is the line of advertisement, charter carpooling, noted with respect then.