"Let's go" said will see the world with my parents, Beijing free line 8 days detailed strategy - preparation

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Although I have been to N times Beijing, that is to go on a business trip, to play what is alone, and you can't have what, what navigation path in the mouth, ask with respect to OK.But with a first to go, can't, so that once you stop on the way, follow you a bunch of people will stop and wait for you at one time I have encountered a few times, so this is swollen yao said nor too lose face, got to do my homework for drop!

Therefore, I searched the Internet for an APP, there are a few practical, introduced to everyone

A, Touch China series of the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, the temple of heaven, etc

It will automatically by the GPS positioning your location, if you are in the Forbidden City tour, can provide route according to it, walking and listening, as a strategy of preparation before travel is good.

But the actual use, its practicability is not very good, mainly introduced the content of the is thick, and the rent at the gate of the palace of the official automatic interpretation, which is very to force.Especially when visiting the Forbidden City in clocks pavilion, pride, before you go any exhibits, automatic interpretation will be for you to speak something provenance, allusions, what of, is really an eye-opener.

Second, the Beijing subway

This is called "Beijing metro" software is on a big help, Beijing now as many as 17 subway, the city basically, can reach more than 90% of the scenic spot has a subway station, but so many lines, how to transfer is a big problem, only after arrange the APP will need to provide name of departure and destination, it's transfer plans, also tell you about how long, is in good condition.

Third, baidu map

This map with apple mobile phone to own the "map" is not the same software, many content than the rich, including transit also has this function

Four, take a taxi

This is not introduced, automatic increase in the price of taxis in Beijing started up to 13 pieces, 2.3 blocks after a ride, in Beijing rent was relatively good.I mainly used to make the driver to take us to the airport in Beijing.

Browsing the other people's travel before departure, the peak season to visit Beijing, hot spots lines, it is said that in front of the door tickets will now is what s the ah, must have tickets online, also don't say, really turned out a few to me.

A, the Forbidden City

Palace Museum network electronic ticket booking website: http://gugong.228.com.cn the other: the tourists also can log in the spring and autumn period and the yongle Palace Museum's official website http://www.dpm.org.cn or Beijing culture communication co., LTD. (yongle ticketing) official website http://www.228.com.cn

Registration of individual users with purchase tickets second generation id card tickets online, and online payment directly.Individual users each id 5 for purchasing tickets every day.

Visit the day by online ticket provided by the number of the second generation id card by the meridian gate (south gate) dedicated entrance ticket through quickly.

After booking, will receive a SMS notification, you only need one day in advance booking is ok, the same can buy adult, the old man (over 60 years old), and the child ticket.

To the entrance to the Palace Museum (on the left of the entrance channel), show your booking of the second generation id card, the staff help you brush can release by machines, is very convenient.

Second, the national museum

National museum admission is free, but if you do not have to make an appointment, you must have to go to Simon lined up to collect the tickets, then can be in the library, there are a lot of people when it is said that is for a long time.

The national museum's official website: http://www.chnmuseum.cn

Ticket booking portal: http://www.chnmuseum.cn/tabid/267/Default.aspx

Registered user login, can be in online booking 3-9 days after the day on May 1, (such as to make an appointment to visit on May 4 and 10) of the national museum of China like a free, free visit tickets booking daily must not exceed 1 per person;

If you want to booking tickets for the next day, you can't use the online booking, must use it SMS reservation service

Mobile, unicom, telecom users can through the mobile phone short message way booking (1 yuan per article).Edit text "Y + 4 digits to visit date (date of two months, two) + name of valid identity certificate", send to 10660208.

On May 1, zhang SAN, for example, make an appointment to visit, then edit "Y0501 zhang SAN" sent to 10660208.(please note that the letter case, valid credentials include: id card, driver's license, passport, come, ShiBingZheng, small and medium-sized students, student id card)

This message is a little strange, don't need you to send id card number, only need to send your name and date.

1, receive time: visit the nine - hold points

2, receive location: the national museum of China north gate ticket center

3, to provide information: using cell phone number when booking code, booking and visitors his valid identity certificate (must provide booking code, booking at the same time using cell phone number and my original valid credentials before redemption, with only a reservation code will not be able to get free visit tickets)

Beijing one cartoon

Line to Beijing free, if it's convenient, would have to buy a Beijing id card.

This card can take a bus, also can do the subway, can also be sitting in a train for Beijing north station to the Great Wall, directly by room card into the car, very convenient!

Beijing subway no matter sit where they are 2 pieces of time, the bus card is 0.4 a ride.

Maximum benefit can be directly to get on the bus, don't need to pay the ticket, however, the Beijing subway is really a lot of people, machines for paper money is not sensitive, still have to change a coin), fare discounts at the same time, greatly saving time, also leave out the trouble of standing in line to buy tickets.Ha ha, also save Mimi.

Beijing one cartoon website: http://www.bmac.com.cn/

Specific sales network card and card, please go to the website above query, find the nearest you post a network

Only need prepaid phone 100 pieces, including 20 is the deposit, 80 pieces of completely you run around enough.

Before you leave, go back card, the card back, card balance and the deposit may give you a full refund.