The temptation of the west will swim five places - the mogao grottoes of dunhuang

The temptation of the west will swim five places - the mogao grottoes of dunhuang

Dunhuang in the world famous ancient silk road, is the ancient silk road city town.Has become a silk road culture symbol of the most significant.

Mogao grottoes commonly known as the thousand-buddha grottoes, known as the most valuable culture found in the 20th century, "the Louvre of the east", is located in dunhuang in the west of hexi corridor, is famous for beautiful murals and statues.

Mogao grottoes while affected by nature in the long years and man-made destruction, is still living in the greatest treasure of buddhist art, dunhuang frescoes capacity and content is rich, is any religious grottoes and monasteries or palace in the world today cannot match.

Look around the caves and wat, draw the figure of Buddha, flying everywhere, the ci-poetry music, such as the fairy.There are buddhist story painting, JingBian historic painting and Buddhism, also have fantastic portrait paintings and kucha, there are a variety of beautiful decorative pattern, etc.Long famous mogao grottoes of sculpture.There are 33 meters high cave, there are 10 cm of small bodhisattva, the vast majority of caves are stored has a statue, quantity is numerous, is a large sculpture gallery, its grottoes mainly digging in the tang dynasty period.

Tourist tips

On May 1, 160 yuan (season tickets: -) on October 31st, 60 yuan (off-season November 1 - April 30)

Address: dunhuang city 25 kilometers south of the city.

Transportation: can go to the mogao grottoes of dunhuang city, from bar market before bus to sit countryside, 8 yuan fares.

Special remind

1, dunhuang belongs to the polar climate dry continental climate, annual average temperature 9.3 ℃, in July average temperature 24.7 ℃, 9.3 ℃ in January, dry little rain all the year round, day and night temperature difference is great, in addition to dunhuang and the dry-hot wind and black sandstorm two natural disaster, visitors should be done early.

2. In order to protect the murals in the mogao grottoes in the visit, can only be viewed with a flashlight, each tour with a flashlight, if you are close to, can bring a flashlight three batteries.It is recommended to use cold light flashlight.

3. Due to various camera flash to the destruction of the cultural relics are very big, please make sure don't put the camera before into the mogao grottoes visit into!

4. The suggestion to the mogao grottoes in the morning, because the wat mouth toward the east, the sun was shining in to very sacred.