Gypsum seems pretty jiangnan mountain in shanxi

Gypsum seems pretty jiangnan mountain in shanxi

Gypsum hill, formerly known as "stone mountain," to a "stone mountain".High refers to the mountain is the highest, in the green mountain peaks appearing TaiYue position after too self-display, due to the high word in celebrating yuan MingLong by BingBu HuoJi of ministers, is changed to "gypsum mountain".

The maple leaves have different red here

Every autumn frost is thick, gypsum hill will change from yellow to red, from a distance, CengLinJinRan, creamy phenomenon.

On the hardwood forest of gypsum mountain the sea, about 80% of the maple, maple, oak trees, the leaves of these trees, every autumn frost thick, will change from yellow to red, from a distance, CengLinJinRan, creamy phenomenon.Ornamental plaster mountain autumn scenery the best location is red scenic spot.This is a mountain, the mountain is full with red leaves of trees.I have been to a lot of to give priority to dozen of the scenic spot of the maple leaf, but feel the red leaves sights in different.At the foot of the mountain, you can't see anything special, but the climb, the color of the trees around the red.From pale red, reddish to dark red, dark red.On the top of the hill, ma is a sea of red, very spectacular.So, here, the red is very level, as if a painter to here on the color, the height of each GongDou is different.

The mountains of the main plant is smoke tree, its leaves fall red, bright color, in addition, smoke tree flowering pedicel pale purple plume after is very beautiful, and can the treetop persistent for a long time, looking like Venice collect fills the air in the forest.In addition, there is a kind of tree is also called "white" is very interesting, it trunk like to wear camouflage uniforms, a green a piece of white, at first thought it was pared by the person, but the staff said that the tree is like this.Of pinus bungeana in smoke tree, such as the pentagon maple tree, it looks pretty, but its contribution to wipe with a green, made the scene more angry.

Walk notes

Long Yingu: meet a cute little squirrel

I Long Yingu is on the side of the hotel, so I choose the first station to here.This is a grand canyon, the mountain peaks, like a sword suddenly split axe rationalism, one side is almost perpendicular to the ground of the large area of bare mountain rocks, on the other side is a lush vegetation.Overlapping peaks on both sides of the Taiwan stands, floor clean chan chan.The narrowest point canyon width different, winding, but several meters, walking forward a will be suddenly enlightened, found great depths.

Ditch flow with a stream of sound like wolong in whisper, so called Long Yingu here.The most interesting thing is, the road can always met the lovely squirrel.They happily running and stop holding pine nuts eating, will stare big eyes look at us, very interesting.Staff said, in fact, in the mountains of gypsum, not much Long Yingu pine, red spots and tianzhu scenic area of pine trees is much larger than here, but I don't know why, only here have a squirrel.I want to, probably is Long Yingu streams and waterfalls, much a few minutes aura.Combined with the temperature down comfortable, warm in winter and cool in summer, small animal nature like it here.For several kilometers in the canyon, is DiShuiYa waterfalls, valley stream from more than 40 meters high cliff, drop behind.Enjoy the waterfall is the most beautiful in the morning, when the fog transpiration, clouds slowly flowing upwards, falls from the sky, a bit the dust.

Tianzhu temple: and karst cave temples

Tianzhu scenic ShanYing narrowest, zen thick.

Tianzhu scenic spot has 3000 multiple steps, sounds weird and daunting, but every walk a there will be a platform on the mountain, that won't be too tired.Here ShanYing narrowest, zen thick, have deep humanities color.

Tianzhu white temple, the dragon king cave scenic area is divided into the upper rock, tallinn, ChanYuan rock in tianzhu temple, public security, the rock TieFoSi, Zhong Quan temple.The temple is located in karst cave about 15 meters high, about 24 meters wide, about 20 meters deep.Gypsum mountain water-eroded cave, karst cave and the longwang cave with water and deposit, in the karst cave and lotus cave is famous for its spectacular stalactites, the karst cave and chaoyang hole, humanism has a long history and has a hole in one scene, each has his strong point.

Tianzhu temple at an altitude of 1700-1700 meters, was built qing dynasty yongzheng eight years, has a history of more than three hundred years."Tianzhu temple named" does not see more, because of "tianzhu" specifically to buddhist holy land, is the place of the Buddha to carry forward the dharma, general temple can't mess with this name, only advanced practice an elder, only have this qualification.Can use "tianzhu" as a temple to the temple, its status is higher.

In and out of only one side is tianzhu temple and other buddhist temple in different places.Enter the wicket-gate, eyes be suddenly enlightened.Temple was built in the natural formation of the caves, natural scenery and buddhist shrine in one integrated mass, very wonderful.Construction layout points before and after the two layers of up and down, according to the mountain temple after QianDian higher for more than one meter, there are seven layers in the same.After the middle of main hall, and flanked on each side by a small temple, main hall width 5, more than four meters deep.Hole to consecrate guanyin, manjusri, samantabhadra three jade Buddha.

Temple next to the hole, gurgling springs, known as "longdong," spring tubular.Are there beside the temple cave, went in to see a lot of stalactites, constitute a colorful landscape, so also is easy to understand why call "gypsum mountain" here.Cave stalactites natural form various shapes of animals, plants, and white guanyin cave, there are lava stalactites and stalagmites.It is said that the statue kwan-yin flooded three times and three times higher.


Transportation: arriving at taiyuan airport, the downtown bus ride on LingShiXian (about 3 hours) and then sit bus to plaster mountain area.

Food: gypsum hill's LingShiXian flavor for the traditional diet to the north.Can be divided into steam cooking, two kinds big.Cooking noodles, cutting, hand ramen noodles, noodles, fish knife stuck between dial face, pointed, cat ears, rub the fish, brush surface, pull piece, etc.;Main steam steamed bread, steamed rolls, yellow article, bone base, etc.And Fried food such as Fried dough sticks, oil cake and baked goods such as pancakes, stand only, etc.

Accommodation: area has the wolong mountain villa, condition is good, but only a few rooms.Can also choose to hotel at the foot of the mountain.