The Palace Museum intends to carry out the system go to push ticket reform

The Palace Museum intends to carry out the system go to push ticket reform

The Palace Museum is brewing ticketing reform, and is expected to launch the system go to, in order to meet the there are many times in a year into the Palace Museum exhibition audience's needs.

Facing the net friend "can provide often need to the Palace Museum visitor friends go" advice, ChanJi xiang said that with the increase in the Palace Museum open area, the future of the imperial palace in ZhanChen aspects of kung fu, never more rare and precious cultural relics on display will meet with the audience in the exhibition.

ChanJi cheung revealed that differs from that of many for the first time in the royal palace feeling ancient buildings of the audience, some frequently to the Palace Museum exhibition group ticket reform of the imperial palace is full of expectation.The Forbidden City except the old man and group discount at present, only busy season season 40 yuan two tickets and 60 yuan.Ticketing reform the Forbidden City are invited a team of research design, the future hope to break in a fare diversification audiences to visit the demand situation, make a ticket prices more reasonable.The "go" system has become one of the design goals.

ChanJi cheung said, involves the ticket will need to financial department for approval.Design will be declared after the completion of the overall plan, including the elderly, children, education groups such as ticketing reform.

1. The Forbidden City will perfect votes ticket price?

Perfect the votes, is not equal to price increases.We hope that through the reform of vulnerable groups, groups such as low-income people and children fare reduction efforts at the same time, to be able to get ticket design more reasonable.At the request of the audience, introduce a different from the first time to the imperial palace only look at ancient buildings that ticket, to several times a year, to visit the exhibition.

2. Go to cause the Forbidden City is more crowded?

Holidays in recent years, the Forbidden City on the top of the passenger flow in a row, "go to" will make the burden?ChanJi cheung said about it, for reasons of safety of cultural relics, the one-year it certainly isn't the old man can come to the morning exercise in the park.Because the future exhibition, many viewers will to watch a good show, main is to meet this part of the group.

3. Go to fraud would happen?

The Louvre also appeared a fake ticket, the Forbidden City go to how to deal with fraud concern?ChanJi cheung, said the planned go to design for the system, is currently a manual recount.In the future, like a ticket machine swept away the door is open.The Forbidden City now has 18 ticket, need not long queues, so this kind of test equipment not cause congestion.

The Palace Museum visitors are expected to reduce 1 million

ChanJi cheung is introduced, the imperial palace for the number of tourists has swelled from 7.13 million in 2002 to 2012 in 15.3 million, huge passenger flow make the world cultural heritage under pressure.But this year the palace will be decreased the number of tourists, and control within 15 million.In 2014, as the imperial palace closed for a week, the implementation of the new proposals, the Forbidden City next year, the number of visitors is expected to drop to 14 million.ChanJi cheung, said the ensure the safety of tourists visit the Forbidden City to visit at the same time, the palace will be means, through the network to the palace culture more tourists more convenient way.

"The palace" in the New Year's day is launched

"At the beginning of the tour to visit the" micro letter - the Forbidden City public service, "the palace" will officially launched in the New Year's day.Through the micro letter search can find "the palace"."Imperial palace" will use the language with the characteristic of the imperial palace, micro topics, launch micro exhibition, for the audience to appreciate ancient architecture, cultural relics collection, exhibition, etc. To provide comprehensive, three-dimensional, convenient service.In addition, after the imperial palace in May this year to launch the first application of the three-dimensional 禛 beauty figure after 150000 downloads in a single week, "han xizai evening banquet", "the emperor's day", "the qing dynasty royal clothing" App will be launched in the near future.