Beijing winter hot, and winter warm Beijing new "hot spot"

Beijing winter hot, and winter warm Beijing new

Not cold this winter, Beijing, and even can be very hot.Because to warm you, not just of a fire.

Even if the winter is overdue, the trees and fall the last piece of leaf is already.So we are looking forward to snow, while counting fingers waiting to say goodbye to 2013, this is another than grace, need more temperature season.

Whenever this time, the TimeOut is responsible for all the pleasure, is automatically converted to responsible for all the warm.But if the new season, only conventional new generation, is only adequate.Opened the back of the project, you will find: whether it is down a bowl of bowl, into the throat of cups, or jumping into a ChiChi, each one is a new "hot spot" warm this winter in the city, each and every one is busy TO jun braved the cold wind of a new discovery.

Not cold this winter, Beijing, and even can be very hot.Because to warm you, not just of a fire.

Black Coffee solo Soloist Coffee Co.

Three in the afternoon at four o 'clock, is the best time to go to the Soloist small sit, the winter warming Yang happened at this time in the Yang mei bamboo XieJie, through the window of the coffee shop, it will also be sprinkled on your body.Walk after dinner on the way, of course, stop Soloist is also a good place, good luck enough, when your boss Phil will be in the roasted coffee beans, stepped into the store, there will be a strong coffee aroma, mixed with the warm air, the satisfaction on the sense of smell, let a person feel regret it already.

From the instant coffee, to the Italian flavor of coffee, and then to manually drip of black coffee, the third wave of coffee landed in China time is a bit slow, because there is no huge capital power, also failed to attract much of the public eye.But there are still a group who love boutique coffee, silent and cultivated in this career, Soloist (name of the Soloist), which contains the lofty, somewhat helpless, estimated that only the parties is thought in my mind.

Tasting coffee high-quality goods, not by reading a few popular science article, drink a few cups manual drip coffee, can crash.Professional barista, several times a day the cup (capping), and can realize different regions, different ways of processing coffee beans, the back of the contain in the acid bitter grape, which is more emphasis on citrus scent, which has the fragrance of hami melon.Although produce high-quality goods of arabica coffee DouZhong, each year can be accounted for 75% of the world's coffee production, but through strict classification, screening, really can be called premium coffee, about only 10% of the arabica species.So, a cup of black coffee filter by hand, although there is no milk, sugar, cinnamon and other seasonings, but prices are still slightly higher than the Italian coffee.Soloist for coffee lovers a selection of three fine beans, a kind of from Kenya, both from Ethiopia, a different approach, also gives a different flavor of coffee.Sun beans, generally speaking, there are more fragrant smell, and washed beans tastes more lively acidity.

The production of a drip coffee, is a rigorous, scientific process.In the TV drama "Breaking Bad", a chemical used laboratory instruments, implementation of strict control, temperature and time strike the perfect coffee in the world.Into the real-life Soloist Coffee Co., you can find, the original film and television drama is not exaggerated reality - Coffee coining process, no more than 3 minutes, as Soloist in the standard, we will strictly control the two points between 30 seconds to 2 minutes and 40 seconds.Water is of 100 can't water, water temperature should be between 91 and 93.Such tough standards under intensive cultivation of coffee, can give person a perfect taste.

The boss Phil also spent a lot of idea on the adornment of the Soloist.Overall lay particular stress on the adornment style of industrialization, also take hold very well in detail place, more effective filter to the style of industrial lighting cold feeling, to give guests a warm experience.Old items at the beginning of the last century has the design feeling is Phil collection, filing cabinets, copper, pp fan, industrial lamp, globe, clock, church chair, ubiquitous devices are almost antique level.Hang up the bicycle, is not decoration, it is Phil transport home from work, hanging in the shop, on behalf of the maintenance and declared on low carbon lifestyle.

Say so many, if you still can't accept the high-quality goods the flavor of the coffee, also welcome to the taste of the Soloist of Italian coffee.Shops for the perfection of demanding will be reflected in every cup of coffee on the production of such as making a cup of latte, into coffee milk to 55 to 60 most appropriate, Soloist bake their own coffee beans, configuration, nature also has a chain of coffee shops with different flavors.

Xicheng district Yang mei bamboo XieJie 39 (5711 1717) per capita consumption of 45 yuan.

Spa add wine, both inside and outside moist Ann 's lounge

Human activities from the harsh natural environment, it is a sign of progress, even if a bitter winter, we also want to hard work for the country's GDP, what method can relieve the fatigue of a day, in the winter can also change a mood to meet a better life, the most remarkable efficacy to estimate the SPA, if also can have food and drink company all the way, it must be take off after a uniform as a life struggle, the most amazing things.

French brand AnnJema into China for many years, you know, it is not just a SPA facilities, also is not a simple plant essential oil distributor, as a world-class leader in lifestyle, they are to reach every aspect of life in China's high-end consumer groups, teach the rich how to healthy living, is the direction of AnnJema efforts.

Recently, the headquarters in fangzhuang, opened a new one AnnJema to Lounge music and red wine is applying bar Ann 's Lounge.Now that are advocates of a healthy life, drinking, hangover the nature are restricted, in Ann 's lounge couldn't find a can put down your vodka or whiskey, there's only moist or red wine to sell.Slow and romance of notes from the circular stage of positive, there is for you live band playing, magnitude of local tyrants acoustics, music can convey to every corner of nearly thousand square meters space, reaching to the heart.Flanking the stage has a viewing area, looping boutique film, visual animals can get comfortable enjoy here.

In the winter the most rare experience, a glass of red wine or end into the fragrant bath, step out Ann 's lounge, don't need to walk, can enjoy the warmth of professional SPA.7 colour energy bubble bath and body lymph drainage, which is a member of the AnnJema80 % above, enjoy a fine meal every week.A colorful bubble bath, is produced with AnnJema energy of seven essential oil fell in the bath tub at the same time, some of which deals with liver, some of the protection of renal function, a word to you the whole body from top to bottom viscera curing a times.

Bath time shoulds not be too long, not too short, and the best advice in 15 minutes.What follows is a systemic lymph drainage, using AnnJema a smooth body meridian essential oil, supplemented by the professional body massage, time in an hour, up and down the legs, back, shoulder, arm, abdomen, in turn, rolling.Urban white-collar sedentary office, most have to shoulder muscle problem of strain, massage therapists in humeral back usually spend more time and effort, found the problem also can communicate with you in a timely manner, such as skin reflects the body health concerns, meridian nodules should be more clear, and so on.As for the effect, believe it or not say poison to raise colour, anyway, the next few days, your shit will be very smooth.Regular project, AnnJema also introduced professional facial treatment and intestinal spa equipment, experience after significant effect, make a lot of people are addicted.

After bath and massage consume a lot of energy, the hard to avoid belly hungry, on the first floor of the bar, also prepared organic food for the guests.These two years AnnJema China draw lessons from the successful experience of the headquarters of the French, the organic farm in daxing built and all the bar provide organic food, are building fresh production base.Vegetable salad with oil and vinegar in addition to the risk of high-fat salad dressing, corn congee is also the most appropriate intestinal digestion nutrition diet.Avoid light single taste?Ann 's lounge there was prepared from French chef of charlotte cake and princess, also is the most safe and health food.

Fengtai fangzhuang aromatic old park area torin 28th floor hall B1 level per capita consumption of 1000 yuan (8767, 7949)

Art to drink, from now on is not afraid of cold A + cafe

The cold of winter, what better than nest in warm cafe, hand holding a cup of delicious coffee, slowly eat a dessert can let a person have happiness?A + cafe is located in the 798 art zone is obviously A can bring people power A good place for cold, of course, in the arts district coffee itself must also be A tour.

Is located in the 798 art district, A + cafe can also see the full of artistic breath, from cafe opened the door of that A moment you can feel A strange aura.Spacious post-industrial era, factory design, add those who restore ancient ways of hang a picture place adorn, seemed to be able to go to pull people into another time and space.Especially A + that enough be born glass that grabs an eye, A two-story is take in everything in A glance of pure design on floor, standing outside the window and looked at hurrying passers-by, alone to enjoy leisurely and comfortable inside the window, feeling pretty good.In shops keep warm measures did very well, although is a glass wall structure, long stay in the coffee shop is quite warm.

A + cafe menu will be adjusted with the changing seasons, now in winter, nature is A lot more on the menu to eat warm warm feeling empty heart food.Particularly recommended tea mousse cake, black tea was warming the stomach, very light tea aroma with a fragrant cheese, melt in your mouth, and eat up considerable satisfaction.

Also like to eat longan longan muffin must not miss the flagship store, chose the best chef cooking longan, butter and flour are imported, muffin healthy to eat and good taste, and the slightest don't have to worry about calories.

Coffee lovers, be sure to try A + cafe main item of espresso, the coffee, choose all the organic mouthful coffee beans, beans rich smell and mellow taste, taste is quite heavy, winter afternoon to go to A little cup, absolute points minutes into my strength.If the relative sweet taste like the recommended A + cappuccino, milk taste strong don't say, garland and beautiful enough, tastes sweet, like A bit thick taste can also with the store in advance, very close.

Jiuxianqiao road, chaoyang district no. 4, 798 art district seven pages intersection (5978 9772) 50 yuan per capita consumption

Low-key hot 3 in1 Cup One

Beijing have a wide variety of coffee shop, all kinds of bar, a wide variety of restaurants, put the three together are not rare, so how do you describe a Cup One?Attributive some more, this is a can to drink good wine, eat the good food, has a good environment, and the top hand coffee cafe.

Open in wangjing Cup One, brand Logo is very concise, but down the stairs to the second floor of the shop, will be attracted.Hired Spanish designer, Cup One layer of 400 square meters is divided into four regions, the flow area of the bar, although people are busy, but sun loungers adopt let a person suddenly had the "territory" sense of security;Gate is the best place to the lighting, the most suitable point reading quietly for a cup of coffee, so also set up a sofa seat;The largest area to appeal to the most common guests, the big distance between table and table to let a person very relaxed;While inclined put big long table, for group guests, also like them that an oblique line on the Logo design.Daylighting is very good on the second floor, 200 - square - meter designed from outer to inner sunken form, should be a ladder classroom, either Party or salon, are quite appropriate.Consider to avoid the winter cold wind howling, enjoy the sunshine of some luxury, by the window is just lazy meow star man this happiness treatment.

Environment again good, of course, also can't entrance, only original drinks and meals, can keep the taste buds unruly guest.From at the beginning of opening, Cup One is constantly try new drinks, sweet crisp new pickup cappuccino, the city is unique, with strong smooth cappuccino, collocation is roasted peanut powder grinding, and then on the exquisite craft foam coating a layer of high temperature embrittlement of caramel, entrance, the transition from the satisfaction of sweet pulp to the fresh milk foam, soft warm coffee with the aroma of peanut, layer cascade folds to slip into the throat, is more than a Cup of coffee can bring enjoyment.

Drink honey passion fruit, choose yunnan passion fruit, pure fruit and honey, sweet, the dry out of Beijing.Again there is heart type hot wine whisky fire, burning, mix with honey and wine together to join the rich smell of cinnamon, greasy, reoccupy lime solution is still administrative levels feels dye-in-the-wood.All wine from France, the owner of the us open wine region agent, don't walk single big taste, price low, the red wine here all from independent brewers, rich flavor, the price also is very friendly.Combined with single malt whisky, Martini, colorful cocktails, Cup to One of the variety of drinks, is really amazing.

Not only can drink good, here also can eat well, the chef from Migas, set meal is mainly to the Tapas, winter desserts and latest baking butter toast with vanilla caramel, are popular.Will choose New Zealand butter milk toast baking, with natural Madagascar vanilla, caramel, Switzerland, making apple, sweet scents, a little bit acid, warm warm, slippery, perhaps only in the winter, to enjoy it a 100%.

Chaoyang wangjing mound road no. 11 (5363 0599) 50 yuan per capita consumption.

Winter also should make winebibber Xian Bar

There is no doubt that some bar to have a comfortable only in the summer, some bars but winter can playing lively, jiuxianqiao area for its "Xian (fairy) bar, is undoubtedly the latter.Entered the fairy will feel thick warmth, all wooden structure for the bar to keep warm.Particularly recommended bar edge position, sitting on agile comfortable high chairs, drinking with warm stomach intoxicated with the wine, the bartender is undoubtedly a kind of enjoyment.

Although fairy outdoor observation deck is hiring in summer, but winter can play indoor soccer, billiards, desktop street style play facilities, such as video games have a absolute leisurely and comfortable night.

First hot cocktail drinks, Irish Toddy is preferred, Irish whiskey with wormwood is hot enough to warm the stomach, he adds a lot of honey wine, drink up and have a warm sweet taste, especially suitable for a little girl of alcohol.

Jiuxianqiao road, chaoyang district 22, 1 / f, east corner Beijing hotel (8414 9810) per capita consumption of 120 yuan.

Pure and fresh and sweet strong warm wheat

Summer summer very method (shot), winter has winter slightly drunk.Winter of drunk, only a warm can with hatred and balance, drunken also drunk a happy.If you are still only in nanluogu xiang blend, but professional, that's not really out, is too long didn't see a TimeOut.North lane this model not only retains the original alley, also is hiding a give you hot in winter wheat.

Entered the alley not too deep, winter night distance, see matt's signature suffused with warm yellow light.Simply cover the place, but see a rectangle that take the door little yard, bar so hidden in the side of the courtyard.The wood tables and chairs the bar here, even the beam of the roof is a pair of years, like a composed frowsty coquettish elder.And so a old appearance is a new generation of booze, you can drink to various cocktail bartender training college for the winter -- of course is hot.

At the moment is big in the bar heat osmanthus wine, the first one is favor of although only a small glass of wine, but do not affect the charm of it.When went down after being collected, washed and dried osmanthus, together with the traditional spice cinnamon, star anise in wine boiling hot, everything is fresh fragrance is transformed into a thick warm.Deep red color, light sweet osmanthus flavor mixed with complex spice, red wine also into another layer of mysterious realm.

If you prefer the same great taste wine, ginger drink is a choice.Made bottom, single malt scotch whiskies in ginger, brown sugar, lemon and cinnamon under the action of homemade secret sauce made of weapons, heated to 75 with elderberry syrup and flowers.Only need two minutes of time, a hot and sweet can be pushed to the front of you, do not depend on your mood.Of course, if you're a frigid clearly girl or shy but not a good drinker youth, the cup of wintry day vitamin!This is a glass of rum and a large amount of juice mixture, attention, a lot of fruit juice.So dry and darkness of winter, lazy the happy time in the night added some vitamins, when emergency.

Dongcheng district north lane 40 number (6406 1871), 50 yuan per capita consumption.

For a love into the throat on fire

Although called coffee, but the main origin of coffee is not coffee, but the wine.Japanese bartender boss shicheng, change new wine list from time to time, to the guests here will often drink to the new pattern, but don't have to worry about a variety of names carry presbyopia, every guest's hesitation, the boss will communicate actively with enthusiasm, ask each other's taste to recommend suitable type.Two regular hot wine, although simple, but not humble: hot butter rum base liquor by gold rum, tie-in white granulated sugar, butter after heating float on the surface, at the beginning of the entrance to the taste is sweet butter, few can feel rum down fierce;Hot whiskey was deeply loved by Japanese friends, is said to be the best cure for colds, but although it is more exciting, in fact, alcohol and hot butter rum.New lead a large amount, choose the blackberry flavors of vodka, taste is close to the charming wine, but a higher alcohol content, deserve to go up rum, raspberry and cranberry juice, with candlestick instant join, easy entrance, is a favorite of the girls.

Like to taste new D Lounge for two new wine although the name has not yet been determined, but very interesting, one is for girls fruit tea rum, another is for a man the collocation of spices and brandy.The former is a base with rum, choose seasonal fruits such as lemon, orange, deserve to go up the earl tea, honey and ginger, make the acidity and tea and fresh form unified with rum sugar cane is sweet.The latter spices such as cinnamon, rose to reconcile together, collocation of brandy cooked.

Open in a new city international Ala House is a lot of people to be bestowed favor on newly, two winter hot drink sweet route, as they are, always give a person warm comfortable feeling.Blue flames with whisky Bai Keke collocation and caramel, in the process of ignition operation, cocoa and caramel aroma will release exponentially, cinnamon and lemon peel and seasonings, deserve to go up a bite can let the body warm up whisky, cold and taste balance;Another hot rum with dark rum, with lemon and honey, clove, cinnamon, etc all kinds of let a person warm flavor ingredients, stir heating, early entry and rum sour and sweet aftertaste of sweet, let a person cannot help glass after glass of drink.

The origin of coffee: dongcheng district settle door north lane 27 (6403, 6463) per capita consumption of 60 yuan.

D Lounge: chaoyang district stadium road north (6593 7710) 4 yuan per capita consumption of 120 yuan.

Ala House: new city international 21st floor traders chaowai street no. 102 (6533 6661) per capita consumption of 150 yuan.

Creative = would like to create warm xihe and in the winter

Humble, birth is the pleasure of dining in Singapore, is a creative Chinese food one of the earliest pioneer and practitioner, its influence throughout the greater China region;Xihe YaYuan and, in the green, the plain courtyard classical DiaoLiangHuaZhu type, insist to roast duck led to Beijing cuisine.When cold met xihe, and is a combining the traditional and creative.Food will certainly take long -- both of the two respective xihe YaYuan flagship and duck, and there was a very full of nanyang tone of all kinds of food, but it is the city the innovative part of the stroke are flawed chef FuYang to do, don't look at opening soon, the news had spread, now the city was all of customers.With thick warm caring heart and stomach, the giants and an industry leader is the originality of Chinese food, in its first winter of the birth of the significance of existence in the reality.

In this much has come in the winter, very xihe warm start with drinks and began to spread.A new research and development of winter tin caulis dendrobii hot drinks in the warm warm yellow, green and more mysterious.The steaming drinks, using iron caulis dendrobii on such a high altitude rocks, relatively small plants to squeeze into the water.Because gan of plant itself, in the case of without any flavor will send out the natural fragrance, the scent by steam with robot.Because iron caulis dendrobii itself has the effect of runfei benefit spleen, after drink warm happy feeling nature surrounded in the body for a long time.

As FuYang have mark out one classic dishes, roast lamb in Australia for people to pursue the Tuscan wine to the another important reason, fat people can give himself a warm-tonification blood serves as the beginning.As the birthplace of civilization in Italy, the Tuscan sun gave birth to a full-bodied wine with art and literature, and the red wine is made into juice, coke, cook GuDuDu poured in tender lamb chops, meat aroma and bouquet rolled fusion, this is too make people anxious, let a person cannot help wondering: where did what the mouth is the most happy?

Since the restaurant has a nanyang descent, naturally lose not hot island flavor, here recommend curry crab and black garlic earthenware pot bak kut teh.From Singapore's signature yellow curry swept over the washing on the crab, the thick sauce that must not turn a little bit of your crab's body, very thick.

And as a landmark of Singapore soup meat bone tea, pork, pig bones and materials, including dangshen, Chinese angelica, Chinese wolfberry, the important composition of spices, to join the unique flavor of black garlic.Black garlic is made with fresh garlic fermentation at least two months, the less the tangy taste of garlic itself and the remaining TianNuo and soft rotten.Because use an earthenware pot hot and warm throughout of meat bone tea, there is no lack of nourishing qi.

Winter always a little bit hard goods, that is, of course, so iron yam braised Australian abalone with organic Gordon euryale YiMi rice the charge came to the forefront.Import abalone, Australia has a proud smile, accompanied by removing the yam, wins again.Although the dishes people have blurred, but don't despise the aside with rice.Has the convergence and stabilization function Gordon euryale seed plus heat YiMi, this delicate rough method, tempered the mind and body is warm.

Chaoyang district east 9 bridge street qiao f yerba buena 1 / C (8518 8811), per capita consumption of 300 yuan.

Sand pot of porridge, also don't leave the name li chaoshan small pavilion

Many fashionable personage in order to lose weight, learning the westerners eat buffet, but Chinese people's intestines and stomach is the most suitable for warm food.Especially in winter, the ancient way of preserve one's health of ancestors left: avoid sticky hard cold, winter diet should be served hot porridge, dieting, nourishing the stomach gas.Really good relating, I don't know, but if drink a bowl of hot porridge in winter, can warm from my heart to the toes, this is everyone had a wonderful experience.

The previous two years, chaoshan cuisine is the most popular as port in Q of beef meatball, delicious and fun;These two years as the rise of a sand pot of porridge in the drum tower area, from Beijing and met another taste of chaoshan.But "food in nan yue" word of mouth, there're teochew more than half.Known as the most "tall" chaoshan cuisine in China, how can take only two shots?Recently in two Wells near carrefour in the name of the new chaoshan small pavilion, not a single to sell, all but all the chaoshan food packaging is recommended.

Of small pavilion is the most main or sand pot of porridge, soft-shelled turtle, green crab, abalone, scallop, shrimp, Turkey, young pigeon, these mouth-watering food, into the casserole, simmered in pot, but only to extract and merge into a pot of fresh porridge, eat such a material is very low-key, but its similarities and teochew.Name of sand pot of porridge, selection of the northeast "wuchang rice and chaoshan seafood, the table, with dense heat is tangy smell of porridge, eat a bite, soft waxy, freshness and a way of ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings.Behind this delicious, is a must in clay pot to boil after 30 minutes, but for the sake of the essence, believe every one here to dining patrons, can, etc.

Beijing is no stranger to braised food, but dare to call the city "first" brine, Dan color does anybody behind the hard power.Real chaozhou brine platter, must have the head goose, goose, goose liver, lantern, goose wings are delicious.The status of this lion goose in chaoshan diet, roughly equivalent to a duck in Beijing.Didn't the head goose, who put pork, bean curd casually together, also dare to call chaozhou brine?Responsible for saturated brine is more exquisite, sichuan pepper, liquorice, cardamom, small Hui 20 various seasonings, such as various differ a list, so meticulous flavor kung fu, to create the fine goods under no blind Angle.

Teochew kunfu tea as an essential part of their life, is to carry forward the spirit of "the ritual".The world knows, teochew business prosperous, in addition to the diligent and smart, all honours its successful things.In chaoshan cuisine, there is a kind of call "food", derived from the lunar New Year snacks of the gods, used to worship ancestors also coincides with the kernel.Fried meat is the ancestor worship some relatively well-known one in the heart, with water chestnut, mushrooms, shrimp for stuffing, with dry skin (chaoshan called it a "rotten film") package, volume growth do small sections, under the pan Fried, the finished product leather BoXiang brittle, outside the coke in soft, along with teochew independent research and development of a variety of flavors of dipping sauce edible, is a perfect feast snacks, is of course a perfect tea with dim sum.Use it to celebrate the Spring Festival, it is god's truth.

Chaoyang district west DaWangLu (6776 0266), 15 per capita consumption: 80 yuan.

Grandma's SOUP, taste is called home MY SOUP

Across the strait of Chou sing "grandpa bubble tea has a flavor called home", the city east new city international was new opened a store selling soup, and sing is "grandma in clay pot soup tastes a called home" seen.Is in such a high grade of community atmosphere, the decoration is little soup shop small style, advanced was dressed in a blue coat inside wearing cuff grannies - yes, no chef, no waiter, full shop nurturing, leisurely, CiXiangXiang granny.Two boss in the city for more than ten years, Hong Kong out of eating habits, always looking for the most warm a bowl of soup, found that some of the most simple of the most simple "aunt" soup is warm in the heart and stomach can not be replaced.So they in the fashionable personage with Hong Kong and Macao compatriots dense opened shops in the district, the name call "sell" soup, with simple cooking and the familial management after hot rush of the heart.

Although it is a simple cooking, but the real material here.An enter a door in the visible region at open freezer of fresh vegetables and meat, these are the raw materials of the kitchen today.Although with soup, but the store really sell only two soup - iron flower old chicken soup (88 yuan) and water daily soup (68 yuan).It old chicken soup in colloid, large pieces of chicken sticky to reconcile, risking steam by grandma in the end, with a warm smile and a "get to hot drink", the rich and self-evident.While the daily soup according to season change and constantly updated with ingredients, recently appeared on the list of green papaya crocodile meat pot keel, green radish pot keel, watercress soup is to......You never know what tomorrow there will be new soup hanging about.A bowl of soup with the store's various BaoZaiFan with noodles, roll in the winter seems to be endless also gives birth to a reason to go home.

Chaoyang district 6 ChaoYangMenWai street xincheng international apartment building no. 3 (6597 0552), the per capita consumption of 90 yuan.

The fundamentalist cook in the winter ", "righteousness greatness wine field (new source)

Greatness wine field of new stores in little Tokyo has been called Beijing new source, opened only three months to gather a lover all the day.Is different from the wind of luck street shops big shops, new source shop more full of sweet feeling, a Japanese tatami rooms, public areas of the two pieces, even can only accommodate three seats, the bar is made up of a 130 - square - meter and wind.Indeed, greatness store isn't big, but happened to be in in the winter is particularly warm, warm up a jug of wine, sukiyaki and kanto cook down, even the cold air is not so fierce.

Eight years in Japan, a teacher of chef, has got a part-time job in a pavilion, material, as the only Chinese, he learned a real meal cooking method, which makes the teacher particularly authentic taste.Signature beef sukiyaki adopts the kanto ancient cooking, taking full-bodied style line, salty taste sweet lay particular stress on, seasoning in ingredients, such as beef, mushrooms, Onions, burn after steaming, first half burned half steamed, it with sauce beef steaming, smells fragrant, entrance before wrapped in raw egg, meat more tender smooth.

Shops in the small fluctuate kanto cook, but always self-deprecating "eat what to eat is first impressions are most lasting, spoil the good stew return true not necessarily like this for 711", even so, a teacher have the kanto cook is authentic.Authentic kanto cook cooking methods, backing with fish soup, besides the konjac and ZhuLun, other materials are completed independently, store himself grinding, Fried, served also don't forget to remind the guest: "drink soup after get things, first, the fish in the winter, yummy!"

Most complement each other and the kanto cook is TaJi wine, pure brewed rice and water, drink after the feeling of warm across the throat, also have a little sweet, is one of the most suitable for winter to drink wine, I'm afraid.Since one is, there must be other, recommend a named teacher special sweet "wave" shochu, specialty QingYou modulation by Japan, whether it is heated to drink, or on the hot water, can let QingYou smell nice out, didn't touch the cup to the lips, will be attracted to the scent of it, like TaJi, even drink, also does not have any burning, can feel the body, all of them are strong move.

Chaoyang district new source and research base business district 12 floor shop turn (5867, 0280 new source) per capita consumption: 150 yuan

Warm warm stomach, still have them

North lane has the momentum is fierce, is the healthy, hiding many fresh, fresh, like a small courtyard, 66 small courtyard taking improvement of Beijing food line, quietly to restore the bosses memorable taste as a child.Again come here to have a meal, always is a surprise, you can't see the menu, courts for private custom, recently appeared in the warm have elbow on the table, braised lamb, everyone forget there are fleeting, and seafood congee.

With 66 yard as a boss, saury and before the open yard, has accumulated a fairly popular.Because this is only a little table, and make more warm here.Osmanthus pear soup was launched for the winter, always thought that after every guest takes a seat warm sweet and refreshing.Winter pot class here is very rich, strong spicy miso seafood pot, beef sukiyaki pot is complete, the hot cabbage is im hot pot by contrast more heavy.To heat a pot of wine, warm relaxation and thoroughly.

Which winter does not belong to the hot pot?Private hot pot and remove a layer of psychological preparedness.Mind across the private party sounds is mysterious, it's hidden in the hutong courtyard, a man and a small pot of delicate, obviously is a new route.Because the boss is intestines and stomach is weak, therefore has developed not personally lose our hot pot.If you are not good spicy mouth, and the old chicken soup, soup and tomato pot hanging about bacteria, material package boil out such rich juicy.Winter is a good time to supplements, can never miss from Taiwan air and ostrich kidney.Fill the big thing in the world, nutritional value but sheep waist 5 times.In addition, the boss is a soccer player before retiring, crashed star here under a lot of chances.

Winter is hot pot, is also the porridge, don't worry about being a predator or vegetarian health control, can get in explode with hot pot.As old taste, already has a broad mass base, Jane work body of taste porridge hot pot shop than new source seems old seat and expanded a lot.End of this season first conpoy rice porridge, boil down to the seafood and vegetables, a bowl of warm down, a little cold, how about fear.

66 yard: dongcheng district north lane (8408 4941), 66, per capita consumption of 100 yuan.

Flavour of the mackerel pike: dongcheng district north lane (6407 8336), 70, per capita consumption of 75 yuan.

Heart on the private party: dongcheng district DongSiShiTiao no. 59 (6405 6029), the per capita consumption of 90 yuan.

Jane feels like Hong Kong style porridge hot pot (work shop) : chaoyang district Beijing workers' stadium east road no. 2 China red street 3 c 2 floor (8587 1789), per capita consumption of 100 yuan.

The latest about the "bubble" resort strip voluntarily

Some snow mountains, the mountains between the acquisitive teng with hot gas pool, is probably to our voluntary in sees frozen ground to take off the shirt when the only reason.Hot spring itself contains minerals, in which all the exhaustion of bubble into smooth, bubble into round, bubble to the dark, a waste of time also unconsciously it's a pity that fair and square.To live a comfortable warm winter, ruined the themes of nature is little not.

With his back against a mengshan national forest park, jinyu phoenix mountain hot springs, but too have an advantage.Heavy snow, it is hot here.Because of the hot spring here, the uphill many outdoor Shang Chi is halfway up the mountain.In the snow or snow, pristine white mist filled in, too emotional appeal fairyland.Here of the hot spring water from underground, 3800 meters, a total of 72 different Shang Chi, in half a mountain overlooking Beijing with the most relaxed posture, breathing deep breathing in the mountains of the oxygen, feel the luxury of time is in the winter.

On the other side, has reached its zenith in the blues of summerly autumn season is lavender manor, when faded into a romantic purple abrupt cold winter, hot springs, which opened in early September will become protagonist.The new hot spring, bubble has 18 indoor pool with 23 bubble pool, outdoor on a number of very considerable.Since it is lavender manor, little of course not lavender bubble pool.This from ancient Rome has been widely popular plants once into the water, in the faint incense can check stomach and abdominal pain, also have inhibitory effect on eczema.In addition to this iconic bubble pool, the Maya cave bubble pool is another highlight in the spring.The maximum reduction efforts of the karst cave landscape, dimly lit, lunt, lets a person as if place oneself in a primitive mystery of nature, with the disorientation, is also another interesting.Here, hot spring, each side of a pool has a button, when you press it, always found relative to the pool and certain unique features.It also makes you like opening presents, could not help but to every pool bubble again by again, look at what some of it.Bubble hot spring, radiate the smell of lavender, couldn't help by myself to point a praise!

If you want to find some in the ruined illicit is close, the first sunshine hot spring resort has just opened one year.Here is a super luxurious five-star resort, under petrochina subsidiary group management, power is not cover.Because with a 3000 m deep geothermal Wells, the hot spring water from water quality excellent xiaotangshan hot spring here, and the hot spring hidden in jiangnan landscape gardens, this mountain stream.Here is not only popular indoor hot spring, medium temperature, high temperature, bath salt pond his work, and also has a hidden private soup in the villa.Private soup can be tough, small world only you and me, catch a tag on a splash, any and all in you.

Pursue facilities form a complete set besides artistic conception and the performance-to-price ratio, is longwan deiss hot spring hotel.In Beijing the first high-end villa wenyu river region, the central villa can be said to be the successful people are the older home, here the natural environment is superior, the hotel is in the villa area, for the level of form a complete set of course can be rest assured.Although in old area, less than two years, which opened here, everything is brand new.What's more, it is a few steps away from the city proper, has born into the world at ease.Because it is a hotel with hot spring, nature quietly tall in concise atmosphere.Although only two interior bubble pool and an outdoor pool bubble, but price is really too happy.The meekness of bubble up, simply to can live here in a night, the morning wake up you slowly to see the same situation here xanadu, especially in the area of 6800 square meters large artificial lake.

Jinyu phoenix mountain hot springs resort: mengshan, changping district road no. 10 (6071 1188) price: RMB 546 double warmer winters spa packages: 2 tickets + 1 hot meal vouchers

Drive route: badaling high-speed into the 216 provincial highway, the south west road, street to reservoir road direction by the government

Blues lavender manor: chaoyang district jinzhan village LouZiZhuang road (6576 5858) price: RMB 268 / person (hot spring), 680 yuan/standard room (accommodation)

Drive route: chaoyang north road, east airport second highway to the north, east reed exported to east road, see rainbow doors into, along the JiaoSha road always see JiaoSha around the island to the north east 500 meters that is

Sunshine hot spring resort: changping district xiaotangshan along the sand road no. 18 (5732 6565) price: RMB 158 / person (hot spring), 1688 yuan/standard room (accommodation)

Drive route: jing bearing high white export left of the road, the first on the traffic lights turn left along the sandy path, mouth head that is at the second traffic lights

Longwan deiss hotel: the sand valley after the shunyi district town YuYuan road Kowloon bay villa (8048 7799) price: RMB 68 / person (hot spring), 498 yuan/standard room (accommodation)

Drive route: the city after the highway to the sand valley exports, into the fire sand road that is visible to the elite schools