Reveal the capital four top private clubs could not get rich

Reveal the capital four top private clubs could not get rich

In the city of more than 4000 private clubs, the most dazzling is the city "the big four clubs" -- changan club, China will be invested by the investment, and claims to be "China's first rich club" the city of the club and the global chain club America.The rich are not necessarily go to the will of the bustling scene what hidden?

Changan club: hide the luxury in urban

Set up time: 1993

Founder: Chen

On behalf of the member: li ka-shing, Henry fok

Members: business from traditional industry accounted for most of the members

Joining fee: $16000 individual membership, corporate membership of $18000.

Address: changan avenue no. 10

Changan avenue 10, only this just shows the geographical position of changan club momentum.Changan club usually through the recommendation of old members to join, and conditions are harsh.Initially when recruiting members for age limit: must be between 45 to 55 years old, is the "head" of the enterprise, the company's assets in at least 50 million more than, it is best to speak English.Since 2003, due to the rise of young rich age limit was cancelled.Changan club development, it is said, to 1000 people will stop, and now the club members have more than 900.Club all the waiters can easily call out the names of all the members, even like a family known as their eating habits.

Changan club decorate present a grace, elegant style of palace.Rosewood collection can be seen everywhere.Club with a few original menu, it is made of the best raw materials, price from 8888 yuan to 48888 yuan.Changan club held at least six times each month activity, in order to "business" is the key.

China: China mainland only a senior center in ancient buildings

Set up time: 1996

Founder: tang

On behalf of the member: dung-sheng Chen, wang yannan, ms liu, her

Member: more than sixty percent is the executive of the Chinese and foreign large group and the first generation and the ambassador

Joining fee: permanent membership fee is $15000, the membership fee of $100 a month, overseas membership fee is $7000, local membership for $5000.

Address: west wool hutongs 51, xicheng district

Beijing China would be specifically requested to many heads of state of the club.It is located in xicheng district of Beijing xidan west wool hutongs 51, is the qing dynasty, the prince mansion, tiles, dao, ancient palace lantern, although only zhichizhiyao, is apart from the bustling xidan, however, retained its silent child mansion and mottled appearance, let a person as if returned to the royal jinzhan jade bowl of another.The total area of ten thousand square meters, the floor of the ancient courtyard style building, enclosed is four more than large and small courtyard, is a set of the qing dynasty was the typical interconnected luxuriant wing.The entrance is a three-story buildings built in recent years.

The courtyard itself is China's key cultural relics protection units, is sichuan hotel site.In 1995, the authorities to renovate the palace, 400 years ago, and as far as possible to the erosion of wangfu items retrieved, original retained its primitive simplicity of style.The member here often said: "China will all are antiques, only man is the new".

Because of the unique flavor of China, China will receive countless foreign heads of state (Jacques chirac, Powell, Margaret thatcher, etc.), member of 70% - 80% for expats from all walks of life, including the world famous politicians, entrepreneurs, artists, royalty, etc., reported that almost all the foreign Banks top executives are also its loyal fans.French President Jacques chirac is said to be signed in Beijing after the sino-french joint statement, mysteriously disappeared for a few hours, in fact, the President, is run to life will feel China's imperial China.

The capital club: the club's "VIP height"

Set up time: 1994

Main members: business elite, in the emerging industry, the staff of the embassy

On behalf of the member: Mr. Li, packaging, wang jun, feng lun

Joining fee: individual membership is 100000 yuan RMB, the company membership of 125000 yuan, in addition to pay the monthly fee $1350 a month.

The city new source address: chaoyang district south road no. 6 building 50 layer

The capital club called "China's first rich club", has gathered the top 500 global part of the President of the Chinese company and a number of ambassador to China.It is because there are so many senior members, business characteristics of the capital club is also very obvious.Club in the left hand is a line of business banquet function room, name separately as a "XiangGangTing", "AoMenTing", etc.A lot of members by the board of directors of the company are all here.

Because almost behind each member has the company background, their every move seems to be carrying trade secrets.To avoid unnecessary speculation and misunderstanding, entrepreneurs will be a lot of important private meeting and business communication arrangement at the club.They are more considering the illicit close sex of the business.If, for example, in the open the hotel to meet a company manager, the outside world may guess whether the two companies have the intention of cooperation;If meet with a company vice President, the outside world and can guess whether he is ready to "dig".But the club part cut off entrepreneurs business life exposure channel, let them feel safe and relaxed.

In addition to keep a safe distance with the outside world, these people are also looking for a kind of community identity.No matter who, all need friendship and group sense of belonging, respect and be respected, need each other's sympathy, mutual help and approval."Birds of a feather flock together, birds of a feather flock together" that people really have the so-called "level" and "circle".

Hero freemasonry scenes at the club is not rare, especially in the club specially arrange Party theme salon or characteristics.The club's most distinctive is the 360 - degree circular corridor, corridor will be the 4300 square meters of the top private club surrounded by standing on the cloisters overlooking the city lights, that kind of wonderful exalted feeling suddenly arises spontaneously.

Club America: ast paradise

Set up time: 2002

Main member: the world top 500 enterprises in the mainland representative, executives, the art world, ast, foreigners accounted for 60%

On behalf of the member: zhang, Sun Zhenyao

Joining fee: $16000 per person

Address: Beijing China resources building

Club America in jianguomen northwest corner of the top China resources building, the city is one of the youngest members of the "big four clubs" club, clear positioning himself in the "business club", big companies such as Microsoft are the main members.Club America has a clear, concise style, American designer from Hawaii to decorate, the club by fine cigar cabinet members of rare cigars, oil painting, wrought iron also silently convey amorous feelings of North America.

In club America, every month there are many activities, such as member of the party, ladies night (usually by the member's wife), fashion show, etc., in addition in the New Year's day, valentine's day and other festival will also launch special programs.Although members are all very busy at ordinary times, but as a member of the club America base is large, so can always gather 50 to individual persons to participate in an activity.In addition, its membership card can be transferred, members can benefit from it, so part of the members for the sake of investment choice to join us.Currently about 400 members.