"Let's go" said will see the world with my parents, Beijing set out detailed strategy - 8 days free line

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Guangzhou to Beijing high-speed day has three divisions, the second class of 862, including G80 train, driving time of 8 hours, starting at 8 o 'clock in the morning, afternoon arrive 18:00 Beijing west railway station, time is very appropriate.

Early in the morning about the two drivers, a car 60 dollars from FanYuShi bridge to guangzhou south station, the trip to Beijing to start ~ wow lily

Until the station entrance, watching others hand hand letter boxes, we didn't think of it, for Beijing's friend with two boxes of fruit and forgot to bring in the garage!!!!!

By monster ~ ~ ~ this to eight days, can come back all the wine.

Only sons into happy, because he can buy KFC to eat in the station

The speed of the train is not blowing, stop time is short.Each to a site, opened the door, a pile of heavy smoker is quickly rushed out of the car poisoning a few mouth, once I rushed a little bit late, just lit cigarette, the conductor will catch the I get on the bus.I have to going to just burning smoke to choke...

By noon, son is restless, all want to eat the meal.The boy didn't know what is swollen yao thought, what is love to eat the meal, the train meal, can't have to buy him a.Price really heartbreaking, a Loeb flank to 45 pieces, Loeb several small pieces, and beef brisket is like that of a few dollars to eat beef piece!Weight, TieLaoDa is really hard to make money!

All the way without words, the punctual arrive 18:00 Beijing west railway station, out of the car and we also would like to make a car go to the hotel.At the door is a pile of eldest brother soliciting, tell us: don't go to the taxi stand, don't have a car, brother!You also don't have a car, wait for two hours in our car, a minivan to guys directly hotel ~ ~

Slice!Small kind, think to elder brother have never seen a world?Is this near Bangkok's grand palace cheat Chinese version?So big a Beijing west railway station can not taxi?Cheat ghost go!!

A line of people crammed came to west station taxi stands, oh mama!Not really!!!!!!!!!!!A full parking lot, the size of a playground only 1 taxi, at that time I had that kind of feeling of a few leaf fell down in front of the foot.Moreover, visual hundreds people waiting in line for a taxi!!

Roar!!!!!Roar!!!!!It is god horse ah ~ ~ ~ this is our first impression of Beijing: the train station on unlicensed drivers openly soliciting nobody tube, taxi stand no taxi!!!!!This ring is easy!

There is no way, black car I can't sit ah, didn't do this aspect of the strategy, then somebody else getting dark, we didn't place reason to several hundred yuan.Pack my baggage again returns to the subway station, but the schedule is for this friend apartment near a subway station, an hour or so of the subway, it twice, finally arrived at a place.