The magic are Shanghai leisure livable city

The magic are Shanghai leisure livable city

For a long time, about "livable city" are people most concerned topic.Shanghai, is still the top as a livable city.Whether in the bund garden, enjoy the magic scene, or in fengjing town, experience in China ancient people feel in the picture;Shanghai snacks, or is in the city god temple enjoy a wonderful meal, the leisure, all let a person yearning.

The bund in Shanghai

The bund is located in downtown Shanghai huangpu district huangpu river, it is Shanghai scenery line, the other side and is located in huangpu river around pudong Oriental pearl tower, jinmao building such landmarks as landscape, is to go to Shanghai tourists will to land.Since 1943, the bund and called in shandong, all the way around 1.5 km.It yanan east road south, north to suzhou creek Bai Duqiao outside of the huangpu river in the east, the west is Chinese and western in the gothic, Roman, baroque, wall and other 52 different style of classical revival building of old Shanghai in the period of financial center, the foreign trade agency concentration belt, known as "the nations building expo group".

The bund river, long beach, green belts and the grandeur of the buildings of the street, is the most has the characteristics of the landscape of Shanghai.In 1995 was named as one of the ten new landscape ", "Shanghai in the 90 s.In the morning, the bund is the place that the fitness of people;During the day, it's busy busy tourist attraction;In the evening, is a couple in love heaven and earth.Whenever the lights on, lights on each building of the bund, the past is like a crystal palace, to tourists from home and abroad with admiration.

Fengjing ancient town

Fengjing ancient town, is located in the southwest of Shanghai.Fengjing has a long history.More than 2000 years ago, for the people.1500 years ago, has become a bazaar, a white bull market.Fengjing town river is the spring and autumn period Wu Guohe yue boundary river, fengjing due to the border cross wu yue, which enjoys a reputation, wu yue ancient town is known as the "famous town of the wu yue", "with the Angle of the wu".

Fengjing is typical in the ancient town of jiangnan water town, around the water network spread all over, in the township river and bridge has 52, existing one of the most ancient to the yuan dynasty and bridge, is in the Shanghai area well preserved water town existing on a large scale.Into three four pillars "fengjing" ling floor, surrounded by along the old city river and fork river township, into the "east gate" Shi Fang, through a and a slab of blue bricks of old street along the river, across a and a stone bridge, a piece of another piece of ancient architectural complexes for up to five miles of river street unfolding.Every morning, the river QiaoTu tea is tea, hung in the outskirts of fishing boats through the clip river water number crunchers, stone river port, overlooking to focus on the long river corridor shed in front of the fish market, the waves rippling river, as the folk rap "January spiral lions February clams, peach blossom in March turtle fat..."

Chenghuang temple

Shanghai chenghuang temple, refers to the old huangpu district the city god temple in tourist attractions are referred to as "yu garden", namely the original county of Shanghai chenghuang temple, this is a famous jiangnan classical gardens."Don't go to Shanghai chenghuang temple, is not too much to Shanghai".The status and influence of old chenghuang temple in Shanghai.

Shanghai chenghuang temple to eat snacks to be done, one is to eat crab nanxiang steamed bun shop small cage, 2 it is to go to the lake to drink tea.Shanghai chenghuang temple snack is very rich, is endless, inside can let a person too many things to see: nanxiang steamed, barbecued pork, chicken leg rice, meat, reed, three wire spring rolls, and a big row of yellow, soybean milk, Fried dough sticks, crab shell, vegetable bag, brown rice, coconut milk brown rice ball, sweet potato porridge, onion oil, pasta, shepherd's purse wonton, crab roe soup dumplings...The snacks here already well-known both at home and abroad, visit chenghuang temple at the same time, may wish to taste the authentic Shanghai snacks here.