One day see xian changan flower is most suited to watch flowers in the recommendations

One day see xian changan flower is most suited to watch flowers in the recommendations

Xi 'an, in the true sense of the spring began on March 12, Arbor Day is beginning, from the mid to late march to mid to late April, xi 'an have more flowers around scenic spot.Do some listed below:

Shaanxi rape

1. Hanzhong rape (MianXian)

2012 China's most beautiful rape flowers in hanzhong city tourism and culture festival activity time is 20 March to April 20th, in the meantime, the meeting all the rape flowers lookout points shall be free, this time into the cherry orchard, perform, LiHuaYuan, tea plantations, the ancient han free tickets, the city's tourist attractions tickets of 5 discount.

2. HanYin rape

HanYin rape phoenix phoenix mountain forest park in shaanxi province weir ancient terrace scenic spot, influence and smaller area relative to hanzhong MianXian rape.

3. The chang 'an district Yang Zhuang rape

Can do 215 road to the wei qu lamps factory or wei north station (changan garden stand) out of the car, turn to the 917 direct Yang Zhuang.From the north station to sit to Yang Zhuang ticket price 4.5 yuan.It is only the villagers in the fields of spontaneous rape, scale level is not big.

Xi 'an ornamental cherry blossoms

1. QingLongSi cherry blossom

Flowering time: the end of march and early April every year, stage occurrence peak in April.In April every year on April 10-20 QingLongSi has a cherry blossom viewing festival of calligraphy and painting.【 traffic prompt 】 : go to QingLongSi can take 45, 41, 521 bus.

2. Xi 'an jiaotong university of cherry blossoms

Xi 'an jiaotong university can see many varieties of cherry blossoms, basically as prestigious as QingLongSi.Campus of cherry trees on both sides of the cherry blossom avenue neatly planted with more variety, in the first week of April will bloom every year.

【 traffic prompt 】 : go to jiaotong university can take 700 road, 612 road, 517 road, 401, 34.

3. Xi 'an xingqing park cherry blossoms

Every year at the same flowering and QingLongSi.But the scale is not big: traffic prompt 】 【 to the xingqing park can take 700 road, 612 road, 517 road, 401, 34, 402, 33, special education line, 45 road buses, etc.

Xi 'an site ornamental peach blossom

1. The chang 'an district FanChuan peach brook fort

Tickets: free viewing

Transportation: starting from the south, du song about one kilometer, into the beautiful FanChuan.In front of the FanChuan 潏 east bank of the river, cow house bay, the south, there is a village called peach brook fort.

2. The xianyang LiQuan peach blossom

By bus: xi 'an west bus (high speed car more) to LiQuan station by car (the time across the floor), cross south about 150 meters along the time building a hing road station, where the car go straight toward the south, get off at the ride home village cross!Walk to the west along the asphalt road, about 15 kilometers or so to finish the yu village!

3. The tongchuan area Mr Wang meng home tableland village of peach blossom

Travel line: xi 'an highway, west copper on export of tongchuan, arriving at tongchuan city, the road to the wang yi area, finally drive 40 minutes or so to protect the hometown of meng jiangnv meng home village, here is the place where the peach blossom in full bloom.Note: to meng house tableland in the village of scenic mountain roads, rugged, lu yao, is not very convenient for visitors, visitors need to be mentally prepared.


Xi 'an ornamental peony

1. Being ishii, rural village of gu springs o

Transportation: from xi 'an city bus rides to being county, three ball gauge station being sent to gu springs o peony garden shuttle bus.

Tickets: 30 yuan (season), 15 yuan (low season)

Drive: xi 'an - west wan road - being meiyukou, along the mountain road, gu spring, an hour's drive.Valley under the export to east or west door the waterlogging 10 minutes by car, have the sign.

2. ChenXiangTing xingqing park peony

Xi 'an xingqing park, ChenXiangTing below, there are large areas of peony plantation!

Traffic: city bus has arrived: 7, 402, 45, 700, and special education line car has reached!Tickets are free!

3. Xi 'an peony

Xi 'an peony garden located at the junction of the kunming road and Tang Yanlu (that is, the ancient Tang Cheng Wilder lane and raise fang city wall ruins), north and south about 750 meters long, 89-95 meters wide, with a total area of about 69800 square meters, the terrain meteorological north is low.

Introduced: planting peony 35 species of more than 24000 plants, herbaceous peony and other shrubs and ground cover more than 80 kinds, total more than 120000 strains.

Free tickets for: