Winter swimming Tibet: swimming in the warm sun boring - rongbuk glacier magnificent magical ice snow

Winter swimming Tibet: swimming in the warm sun boring - rongbuk glacier magnificent magical ice snow

At the foot of mount Everest at an altitude of 5300 meters to 6300 meters wide area, from west rongbuk glacier and the two ZhongRongBu glacier ice to form the rongbuk glacier, belong to the compound valley glaciers, it stretches for more than 20 kilometers, an area of 80 square kilometers.

Glacier is under the earth's gravity, snow slowly moving along the valley of ten thousand.Rongbuk glacier huge BingDaLin as high as 40 meters or 50 meters, all sorts of modelling of tiancheng it by artificial carve is unmatched.

, because of the absolute rongbuk glacier scenery is climbing the explorers known as the world's largest mountain park.After two glaciers come to the north, the wei Everest in order.Everest is like a huge pyramid, indomitable spirit, the peak into the sky, very spectacular.Stare at mount Everest, people will for a long time immersed in the solemn atmosphere of free from vulgarity, magnificent.

Rongbuk glacier front end can see BingDaLin, moraine lake, cirque, horn, such as knife ridge singular phenomena of natural glacier.Various BingDaLin abrupt, some like a sharp sword, some like ancient bell tower, and ice, ice tables, ice bridge, icicles.Icicles like a knife sword into the pale, and groups of animals all forms, ask the more deep hole, zigzag glaciers, strange spectacular, make the sanctity of the visitors to the ashes into a glittering and translucent crystal palace.

The most wonderful ice mushrooms, boulders are supported by thin icicles, some can be as high as 5 m.Like a glittering and translucent ice bridge, connects the two scarp, seems intended to two scarp "BaoMei pulling '.Steep vertical ice wall, like a giant screen, daunting.Bud, ice needle is serve as the ornament of the strange scenery, everywhere.The most amazing is that various BingDaLin.At an altitude of 5700 meters to 6300 meters, is a "crystal pagoda" - BingDaLin world.On the north slope of mt. Everest rongbuk glacier, developmental BingDaLin belt is 5.5 kilometers long.

Ivory tower of ice, a joint a, up to tens of meters.Some like a majestic pyramid;Some like a solemn ancient clock tower;Some like a sharp sword, stab into the sky;Some like the tame the giraffe walk in peace, all glittering.No wonder people say, and into the BingDaLin, like yourself in god's wonderland.

On the 5800 meters of glaciers, and lifted up his eyes, a piece of white.The god of creation, magic, the dizzying, that just like the ancient castle rock hung, distinct, weathered rock formation of the tall columns, stalagmites, Shi Jian, stone tower, flocking, amorous feelings, stretching several kilometers.

In 2005, the China national geographic magazine in China "" pageant, rongbuk glacier in China's most beautiful six major glaciers in the first place.

After tip to mountain stronghold to BingDaLin -- - ice world about 3 to 4 hours.