Winter swimming Tibet: swimming in the warm sun ice snow fun - to experience the ancient glacier trip to north and south poles

Winter swimming Tibet: swimming in the warm sun ice snow fun - to experience the ancient glacier trip to north and south poles

To the ancient glacier experience trip to north and south poles

To the ancient glacier is located in the southwest BaSuXian, adjacent to the reputation of "buddhist paradise jade pool" lusty lake, 120 km away from BaSu county, dagring airport 300 kilometers, the driving can reach 30 km to 318 national road, convenient traffic conditions.

To the ancient glacier a comes from a small village near glacier - to the ancient village.To the ancient village of Tibetan language meaning hidden idyllic village.To the ancient village is surrounded by rolling hills around, seems to have been deliberately hidden nature, thus its name.

To the ancient glacier is known in Tibet area is the largest and most wide glaciers, by mae west glacier (death), lung, if the arrogant glacier, east ga glacier (white conch glacier), the male of the glacier and six horses and cattle glacier ice.It is said that it is the same to the ancient glaciers and polar ice series of glaciers, visitors can watch to have the ancient glacier as beautiful magical ice north and south poles.Because of the influence of the terrain yamagata, tourists never ancient village (mainly the observation) can see only the west and east ga and RON three glaciers.

In the six glaciers, the most magnificent, magic, magnificent, is the elegant long glacier.

Ya long glacier generated in the hillock, ga mountains eastern end, in the Indian monsoon to the Tibetan plateau on the main channels for conveying water, precipitation adequately.

Ice is about 12 kilometers long, ranges from main peak elevation of 6606 meters to an altitude of 4000 meters of lake hillock, ga cloth, has plummeted, majestic.Standing in the far distance to the ancient village, long glacier, from its source to its tail the glacier - deep lake hillock, ga cloth huge ice tongue, mighty 12 km was furious momentum panoramic view of the huge ice body, every one lucky enough to see the panorama of glacier visitor over the majestic wonder of nature.Local people said, glacier ice in one thousand have a magical effect for the treatment of stomach trouble.So, a lot of tourists will want to party managed to gather a piece of ice.When the winter season, duty, honk the lake when it freezes, visitors can walk from the frozen lake to the other side of the glacier above - and in close contact with the creator of magic thing in the world.

We arrived to the ancient glacier of season, is late autumn.So, we can't see the hillock, ga cloth to the tip of the lake, only occasionally ice;We can't straight from the lake near glaciers at the foot, close feeling the beauty of the glacier.But that day, clear blue skies, sunshine is straight on the glacier, emit a dazzling light.And glaciers at the foot of the two lakes, up and down in this season, the lake fades, present a green and yellow colors.

Locals say, whenever the spring season, melting ice tongue back, like a mountain of huge ice broke away from the glacier, floating in the lake, green hills, ga cloth, place different shapes of ice, ice cube of intricacies of one thousand, formed a unique spectacle in the water.Visitors will have a kind of place oneself in the Antarctic ice among transcendental feeling.

Tip is the best season to go to the ancient glacier in April to August, you can see the huge ice and iceberg.Under the glacier to the ancient village has generated, accommodation and dinner.But in winter, the organic generally does not receive the guests.In addition, the ticket price is RMB 50 yuan, into the scenic spot need to ride a horse.