Winter swimming Tibet: swimming in the warm sun ice snow fun - KaRe glacier pure beauty

Winter swimming Tibet: swimming in the warm sun ice snow fun - KaRe glacier pure beauty

KaRe glacier pure beauty

Long ago, he has heard from people who described its stunning beauty.

And rather than meet, it is a sunny afternoon after a few years.

In that day, with all sorts of look forward to, we departed for KaRe glaciers.Along the way, the scenery beauty, scenery beautiful LaSaHe accompany all the way, let a person is cheerful;Along the bend, steep mountain road traveling to the top of the mountain, yangzhuoyong lake beautiful and graceful lies between the mountains, in the mountains with her debutante tenderness, the wang blue lake, like a blue ribbon, with their graceful in soft form, let a person get drunk it;To move on, KaRe glacier to be magnanimous in front, can not help but deeply impressed by its spectacular.

Standing in front of the glacier, look up, a huge cloud mist from the top of the mountain glaciers, extending to only a few hundred meters away from the highway side of the road, the mountain Snow White and sharp contrast to the black rock mass at the foot of the mountain, very spectacular.This is my first time to closely watch the glacier, can not help but be attracted to the beauty of it, under the blue sky is stuck between crystal bright figure, with towering magnificent posture, stand in baiyun ethereal plateau;Let people come and go, she is still a cold face, as time passes, proudly stands at the show their own unique pure beauty.Although the weather was fine, but standing in front of the glacier, still can feel a chill cold.Bathed in bright sun, enjoy the spectacular glaciers, let a person can not help but sigh: this is not only the flow of time and the geological history of snow and ice, is time sculpture is one of the great works of art.

Company told me that he couldn't recall this is the first visit to see KaRe pull glaciers, because there are movie "red river valley", Jiang Zi wars, knot "was shot in the film, makes KaRe glacier's fame is very big, therefore, many travelers will come here to watch spectacular glaciers, praised the charm of nature.Remember the last time, he says, come here, from the top of the mountain glaciers to hillside BingDaLin connected whole, whole narrow ice tongue has been on the bottom, with pure light, was "within reach".But now, the volume of ice is not as big as he used to be, majestic beauty of ice melting silently, it tears together, derived the winding a stream, nourishing the land, but wear off myself...Seen, he will never forget.Grandeur, strange, pure KaRe glaciers, it gracefully reposes in so close to human activity area, it's a miracle.Turned to leave, when the heart is full of, are looking forward to it, a beautiful encounter again next time.

Tips for winter swimming Tibet, if you want to spend the least time to feel the charm of glaciers, to KaRe glacier is a good choice.Near glacier spectacular scenery at the same time, both the blue ribbons -- yangzhuoyong lake, there is also a warm jade -- one reservoir, can let your eyes the most beautiful enjoyment.