Shanghai travel small endowment warm afternoon in the bookstore

Shanghai travel small endowment warm afternoon in the bookstore

Read the library is the best place in nature, however, like small endowment for tone "pseudo literary youth", and more used in a variety of small cafes, small bookstore to kill time.The cold winter, nest in Shanghai a few small corner of the environment is good, a cup of delicious coffee, a not too long novel, through a and a comfortable afternoon

Hanyuan bookstore in the quiet corner of the road

Appearance of primitive simplicity of binding hanyuan bookstore, blackish green traditional Chinese characters written "hanyuan" plaque with ancient meaning, a long line of floor along the street and embody the modern breath.Old carriage lamps, hanging door head is in the evening, the yellow light overflow from the inside, warm and not dazzling.A foot in hanyuan bookstore, as if to Shanghai in the 30 s of the big family of the sitting room, both classical and western style, the furniture of dark brown to be agitated heart calm come down as soon as possible.Store is not big, but is full of host to collect, furnishing articles, piano, dresser, the phonograph, the old suitcase...They reflect the old Shanghai blurred and grace.Different shapes of small scattered scattered round table, round table chair waiting for guests to read a book.Rows of shelves filled with all kinds of books in both English and Chinese, stop, so handguns.

Drinks little point: coffee, xuan tea, lavender mint tea, chocolate brownie, peach garden, etc

Opening hours: 10:00-23:00

Address: luwan district shaoxing road 27 (near ruijin 2)

Telephone: 021-64732526

Bus: 24, 41, 96, 96, 955, 128, 146, inner circle

Parking information: hanyuan bookstore in shaoxing road, is a one-way street, and the downtown parking is not very convenient, parking is also more expensive.

The ferry's literary youth will go to bookstore

This is a "literary youth" Shanghai will go to the bookstore, although small to walk pass by will be missed, but decorate concise and elegant, quiet ShuYi.Store the contents of the library is multifarious, design art, novels, essays, western, and so on everything;Classify put clear, easy to find.For love of books, whether through a casually, or to find a book, can have unexpected harvest.Store tea sat down, still have their own small garden, stroll in the stag road tired can also come here to relax.

Business hours: 11:30 - return

Address: giant deer jing 'an district road 828 (FuMinLu changshu road)

Telephone: 021-62496339

Changshu road station/bus: line 1 shaanxi nan road station, line 2 jing 'an temple station outbound walking around a quarter of an hour, 15, 45, 49, 94, 830, 94;

Note: this section the stag road is a one-way street, must be from changshu to the stag road or in FuMinLu giant deer road intersection, three to five minutes' walk.

Thousand color bookshop Eileen chang fan favorite

To thousands of colored bookshop people mostly for zhang ailing, changde apartment for her former residence in Shanghai, under the precipitation of years more attractive, through to the imagined large women may be from the side walk gracefully.Pushed the door and enter, a whole row of bookshelf compelling, experience quiet lying on the shelves, shelves and zhang ailing's photos also let a person can stay to recall.Adornment style is unified, wallpaper, the pendulum, the telephone, the old phonograph, and the corner rippling cascade, blend together well, easy to relax in the coffee flavour.Bookshop has its own courtyard, is the product of small gaps between buildings, small cany chair of a few party clean, cramped and cordial.

Drinks little point: apple brownie, tiramisu Cake

Opening hours: 8:00 to 22:00

Address: district Chang Delu 195 (near nanjing west road)

Telephone: 021-62499006

Bus: metro line 7, 21, 37, 825, 939

Parking information: is there a car park next door, about 10 yuan per hour, according to the actual fee standards shall prevail

Elegant antique old villa garden

The baptism of the years wash is not the way to thinks of celebrity former residence, was in the air also "overrun" small endowment feelings.So, here's time movement seemed to have been invisible rest stop, not easily upset.Antique garden is located in which quietly, is for the upper and lower two layers of old houses.Pushed open the wooden door of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, time seems to cross in the past, the dim light, many classical furniture occupying the space of the store, though a bit cramped, but stocky thick, not frivolous.Only waiting for the light bright window seat has been played out and encounter drama.You are the man and a woman protagonist?

Catering dot: xuan matcha tea, earl black tea, antique garden tea, grapefruit tea, tea scotch whisky, Louvre cake

Operating time: 11 to 22:00

Address: luwan district thinks the road 44 armor (near xiangshan road)

Telephone: 021-53821055

Bus: line 1 shaanxi nan road station, 24, 41, 869, 974, 986, eight line interval, tunnel.

Summer flower coffee university and carefree corner

Summer flowers from fudan campus five minutes, the plain yellow walls can't cover up the aroma of coffee.The store layout simple warmth.On the first floor glass corridor seats, in the afternoon sun light is very good.White maize metope, hanging a lot of simple frame.Everywhere the doorway of the arch, with flowers to adorn.The wall of short ark stood a wide variety of small adorn article.The sofa of rich colors, deserve to go up the pink powder blue curtains, clean white tablecloth, let a person with a blue door and window in the Mediterranean city.Around here are mostly college students, with a book or notebook to chat here to heart.In the afternoon, the dim light, put the lazy jazz, everyone seems to be stuck in a chair the clarks.

Drinks little point: coffee, cheese cake, chocolate cake, blueberry cheese cake, pudding, tuna salad, seafood for dinner

Business hours: 9:00-00:00 (afternoon tea: PM - 17:00)

Address: road, yangpu district government 301 (national)

Telephone: 021-65112276

Bus: 749, 960, 60, 99, 559, 713 to zheng road, national road station (or stand) pulmonary hospital

Parking information: the street across from the outdoor parking lot available for parking

The taste of small garden languid is lazy

Small garden store is small, don't accidentally walked past the head.Push door into just smell the flavour of the old villa languid is lazy and idle, point a cup of coffee, sit in comfortable sofa, overhead old ceiling fan slowly rotating, the heart also as I don't know where have you gone with the wind...In-store display also has distinguishing feature very much: when I was a child play the trojans, furniture of Europe type restoring ancient ways, comfortable rocking-chair, bud silk waving chandeliers, whole row whole row almost look not to understand the original book, huandehuanshi soothing background music and always sleepy cat.Small bright spot is surrounded by transparent glass garden, always here to find a excuse for slacking off.

Drinks little point: coffee, Irish coffee, hot chocolate, lava chocolate brownie, caramel pudding cake

Are not open business hours: Monday, Tuesday through Thursday PM - 23:00, Friday to Sunday 11:00-24:00) (12:00 afternoon tea - 17:00

Address: kangping lu, xuhui district 220 (balance road between huashan road)

Telephone: 021-52582058

Bus: 10, 11, line traffic university station, 44 interval, 72, 806, 920, 923, 926

Parking information: can be parked at xujiahui park in the parking lot, also can stop to across the alley.

Gz Cafe local-style dwelling houses in the secrets of the corner

The legendary "secret backyard" coffee - grid, now seems to be is no longer a secret, even in the open at the "low key" residential area, some of you to come to find.Store decoration random nature, each corner with sincere warm: log tables and chairs, soft cushion for leaning on, the old ceiling fan, relieving the Bossa Nova...As their own living room.A nice cup of coffee, deserve to go up lazy background music, plus a book is not so serious, is the most warm supplies this afternoon.Store cookies from time to time to carry out the DIY course and film screenings, interested friends than cable inquiry in advance.

Drink bit: latte, girls, Turkey apple tea, manual biscuits, cheese cake, tiramisu, butterfly, etc

Opening hours: 12:00 to 22:00 on Tuesday to Sunday

Address: district no. 162 nanjing west road 1025, lane jing 'an villa (near jiangning road)

Telephone: 021-52132139

Bus: metro line 2, 20, 23, 37, 41, 48, 49, 71, 112, 127, 128, 936

Parking information: since the drive can be parked in the jing 'an villas, 10 yuan to 20 yuan, but still suggests that bus to downtown.