Urumqi, is not just a transfer station

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Urumqi, is not just a transfer station

Walking in the northwest of China the farthest from the sea city streets, they will make you feel in addition to the bustling city with beautiful, still can produce a kind of exotic novel.

The grand bazaar national hand letter

In urumqi international grand bazaar, ErDaoQiao market place and is said Uighur Uighur people, very busy.Glossy pilaf, inviting finger meat, crisp tender roast whole lamb, lamb, fragrant air baking steamed stuffed bun, maotai-flavor flavour is dye-in-the-wood, sliver and varied characteristics snacks.Authentic called naan kebab xinjiang people generous and battle righteousness.Kg even said things are used to price with you, some began to return true not used to, think in urumqi, expensive, but found that when people familiar with the price compared to shenzhen is not in a plane.

Grand bazaar to select a few samples of souvenir is indispensable.Wearing Uighur HuaMao about details, don't be a engel knife on the waist, add a few minutes handsome, to his own home or acquire a smooth soft carpet, take several packets of dried fruit jujube gift friends and relatives, around in a circle and fill their carts.If you walk tired, went to the banquet art center for the performing arts to sit down and relax ability at the same time can also enjoy a visual feast for eyes see minority compatriot to play the drum sang songs, and the joy of the good times they spend the night.

Hongshan waiting for the sunset

Hong shan is the symbol of urumqi, its magnificence, configuration is spectacular, just like a huge dragon head stands in the center of the downtown urumqi.Here, the sun also became the most romantic moment trip to urumqi.By sunset at sunset, peak HuiYing red, reflects the downy light, qing dynasty pagodas in the sunset pulling out of the inclined long shadow.Or pinglan overlook the distant quiet's mt.bogda faded gradually into the darkness, at the foot of the whole city was bathed in warm warm glow.Hum a song, quietly waiting for the sun goes down, the lights in the corner of the city light lights up.

The kazakh people on horseback

Nanshan pasture, an alpine pasture and grassland pasture is very different, there are "on horseback nation," said the kazak live right here, more tall, strong and handsome the horses here than elsewhere.Here, even the most don't understand the rider, can also be under the guidance of local kazak, longitudinal horse Mercedes in the grass.After being horse became familiar with oneself, the tacit understanding degree is more and more high, put your horse to run, as if walking on.At this point, the sheep from passing by, snow-capped mountains under the blue sky in the distance the silver light, the longitudinal horse always, feel as if I become a chivalrous man at the foot of tianshan mountain.Night still can stay in yurt, drink tea, eat hand grasping mutton.

Indulge in the snow in the north

In urumqi, how can you forget to go skiing.To roll on the white snow, wrestling, snowball fights, a snowman, "seal" (find a nobody clean snow, the whole body rushed and, in the snow to print a humanoid)...

With urumqi surrounding the silk road international ski slopes, snow lotus light mountain ski resort eight ski resorts, ski resort in the city recently, the bus can arrive directly, the silk road international ski resort is one of the five major ski resorts in China, is 40 kilometers away from downtown.

The silk road is held every year at the beginning of New Year FengQingJie snow and ice, can let love skiing you revel in writing.It doesn't matter if you are a novice, the site has a professional coach free service for you.Dressed in colorful clothing, hand-held ski rod, foot skis down from the roaring high edge trail, rapid retreat, everything in sight of the clamps in the armpit seems to be a ski pole into the flying wings.The joy, the feeling of flying that it is very generous.The release of the infinite and pentium, long aftertaste letting a person, the arrival of the skiing in looking forward to the next day.

In urumqi, xinjiang tourism as the first stop, in meet the p plus visitors, but most people dream in the heart of the mysterious kanas, SaiLiMuHu clearing, turpan heat...Neglecting the city at the foot of tianshan mountain located in the center of the Eurasian geography.Someone had access to near grand bazaar, but that is not true in urumqi...

Walking in the northwest of China the farthest from the sea city streets, they will make you feel in addition to the bustling city with beautiful, still can produce a kind of exotic novel.Everywhere can see sales hetian jade, handmade carpets, ethnic crafts, souvenirs, engel sand knife tourism commodity businesses, such as accessories, perfume of India, Pakistan and central Asia process bronze...