Winter YouGuiZhou to the province to go to the village

Winter YouGuiZhou to the province to go to the village

Words winter is the off-season, close to the end of the year, many tourists are arranged his trip, this year the last station where to go?If you are going to winter to guizhou tourism, you must be "for the city (village)".

Historical and cultural city - the town of ancient roadway

Town far passed the expert group certification in 1986, the second batch of one of China's famous historical and cultural city, with its strategic place of geographical position and a throughout the whole city le wuyang river and form a water house, who, in the city of nine bake a unique landscape, like tai chi, like Venice.Town culture has a long history since Qin Zhao 30 years in king county, has been 2280 years of county history, of which more than 1300 years as a mansion, tao, special location., which is located in the xiangqian pierces two province, tongren and province bordering counties where the three regions, the county has a population of 260000 people, including ethnic minorities accounted for 48%, is a miao dong culture, immigration culture city of multicultural blend with each other.

Town far "military" special geographic location of town far since the ancient times as "the desire according to chu, yunnan will account for the town", "to yunnan-guizhou, to keep the town far" is famous for its political, military region, is the history of officers and soldiers battleground, known as ", qian east portal "dian chu".History 28000, the station troops to Bai Qi, qin, lian Po, Li Mu four of the "Oriental god of war", as well as four palace shiping mountain ancient Great Wall and many clearance, tuen mun, fort is the verification of history.Town was far xiang ChuZhongYuan west tong dian qian to myanmar, India and other southeast Asian countries "southern silk road" of important stage, the Ming and qing dynasties promoted to qian east regional political, military, commercial and cultural center, in the history of the "eight big hall", "twelve summer" there are still some intact.

Historic and cultural town has a long history, ordained the bridge of dragon cave, and the old roadway crooked ways, the mountains of shiping history of ancient city wall and so on will make you sigh.Town far now owns six national tourism brand, namely: China's famous historical and cultural city - the town of far, national scenic area - le wuyang river (including high across the river), national key cultural relics protection units - qinglong cave ancient architectural complexes, and the Japanese people in China anti-war alliance "kijong-dong" site, the national agricultural tourism demonstration site - iron creek, state-level non-material cultural heritage - the dragon boat racing.Winter town far seem lonely, actually not lonely, travelers can go to the ancient road, lane search history, time to listen to the wind.

Xijiang swallowed the miao, wind and rain bridge for tourists

Xijiang swallowed the miao, the northeast in leishan county is located in guizhou miao and dong autonomous county of tripterygium wilfordii foothills, 36 km from the county seat, 35 km from the qiandongnan prefecture state Carey, about 260 km from the provincial capital guiyang.By more than 10 connected to a natural and wooden house built up to the mountain village and is currently in China and the world's biggest miao village.???Xijiang near-far WenMing silversmith village, miao silver all handmade, its technology has a very high level.Xijiang is a save miao "original ecology" culture, complete is to appreciate and understand China miao long history and development.Xijiang section brighter Tibetan, miao, famous, xijiang swallowed the miao, an open-air museum and exhibition of the epic in the development of the miao, ornamental and research of the traditional culture of miao grandstand.Although some holiday now not reach, but tourists still can get the experience.

Liping ZhaoXing DongZhai - one of the world's six big town, an ancient village

ZhaoXing DongZhai built village has a long history, according to the folk legend of genealogy records: in the southern song dynasty is long five years, namely A.D. 1160 years, ZhaoXing ancients build village to settle in here, it has a history of more than 840 years.In 1993, guizhou cultural named ZhaoXing for drum culture and art of the township.Two OO a year, ZhaoXing DongZhai and drum tower group listed in the guinness world records.In 1999, the provincial government has classified ZhaoXing province is one of nine key national village protection, 2001-2002 as the province one of 13, 20 key ethnic village protection.Two OO four years in January, the state council has approved as the national key scenic spot.In 2005, sponsored by the China national geographic poll "the most beautiful place in China", was named one of China's six most beautiful town, an ancient village.Winter can be in the experience, stockade people's enthusiasm, the hospitality of the ethnic minorities.

After basha miao jiang - see ghost hunter shaved with a sickle

After basha miao tribe of more than 2000 people, only arranged in guizhou CongJiangXian moon foothills at 6 kilometers south of the city I stay in five of the stockade.Entered after basha, everywhere a lush forest.They give priority to with rice, hunting company.Wellknown black according to here, footpath silkworms gathering, strong concealment, few outsiders into one thousand years.After basha village, village built in mount liang depression and oriented liujiang river mouth side slopes.Village MuLou of primitive simplicity, simple;All round for the forest around, elegant environment;The villagers all miao, traditional clothes and strange hair accessories.This time can with local villagers grain September to October (lunar calendar) this (the lunar calendar in November 19) seedlings year (December) at the beginning of the lunar, of course, also can see ghost hunter shaved and lusheng dance with a sickle.