Yunnan alone grams of the dream city of shangri-la

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Yunnan alone grams of the dream city of shangri-la

Alone grams of ancient city, is located in the diqing Tibetan autonomous prefecture, yunnan province, build pond town of shangri-la county, therefore is also called the pond ancient city.Here at an altitude of 3300 meters, in the mountains around the open bazi, there is a shaped like a big tortoise hill, people call it the big guishan, people of all nationalities generation living around bake, gradually has formed alone grams of the ancient city of today.

Caravan of three provinces border town, Tibetan's best-preserved ancient city.Chase your dream, here is a kind of freedom, is also a kind of predestination...

Is winter, the sky blue some not real, last night, the frost and snow fell on the mountain, has been a warm sun.Occasionally to high look, and a jinding Abbey guarding dome day in cigarette smoke.I at the foot of the hill, along the stone path of vicissitudes, to the depths of the ancient city.

Here alone grams of ancient city, is located in the diqing Tibetan autonomous prefecture, yunnan province, build pond town of shangri-la county, therefore is also called the pond ancient city.Here at an altitude of 3300 meters, in the mountains around the open bazi, there is a shaped like a big tortoise hill, people call it the big guishan, people of all nationalities generation living around bake, gradually has formed alone grams of the ancient city of today.Since ancient times, here is the tea horse road town, is today's yunnan-tibet highway.

Diqing plateau big temperature gap between day and night, winter cold, alone the grams of the ancient city of warm and peaceful.This is because the a column in the south of the ancient city of mountains, just as a natural barrier, the southwest wind cannot penetrate.River is flowing north is the water source, three life, nurturing the land of the people of all nationalities and rich product.The highlands to the north, is the famous pine forest temple, is yunnan's largest Tibetan buddhist monasteries.

Moonlight on the square at night, local residents and tourists of all nationalities together jump heishui, is the most characteristic of the ancient city of life scenes

Alone, is the Tibetan language, means the blue moonlight city, shape is not round, outline is similar to Tibetan Buddhism in shangrila temple city.According to historical records, the sole grams of the earliest tubo people build a castle began in the tang dynasty years, the Ming hongzhi years, wood's tusi in the building of moonlight village (each tile village), the sun city on the river and tits (annual jade tile village) summit.The qing emperor kangxi years, zhongdian (shangri-la county today) built the city, but also flourished here.After the qing yongzheng to several times during the large-scale restoration of the republic of China, the city expands gradually improve, gradually formed the Tibetan areas of the best preserved ancient city.

Alone, built around the old city streets surrounded by mountains, the ancient city of old house has been difficult to see, is in the site overhaul or new, spacious and bright, is a typical Tibetan style is given priority to, the house and some insensitive room.Jinlong, barn, north three street in the city, there are 33 alley.With crude stone paved roads, s feeling.City center square street, in every street, and can go to the square street.

I'll stay at a friend's house, the friend of the lady is a naxi, abba is Tibetan.In this small town, in addition to Tibetan and naxi, lisu, pumi, bai, han ethnic group, etc. A total of 23 ethnic minorities.Here every nation has its own religious beliefs, living custom and culture, unique grams of the old city is a multi-ethnic museum of real life.Of course want to know the details or more brilliant side, need to catch up with the good opportunity, such as who will build a house, marry a daughter-in-law, she admitted to university, and so on important events, will have a colorful activities, one of the most short of little not to feast.Pick up the house, some people want to LiuShuiXi large banquet guests for three days.

HeHeMuMu to life stories, and life into the story, now be tourists from all parts of the world read and enjoy.

The foot of guishan this well, there are thousands of years of history, legend is the fairy left, grams of people cherish all the more to her alone, compare well to mother's milk.

Are playing tea lady said, abba lifetime like cooked in the Wells of the ancient city of tea.Listen to her, water is used, the women with a belt the bucket on his back, put the belt tension, in his chest and 35 together, in the evening, in the morning to go back water.Put a ShuiYaoZi bucket, is made into the birch bark and floating on the surface of the water, water walk not shake out easily.Now every family use tap water, the scene is rarely seen.She said, but every year the night, every household will take well water, because the well have a fate, but only those who are blessed the fate and go home.The old well today have to renovate into a beautiful pool, visitors like the photos taken going on here, pool and bowl or ShuiYaoZi for tourists to taste well.

Abba hometown relatives before the Spring Festival every year to kill swine, this afternoon to send some pipa meat and sausage, she put them together with last year's pipa meat hung on all beams.Pipa meat is Tibetan and naxi family fine processing of the food in this area, is the whole gutted and epiphyseal bone of pig in Chinese prickly ash, amomum, sand, salt and other seasoning after suture, and pressure on the slab pickled, not only taste delicious, also can hold four or five years is not bad.

Lady home remains the traditional Tibetan style breakfast, give priority to with zanba, deserve to go up again the tea.Chinese food to eat steamed stuffed bun, pipa meat.Grand dinner to some, a yak meat sod, useful dried vegetable, vegetables, potatoes, tofu and all kinds of wild fungus Tibetan hot pot cooking.Abba also take out home brew of barley wine.

After eating, abba and lady took me to jump heishui square street, square street is the ancient city of the people's leisure, entertainment, meeting the small square, also is the site of the early barter.Today square street surrounded by tall, hidden room during the day in the street have barbecues and crafts stalls, offers some tourist service, remove all night stall, and lit a bonfire square, city residents and visitors, listen to music, dance the zhongdian heishui of of primitive simplicity and gay politician string.This day, just a group of the wedding dress up young people come together, especially good-looking.

Every morning, abba is on the roof of simmering mulberry to burn pine, the grain to the distance of the gods, bless away in school academic success, the son of god bless work son daughter-in-law work well, bless her healthy, bless animals prosperity good harvest in the home, every month, 15, on abba on large guishan jinzhou.would incense.Renamed in 2002, to commemorate the ZhongDianXian shangri-la county, on the large guishan building is a lucky win, Tibetan "JiCan", said a victory, the meaning of development, is the landmark of the ancient city of grams of alone, also is the world's largest rotatable design, four people work together to turn.

Abba says his abba's famous Ma Guotou, home of the storeroom, hung the predecessors wine pockets, zanba, pocket to go out on the road.Alone grams of former old caravan is gone, but the caravan history more fascinating.

Abba favorite chat is the story of the caravan.G is tea ma gu town, alone in ma hu s, tea horse people are all Tibetan boys, one of the best clues from two places, one place is the Tibet mangkang, another is the shangri-la in yunnan.Grams of the ancient city alone, in also, gates for caravan.In grams of the ancient city alone some hundreds of years old house, found the records in the Numbers in the columns and beams, according to Tibetan caravan of researchers say they are early left a record of the quantity of the goods.

Hanging abba, storeroom, but also the elder to go out on the road with the wine pocket, zanba, pockets are made of leather, hair on the surface of the mill didn't, because not many years has been stiff.Abba said that once the horse people out the door even if give life to the mountains, can only pray god bless bon voyage, because the road, it is dangerous, there are often out of people don't come back.

Caravan in history, has always been zhongdian (shangri-la) today and local transport, connecting the city to the outside world CunCunZhaiZhai caravan.Horses are called child bag, called Ma Guotou, head of the car.Causeway, caravan rules strictly, there is someone who's in charge of knock to gong length priorities and number to call to arms, in a unified action.Leading the mule is called mare, have the big bell around his neck, ChuanLing hung two mules.Long-distance transportation, caravan joint action, often SanSiBaiPi cavalry, through the mountains winding red, scene is very spectacular.

According to records, the qing qianlong years, diqing business is booming, in and out of goods each year more than 60000 kilograms, into the shangri-la and kang district of puer tea has only 3000 lead.Feature of a trip to Tibet, as long as you can safely go home about eight two silver can be got.Late qing dynasty to the early years of the republic of China, caravan, zhongdian in yunnan has become one of the largest 20 caravan, each year into Tibet have QiBaQian carry goods.During the Anti-Japanese War, every year there are 200 tons of tea alone to Tibet, need to use SanSiQianPi lies.Kagyu pine great temple Lin Dan packhorse as many thousands of horses and a large house is more ErSanBaiPi, less is about 30 pieces.

Zhongdian caravan route travel far away there are 10, respectively to pu 'er, kunming, their, qamdo, Lhasa, India, gongshan, litang, new Delhi, etc.Caravan will be a lot of tea, song song (silver), ham, brown sugar and other supplies to Tibet and India, and from India to buy back troupe, cloth, yellow cross cigarettes, indigo dye, sand with salt brine well sold in local or shipped to lijiang, Dali, kunming, and diqing Tibetan native forest products, herbs and minerals were shipped to simao, Meng Hai and kunming and other places.

Abba was later passed several caravan road, not the whole, are just some of the paragraphs, the purpose is to give some scientific mission and anthropological researchers a wizard.Abba, said before the highway, the location of the original road, all the primeval forest, a bit not careful will lost.Caravan are both retired now, go to Lhasa, the plane to the for a while.Deliver supplies no longer worry, roads and railways are very convenient.Only in remote rural, still need to use packhorse piggy back some rice, daily supplies, but also just home from the store carry below, do not need to travel long distances.Those old caravan objects and old stories would go to the museum to see actually.

Grams of the ancient city alone is a lot of people yearning, because he not only has a history of imprinting, Tibetan township of amorous feelings, but also because he is a man can be dream and pursuit.This is a kind of freedom, is also a kind of predestination.

Whenever you walk alone in the g of the road, can let me find a completely different feeling.Grams of the ancient city alone and in other parts of the city has a very significant difference between the two, this is the unique Tibetan style building itself, which is the sole grams of charm.At first glance, I always think, love alone, and stay of the foreigner, he is a hero, if without him, there would be no today's alone grams.Today alone grams of old street, bar, inn, jewelry shops on both sides respectively, the old house mansion.But I know that this should not be the most exciting scene, the most impress people, stories about the new house behind the house is still and aged nostalgia.

At the end of the 20th century, alone, or one of weeds growing, rubble lonely place, the broken wall, unwanted path, a dark at night.Because of people's living standards improved, the old city residents are more convenient to live in the new town's new home.Around 2000, some people from outside, into the lonely old town, then there will be a crow bar, bar, bullpen some alternative people start building up their lonely dream here.Since that time, the sole grams of slowly is a little bit of concern to the outside world, a little understanding, and attracted more and more people begin to explore and search, and even home.

The crow bar has a lot of power, now has become a landmark of grams of alone, with huge ravens door curtain is its brand.Crows outside, there is a small rectangular platform, then the cobbler slope, there are often some foreign boy girl, the mouth smoke, holding the guitar, sing the song in their hearts, sun down, the light of a gold, looks like a fairy tale.Is spring to late autumn, grams of the tourist season, the old street visitors more, because it's too cold in winter, so there are fewer tourists.This winter the ancient people in the city, as usual, the crow is no exception, the crowds.

Every time go to the cobbler, miss the bullpen, the bullpen has become the past, I think the bullpen is landmark in our memory, or is the sole grams of specimens of a missing in the new era, it is more pure, recording the take off of some people dream and burst.The bullpen is very original and hid the original room clean up feces cow circle, put some seems to come from land stuff, objects, and a pool table, wine and music was the only, no gap, no boundaries, to accept the blond, blue-eyed people, by the governor and star, also accept the local indigenous even HanHua insoluble.The bullpen has welcomed countless attention and praise, including foreign well-known media.Now the place is a big house, I didn't go in.In fact, every time alone to g, a lingering feeling, let me have a because it's a historical section is what I have seen.

Original bullpen, Anaheim, workshop is on the side of the bar is a bar, although not as good as the crow and the bullpen early, but should also calculate the sole g bar predecessors, because since April 27, 2004 opening, he still maintained the original style, workshop has become over the years, was a lot of friends always deep in the memory of a mark, a record of their own with the grams of story.Anaheim, the owner of the workshop freddy adu and emin has gave birth to a daughter MeiDuo and MeiDuo is four years old.Freddy adu insist there is his attitude towards life, way of business, then he opened the inn.

In recent years, many old friends left, they realized, or started a new dream again, elsewhere.Grams of a new life alone every day.But constantly have new people to come to again, successors for elder, kunlun hotel Li Lian and his wife, they in the Tibetan village overhaul jiangnan, planting flowers and trees in the courtyard, dog fish, big luxury life, spread out in the inn.

Grams of women alone handicraft center is organized around the ancient city of Tibetan women, together to make the scarf, yaks dolls, purses, jewelry, wine, mani stone and so on tourist souvenirs, while doing sales.Some places, such as Roman abramovich house, sweet music bar to valley coffee, hot Tibet, kangding love song, shangri-la, wood shop, earthenware shop, kompass western-style food, PASCAL kitchen all have emotional appeal very much, see like go, chat, you will find your own unique grams of story.