Experience of atypical nanjing plain gaochun old street

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Experience of atypical nanjing plain gaochun old street

Gaochun old street, such clean plain an old street, is located in the half sky construction dust half full of river on the outskirts of nanjing.

Alive, there are always let me endless surprised - such as a restaurant in Germany, points 1 bottle of 0.75 litres of red wine than three cups of 0.25 litres of red wine at least 1/3, your reason is full red wine vertical in a more decent table;Like friendship with someone from the summer autumn to winter, an abrupt end, one spring afternoon occasionally meet, each other's sneeze a trend of the avalanche, I realized that my dear friend, was that can only survive in the spring pollen allergic constitution;To me how to believe, for example, gaochun old street, such clean plain an old street, is located in the half sky construction dust half full of river on the outskirts of nanjing.

Can manual street, at two

Old total length of 800 meters or so, each door face towards the street, shops, did the big or small business.The shopkeeper is very calm, place a first family breakfast, clean up the yard, just lazy at 9 o 'clock store pieces of door plank, YouYouRan cleaning shops.Old street specialty is duck feet, duck feet soles wrapped inside a duck heart, stores the duck feet ducks with duck intestine heart fasten tightly wrap, and dry.

Many are sold in the store, 10 duck feet BaoLianCheng a bunch, bunch of 18 yuan, 15 yuan, small string is small businesses.The shopkeeper will recommend you to take it to the soup.Also have stores at the door with a small stove, under a pot boiled duck feet GuDuDu package and duck wing, package lean ruddy duck feet, is very attractive.Buy taste, taste is very sweet, is a typical southern jiangsu taste.

There is a small shop, appearance, there is various HuTouXie neri, the wall near the door, transparent plastic film sparingly seal with a page of the newspaper, it much is introduced with the store HuTouXie, also attached the shoemaker XiaoZhao old woman.Looked curiously at the store, the old woman absent.The small shoe store across the street not far, is the shoes shop family reputation.Pavement capacious and bright, all kinds of handmade cloth shoes style is various, buy an endless stream.Describe a thin old shoemaker around white apron, eyes move, focus to work on his head."Son, go out in the outside of the most urgent, and it is a good pair of shoes." --, the old shoemaker if children are floated up north sea or the heart, he must have told them so.

Door plank of old street near the end, just landed a few pieces.The shop visit, an old craftsman through the light grinding down the barrel of sunshine, wood float in the sky.Why don't all the door plank to unload?Are probably a remind yourself don't too tired, stop a barrel today, forgot this last, 2 it is with close to a small hope to celebrate the last guest.I so speculation, enjoy.

Old street shops are mostly pocket front shop, back factory, sell is produced more self-control.Locally grown gucheng lake crab, half a palm size, in a frying pan Fried Fried, dipped in salt and pepper, wandering old street is a good thing.Shopkeeper himself for all kinds of pickles, tank after tank, placed in the store tidy and beautiful.The majority of shops have manual sold bean curd, encapsulated with vacuum packer must also is very good.Traditional pastry is little not, of course, lotus kernel cakes or white square rice cake, cake, honey was just bought, melt in your mouth, sweet, the sweet osmanthus in the white square rice cake sweet tooth cheek stay fang, soup.

The old house in a long time

Behind the old street shops on both sides, each one walking home.Inside the residence mostly in the form of Ming and qing style architecture bungalow, lived most of is more than 60 old man.The afternoon sun warm and bright, the sides of the line spread sun children quilt small unlined upper garment pants, big flower patterns, and the old people with a little more or less every night at gas years old clothes.Every open small courtyard alley, dangling is old people lonely thin figure.Old man sat on a bench in front of smoke a long, old woman may be worn lots in the kitchen POTS and pans, may hold only eat small bowl sitting in the shade under the eaves of a lonely meal, maybe talk to old partner sitting in the house of the wooden chair a JiLingGouSui about daily necessities.

The old house, in front of the ancient things everywhere - rusty iron small coal stove, old people use it to heat the food;Under the eaves of the manual small bamboo wooden, bamboo tubes smooth bright, was too much wind rope line back chair foot, appears to be crumbling, also a strong available;The house of the back of a chair 籘 bamboo chair has a concave shape, by more and more dependent on how willing to throw away;Old house daylighting is good, the house is only a low wattage bulbs in contriving to sell the life, the light bulb on shaking years of crude brass lamp shade which can say change is change.

Opposing way through in the house, a yard from two milk milk gas noise: "1 plus 1 equals 2, 1 and 2 is equal to how much?""Well, well...""Equals 3! You fool!"Grandpa ride on it.

Old street, quiet and calm

I like the east suburb of nanjing trail where green tree canopy, natural oxygen bar to let a person more walk more lucid more transparent;I also like that most of people's heart of the city of nanjing to xianghe road, along the way is too, cedar and confidence of metasequoia, winter occasionally when I'm on the road full of Christmas small lights ideas;I also like that are small endowment in popular 1912 street, the wind of the republic of China and western wind, low-key and gorgeous, ill-defined.In nanjing, the most make me enchanted or that gaochun old street - SLATE is on slippery road net, each store renovation on several occasions, door plank replaced several times, but could not always from the seemingly "old" fate, old and calm, old and supercilious, original old can also gives so much righteousness is words.Step step gaochun old street, just came to the town center of busy busy, how weak, old people want to balance the old house and the gap between the age of material?

In the evening, continuing until the sky is still bright, old street began shuttered, door plank pieces are embedded, the shopkeeper lock shop to go home, anyway is mostly a small business, just figure a spend your old age time, why is too demanding.In the old house began to spread the tinkle of the boiler bowl collision, leave the fragrance of taro stew, good a fragrant spectacular sunset.For me, the old street of line may be unusual a roaming;For old street, I'm a little more, I'm a lot less, stone path by rain wash, won't leave my footprints.No matter how many weird looking came today, people who live in the old street, in principle, so quiet and leisurely, sent the ordinary day of joy.

Tourist tips:

1 is there a long-distance bus to gaochun, nanjing ZhongHuaMen bus stop, running water, 10 to 15 minutes, about one and a half hours to arrive.

2, gaochun county pond, water quality is good, gaochun crab to the most famous gucheng lake crab.

3, old street shop manual HuTouXie quite famous, at reasonable prices.