Pleasure to admire the wax plum zhejiang may place

Pleasure to admire the wax plum zhejiang may place

Warm warm winter, also didn't let the wax plum one cavity in full bloom.Both the lake and other scenic areas, the anointed with fresh maneuver, must be the season gives us the best gift.They call "wax plum", flowers bloom in cold winter, now is a good season, to watch can come to these places to see.

Recommend to: hangzhou botanical garden, demonstrate

Recommended reason: is the biggest reward may now west lake resort, it is said that the qing dynasty, here has had an "demonstrate agent mei" bills.Today, 5000 strains plum tree demonstrate has kind of scenic spot, dozens of varieties, one to seasonal, demonstrate a few into a sweet sea below.Demonstrate mei is hangzhou people's annual event, garden plum flower variety, especially is famous for its red berries.Visiting friend plum flowers outside, still can barbecue "jungle", wen xiang tea.Demonstrate mei scenic area covers an area of 300 mu, with LongYueLou, JuYueTing, YaoTai, YunXiangTing, PinMeiYuan, wash garden pavilion and so on more than ten scenic spots and historical sites and enjoy plum attractions, plus song such as flying or inevitable and under the pile bonsai, mei mei full meaning.

Traffic guide: bus ride, 28, 82, 7, 15, 27 to yuquan road station.Since the drive can be stopped in two major scenic spots in the botanical garden in the parking lot.

Recommended: butte

Recommended reason: the west lake in the isolated hill have the plum blossom, all previous dynasties are very famous.Hangzhou people love mei infatuated love, by "bounds", I'm afraid is the song dynasty Lin Bu, the story of his "son mei wife crane" famous.His poem: "thin film QingJian extremely water, fragrant month dusk", has been told.Qing dynasty "west lake 18 scene" have "merlin to crane" one scene, the plum flower of xiaogushan is unusual.The plum blossom is about more than 500 strains of isolated hill not only many varieties, and has a ZaoMei, late may.ZaoMei blossom before the winter solstice, late may can be open to the before and after the tomb-sweeping day, sometimes isolated hill view flowering nearly three months.Butte in recent years, we plant a large rare MeiPin, KuoZhong hong mei, salted and dried plum, plum purple, abliflora, yuanyang mei, etc.

Traffic guide: bus station take bus 850 to the provincial museum, K7 to YueMiao Station Road.Drive cars can be parked in xiaogushan each stop on the road, about scenic area 50 parking Spaces.

Recommend to: yuhang ChaoShan

Recommended reason: hangzhou may place another view, is the ChaoShan, 30 kilometers away from hangzhou city, because of the "ten mile plum blossom incense xue" is listed as one of the three largest agent may resort in jiangnan.Cultivating the plum blossom more one thousand years of history, existing a tang song two GuMei, particularly valuable.ChaoShan plum has a reputation for quiet and "ancient," and famous.The ancient refers to our country has jin, sui, tang, song, yuan five GuMei, ChaoShan occupies second - tang mei and Song Mei;Wide refers to ChaoShan plum stretches more than 10;Is refers to the plum flower is five petals, and ChaoShan plum flower with six petals.

Traffic guide: the ridership K509, 309 road, sightseeing in the no. 3 line to south railway station transfer 1 PingBei in the bus to the station, then transfer to flat - tangxi bus to ChaoShan scenic spot in the stand.Self-drive walked in the river, pond elevated - round high-speed line (turn right) under export area, 320 state road (to jiangnan food markets left) - ChaoShan scenic area, scenic spot about 50 parking Spaces.

Recommend to: xixi wetland

Recommended reason: "water agent may, rocking the boat out mei" xixi reward may not generally oh!Can sit sculling boat, accompanied by a creaking sound sculling and clear water, dash forward in the carefree quiet river, on the water mei."Thin film extremely QingJian water", said the xixi is unique mei artistic conception."Xixi agent may" as the "west lake 18 scene" in qing dynasty, one of the xixi wetland in existing more than 3000 strains of clubs and merlin 300 mu, mainly distributed in MeiZhu heights and xixi MeiShu area, river coast there are many meishucunian, reflection in the water, don't have interest.While xixi MeiShu mei piece forest, is the essence of ornamental xixi plum flower zone.Xixi plum blossoms are cinnabar, GongFen, LuE, jade butterfly, Jiang Mei, beauty plum, nanjing red, changxing, etc.To xixi agent, regardless of the waterway land, are twists and turns, thus formed peculiar to xixi reward to mei mei way - water shake the boat and leisure stroll out mei.

Traffic guide: bus can take K506, K193, K310, Y13, sightseeing line 1 to xixi national wetland park.Since the driving along the mountain until temmoku, 150 parking Spaces.