Explore the mystery of the regional city in xinjiang

Explore the mystery of the regional city in xinjiang

Speaking of the ancient city of xinjiang, it is full of mystery and people endless curiosity and exploring spirit.The disappearance of the ancient civilizations, who always crying, LianPian.

Karamay ur grain devil city

Ur grain demon city also known as ur grain windy city.Located in the northeast of karamay ur hetian area, 90 kilometers away from downtown, ur xinhe township east about 5 km, there are roads, the transportation is convenient.Ur grain demon city in the north west - east toward the south, about 5 km long, about 3 km wide, covers an area of 15 square kilometers, consists of a series of near north west - south east direction of the isolation platform.Platform 10 ~ 50 meters high, widely by the leakage of the lower cretaceous vomit GuLuQun constitute, the main lithology of shallow lacustrine facies celadon fine sandstone and brown, maroon mudstone, sandy mudstone.Spit GuLuQun slightly in horizontal direction leaning to the southeast, about 5 degrees Angle.During the cretaceous period, here is a huge freshwater lakes, sedimentary lacustrine strata widely, at that time, the warm humid climate, lush trees, reptile, with huge all kinds of dinosaurs is the master of the world.Over time, lakes to rise to the land, dinosaurs have become a fossil, all dominated by natural law development.The devil city belongs to the typical yadan landform, is formed by the action of wind and water.Water cut and wind exquisitely made cretaceous strata form all sorts of strange shape, like a castle, ships, pavilions, like people, animals, mushrooms...Demon city is located in the tuyere, windy seasons, when the wind comes, sand storms, the wind blew shuttle in the city, sends out the sound of a variety of bizarre, like a ghost, horrific, "devil city" hence the name.The devil city has rich scientific connotation and extremely high ornamental value, is ur hetian area and even the most important scenic spots of karamay.

There is a magical legend about the devil city.Legend here is a magnificent castle, the castle men handsome, strong, women beautiful and kind of the castle, the castle of people diligently work, in abundance, worry-free life.However, with the accumulation of wealth, evil gradually occupied people's hearts.They become addicted to playing with the colour, in order to scramble for wealth, the city filled with intrigues and bloody fights, everyone's face has become a ferocious terror.The gods in order to arouse people's conscience, into a ragged beggar came to the castle.God tells us that evil to make him from a rich man become a beggar, beggars words did not work, however, it was the people in the castle of abuse and ridicule.The gods here in a fit of petulance became ruins, the castle all people trapped under the ruins.Every night, the dead will moan of the castle, I hope the god can hear the sound of their confession.

Post the ancient city of

In ili river north shore, 7 km southeast of HuoChengXian, from yining city, 38 kilometers, post is built in the qing dynasty one of ili the9, with old and new towns.Ili in the qing dynasty, is the general office is located, is also the xinjiang military and political center.The old city was built in the qianlong 28 years (1763 years), faces the ili river north shore, after the river.Word ten years (1871) after Russia invaded yili was broken down.Eight years guangxu (1882) ili after recovering, build new town in the old city north 7.5 km in the other.Highest military officer because of the qing dynasty xinjiang ili general in this, commonly known as ili city.

Old city about 5 meters high, 5.6 kilometers circumference, narrow victory.Post after the completion of the old city, the qing government also set up the surrounding HuiNing, spring city, in succession, suijiang, ningyuan, deep, wide kernel, tal, eight city, called the "ili the9".Ili the9 invaded Russia in 1871 when the ili was destroyed.New town is located in the old city 15 kilometers, north regulation with the old city.Centering on the drum tower in the city, four streets respectively to four gates.Drum tower is a traditional Chinese three layers and three brick structure building eaves jehiel mountain, the beam carved building, solid and promising."Fu ili general" site, in the town on the east side, entrance, shishi, hall, vault, wing and garden pavilion is still well preserved.

Because of war, invasion of Russia, and also by destroyed buildings in the city, many buildings were demolished.Every year since then post walls by ili river erosion, underground cultural relics remaining submerged by ili river, the city buildings has collapsed.Today there is north, the east part of the wall and LaoDongMen earthen mound, namely post the old city.

Acaroid scenic area in xinjiang

Acaroid township is located in the northern xinjiang BuErJinXian territory, close to Mongolia, Russia's borders, is kanas nationality township township government is located.About 70 kilometers from kanas lake and the surrounding mountains, grow a lush birch forest, is a beautiful mountain village of northern xinjiang.

Acaroid village is located at the north end of xinjiang, is a beautiful village surrounded by white birch, snow-capped mountains and rivers.Especially in the autumn, the beauty of the village of acaroid will let anyone memories in this full of yellow mountain birch and snow mountain, everywhere is beautiful picture.Acaroid township is the most northerly township in western China.Acaroid village is the most complete by maintaining that the traditional centralized life to live, is one that the famous village, is also the only remaining three tuva villages (acaroid village, village and white khabarov kanas village) and as far as the largest villages, a total area of 3040 square kilometers, the entire town existing more than 1800 people, including the Mongolian tuva, more than 1400 people, mainly the Mongolian tuva and kazak, spread their cabin in the mountain grasslands.

Acaroid grassland in kanas river with acaroid continuous mountain rivers basin, at an altitude of 1124-2300 m.Around the basin mountain generous, the top round shaped, river cutting for canyon, complex terrain, acaroid river from the northeast to southwest, this process will be the prairie is divided into two and a half, mountain slope to the dense forest, verdant, red deer, woodchucks, snow chicken inhabit them;The slope to the grass slope, the carpet of flowers fragrance 4 excessive, bees in the flowers honey, starts from cattle and sheep grazing thinks, a charming scenery of the vast grassland.

Acaroid prairie annual rainfall of 600 mm, the vegetation is given priority to with grass and weeds, the main species are fescue, MAO, bulbil ratio, moss and grass, grass growing season in May - September, grass 20 to 50 cm high, coverage of more than 90%, is the main region near the summer pastures and winter pastures.