The unique charming ancient China's most beautiful town

The unique charming ancient China's most beautiful town

China has many, each are extremely sensibility, or mountain or water or Bridges QingWaFang.Fugue, often makes people do not know now evening what evening.

The first: danba Tibetan village

Danba, located near the eastern sichuan ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture in western and daofu, Kang Dingxian and aba jin, Jin Chuanxian border, the county a total area of 5649 square kilometers, jurisdiction over 10 suburbs, a town inhabited by a predominantly Tibetan 15 national total of more than 57000 people.Danba is BaYanKaLa mountains, qionglai mountains, such as gathering place, and leather, Mr. River, yaks, size of Jin Chuanhe origin or flow diameter known as the "city" on the top rock and the first city on the Banks of the dadu river, "said.

The second: huang yao ancient town

Huang yao ancient town, is located in the county 40 kilometers northeast from (straight), as a famous town in guangxi.The whole town residents 600 households, eight street, most of the building in Ming and qing style, streets are built with green flag.Town hold shrine 20 temples, pavilions more than 10, more than for building the Ming and qing dynasty, the famous view of civilization pavilion, orb, xing yu temple, the temple, the ancient stage, the wu temple, guo clan academy, dragon temple, see the dragon temple, take Long Qiao, protect Long Qiao, natural pavilion, etc.Cultural landscape as well as han yu, Liu Zongbiao ink, Qian Xing martyr statue, he xiangning, Gao Shiji, and thousands of cultural celebrities such as apartment, and many ShiLian stone inscription.In general, comparing to conventional scenic spots including the communist party of China guangxi committee commemoration museum, the ancient stage, the emperor letters, orb, carp street, the eight immortals sleep rongping, zc Long Qiao, one thousand hotel, lingnan first stone street, etc.

Third: wuyuan town

Shangrao in jiangxi province XiaXian, largest tea production base in jiangxi province.Located in the northeast of jiangxi LeAnJiang upstream, north anhui, east which the zhejiang.Covers an area of 2947 square kilometers and a population of 320400.County in the town of ziyang.The remaining jige broadcasting bei information three years (1121) is part of huizhou.In 1934 by anhui delimit in jiangxi province.XianJing is given priority to with mountain and hills, accounted for about 80% of the total area of more than for the low hills, downland.Bang, pointed the highest peak in the anhui province at the junction, 1630 meters above sea level.A humid subtropical monsoon climate, annual precipitation 1500-2000 mm, good trees to grow.The county forestry accounted for 49% of land area and stocking volume reached more than 820 cubic meters.Of Chinese fir, pine, bamboo and tea, camellia, mushrooms, etc.Green tea tea production is often more than one-third of the province, hence "WuLu", and "NingGong" wuning county.Other local products have beaten inkstone, wu ink, etc.Mineral resources are coal, iron, tungsten, gold, copper and YanShi, etc.

Fourth: wuzhen

Wuzhen is one of the jiangnan water six town centre of north, south, east and west four street intersection is the "ten" word, double chessboard type parallel river street, part of the adjacent town landscape.The residential house built over the river, on both side of the street to save a large number of buildings in the Ming and qing dynasties, complementary with stone bridge on the river, reflects the jiangnan town charm of small bridge, flowing water, old house.Town east to academy is the DouShuChu MAO dun as a teenager, now bi is MAO dun memorial, as the national key cultural relics protection unit.The west gate of old street in the town is one of the best preserved Chinese Ming and qing dynasties buildings.In addition, there are fix true concept stage, build amorous feelings, liang yuan sights, ginkgo in tang dynasty, and many other attractions, local: New Year happy New Year of summer, yuanxiao, qingming outing go bridge, according to people, the Dragon Boat Festival to eat reed, Long Cai Kuang sun, rain, days of yuan river lamp, the Mid-Autumn moon, ninth ascent, winter solstice worship ancestors, such as month, little more customs.

Fifth: zhouzhuang

Zhouzhuang recorded in 1086, is located in Shanghai, suzhou and hangzhou.For zeguo town, surrounded by water, stone, are required to the boat.The whole town in river street, bridge street, deep curtilage courtyard, heavy high ridge eaves, langfang, river port, crossing the street wear bamboo columns, linhe ShuiGe, quiet school of of primitive simplicity, is typical of the jiangnan water bridge the somebody else.

Sixth: tongli town

Tongli town, is located in the taihu lake on the east of the ancient canal.She was built in the song dynasty, has been 1000 years of history, is worthy of the name of the ancient town.Tongli town 18 km away from suzhou, 80 kilometers away from Shanghai, is one of the six famous jiangnan water village, 33 hectares, surrounded by five lakes, by the mesh river town is divided into seven island.Town outside the fine scenery, surrounded by water.She is the earliest (in 1982), in jiangsu province is the only ancient town as cultural relics protection units.

Seventh: the ancient town of xitang

The ancient town of xitang in jiashan county, jiaxing city, zhejiang province, jiashan county 11 km, xitang is a one thousand - year history and culture of ancient town.As early as the spring and autumn period and the warring states period is the place of wu yue intersection of the two countries, so have "Wu Gen the Angle" and "the rich".To the yuan dynasty preliminary form market.Xitang and the difference from other waterfront town town in linhe street has a gallery shed, total length of nearly kilometers, just like the Summer Palace of the corridor.In xitang, rainy days don't get wet in the rain, sunny not bask in the sun.

Eighth: guangdong town

In central guangdong ancient town is located in jiangmen city of kaiping, 12 km from the center of kaiping city, has 350 years of history, is a with rich lingnan features and deep cultural inside information, the ancient town.Tam river across the whole town with a total population of 48000 people, overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots, a total of 72000 people, is a famous overseas Chinese hometown.Retain a large number of overseas Chinese in guangdong building, match well of Chinese and western.

Ninth: ChangTingXian

Pond, ChangTingXian is a county of longyan city, fujian province, is located in the north latitude 18 '25 ° 40' ~ 26 ° 02 '05 "between, east longitude 116 ° 45' 00 '39' ~ 116 ° 20 ', with a total area of 3089.9 square kilometers.Located in the west of fujian, fujian and jiangxi border position.Mountains of TV here, a group of tiered profiles, to the southern section of the wuyi mountains, fujian is a remote mountain, the famous old revolutionary base areas and famous historical and cultural city.Population of 492400 people, including non-agricultural population of 140100 people.Passage of minxi changting dialect words.

Tenth: ancient villages in kanas lake

Tuva village is located in kanas lake kanas river valley, the south bank of 3 kilometers around the mountain green water show, beautiful environment, is BuErJinXian go to kanas lake travel path.Tuva village lived more than 100 households, more than 1400 people.Tuva more people living in the tower that builds with pine log cabin, the building called "house of insensitive, the walls are assembled log, canopy floor, house top Angle, so as to adapt to the environment more rain and snow mountains.