"Let's go" said will see the world with my parents, Beijing free line 8 days detailed strategy - the Summer Palace

First stop: the Summer Palace

The Summer Palace, the history of za, online.Tell me about the specific route.

The traffic

The Summer Palace, the north gate: the subway line 4 north door of the station.

The Summer Palace, palace: new subway line 10 after the ditch station in a taxi.


Door opening time: 6:30-18:00;YuanZhongYuan opening time: 8:30-17:00.

30 yuan/tickets, the old man child half-price 15, present 60 yuan/copies.The old man is only 70 years of age or older to buy a ticket at half price.

YuanZhongYuan admission: 10 yuan buddhist incense;Suzhou street 10 yuan.Wenchang center 20 yuan.Five yuan and garden.

We choose from the "new door" into the garden

Reason: the north door of the most tourists don't know the direction of the first choice, because it is near the subway station, but its entrance is, in fact, in the north of the longevity hill, an enter a door you have to climb up to the longevity hill and have and from the north, after go in fact scenic spots in your left and right, bad route arrangement.While many Tours is to choose the "palace" new entry.

Walking routes: the new palace - - the marble seventeen-arch bridge which - bull - south lake island by boat to the marble boat - tillage and weaving scenic area - suzhou street - - row of buddhist incense cloud temple - aisle - longevity (DE and garden - jade ripples hall, art gallery - wenchang center - the garden.empress temple - is composed

That way, you can not go back, around the park's main attractions and kunming lake walk, and finally went out of the north palace gate or the east gate.

Main point: the marble seventeen-arch bridge which/longevity hill and kunming lake, longevity and so on.

The tickets cost

4 adult present: 60 * 4, a old man and a child ticket 30, total 270 pieces.

If manual fine, suggest to buy present, because, in fact, some will go to YuanZhongYuan tickets you must buy.

But after our practical experience, or only buy tickets is better, because we think that in addition to the Buddha incense to go outside, several other places we have abandoned, wasted on this coupon.You have to consider the weather (summer is very hot very hot), physical (large drops, the Summer Palace close!), oneself go to places are interested to buy tickets to go in feeling better, such as suzhou street, and garden scenic spot really boring, go or not it does not matter.

YuanZhongYuan admission: 10 yuan buddhist incense;Suzhou street 10 yuan.Wenchang center 20 yuan.Five yuan and garden.

From the door of the new to come in, go to the left is the marble seventeen-arch bridge which

The marble seventeen-arch bridge which

Network data:

The 17th hole southwest south lake island, the east profile such as pavilion fly across Yu Dongdi and south lake island, but not the only access to the south lake island, and is an important lake scenic spot.Bridge is one hundred and fifty meters long, 8 m wide, is composed of 17 coupons hole, is one of the largest bridge in the Summer Palace.From a distance like a changhong flew across the waves.All inscriptions on the marble seventeen-arch bridge which is written by qing emperor qianlong.On the southern tip of bridge transverse engraved with "meant" Dong four words, describe the marble seventeen-arch bridge which is like a rainbow, erected on the kunming lake blue waves.At the northern end of bridge transverse has Tuo spirit "crescent moon" several characters, and compared the marble seventeen-arch bridge which god beast into the water, across the water like a half moon shape.Another antithetical couplets written on the northern end of the bridge: "rainbow lie Shi Liang shore changfeng blowing constantly, according to still hope back to blue paste a shadow over the moon".

The scenery of the bridge, the elegant and quiet night touring more pleasant.

Stone carvings on the marble seventeen-arch bridge which extremely elegant, each on the look of the bridge column carved lions in different poses, size of five hundred and forty-four only.The white marble railings on both sides of the bridge, a total of 128 pillar of hope, every pillar of looking on the carved with elegant of shishi, some the embrace of mother and play some fun, some with one, some was lost viewing and all.The bridge each have two floods beast, much like kirin, very terrible.

Walking on the lake island spring pavilion, because of the island through planting peach willow, as early as the awaken of spring, so the name.Pavilion, overlooking stand near, far, middle and close an unobstructed view, is the best place to view dominated the scene.

Walk down the spring pavilion, there is a boat docks, can take a boat to the marble boat, one-way $15 / per person

Having attained the marble boat, east is the famous long corridor, corridor has many tourists occupation, top said that although a lot of pictures, but not attractive, or even going on.In fact, ten years to come to the Summer Palace, the feeling is very good, I really didn't so many people at that time, a beautiful place, with eyes were all head, estimate your YouXing can also.

Draw a middle

Follow the long corridor, according to the instructions on the sign, we climbed up the "middle" scenic spot

In this complex is central to star castle in the two layers, what configuration two pavilion floor, east love mountain, unitary floor said autumn, communicate with climbing gallery.Cabinet after the slopes with white stone memorial arch, lane after the top of the hill there is a small temple 3, flanked by two floor corridor down love mountain, borrow the autumn.Pavilion PingTiao, stroll veranda, has the feeling of place oneself in.

Incense pavilion is the main body of the Summer Palace building, the building of the high mountain in front of the longevity hill 21 meters square stylobate, stylobate is square, 45 meters length.South of kunming lake, back against the sea of wisdom to it as the center of the buildings in neat formation and symmetrically to the flanks, forming ZhongXingPengYue, style is quite grand.Pavilion 41 meters high, cabinet has eight big iron pear wood optimus prime.Cabinet top list "type delay wind teaching", the middle yue "meteorological zhao back", a list of the lower yue "outside the cloud day", a list of pavilion ", "buddhist incense.For lead to Buddha, within a month at new moon, the empress dowager cixi incense course here.

All the sweet world

On the north slope of buddhist incense, stands with all the incense and wisdom to the sea, was built in the qing qianlong period (1736-1795).And all the perfume industry is buddhist, the names of places is a brick building glass cover as a decorative archway.Wisdom all the sea is a structure built of brick building, no beams bearing, commonly known as no Liang Dian.Built on top of the longevity hill, the building roof, murals are decorated with colored glass, inside for a guanyin bodhisattva and like, with colored glaze is the outer walls of the package body, encrusted with coloured glaze small figure of Buddha, one thousand one hundred and ten, in the sunshine, the glass cover of building colour is gorgeous, glamorous.In 1900, the wall coloured glaze of Buddha brutally destroyed the g8 coalition.

In the sweet world arch stone on both sides of the forehead and the wisdom of the sea before and after the stone on his forehead, are engraved with "all the world, only the trees; wisdom sea, auspicious cloud."As for the buddhist the lucky here.Here is the commanding heights of the longevity hill, from this, buddhist incense without the steps of the smooth, more demanding, with test of pilgrims devout.

Can't imagine well physically, especially as we it with the old man and the child's parent group, must attach importance to this problem.

In fact, if the park is not so many people, we also have interest to the wenchang center such as attractions, but climb to the longevity hill, after have SIRS leaders agreed to leave, don't go...So much to people...