What you don't know the Lhasa four alternative

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What you don't know the Lhasa four alternative

For most of the travelers, "snow area the holy city of Lhasa" although still sending out mysterious breath, but more and more commercialized is an unavoidable problem.In front of the potala palace, barkhor bustling crowd, more and more well-known attractions, could make a bit less freshness in Lhasa.So, what is the alternative the other side of the game can let us meet in Lhasa?

Game 1: peak travel, swim winter in Lhasa

Snowflakes, the qinghai-tibet plateau in winter and about to, a lot of tourists because of fear of plateau cold, but chose not to go to Lhasa.However, choose to stay in Lhasa travelers may find that the winter here is not terrible, it exudes a plateau holy city.Large Numbers of tourists away, also gave the land a rest.

The concept of "winter tour of Lhasa" I do not know who was first put forward by, but for travelers like "wrong peak travel", it is a good choice.Why some people say that love in Lhasa, Lhasa to walk why every day never lonely, even if it is a person?Because Lhasa has a different point of view, there are always countless possible...As you total paddle to leave it in the winter, but did not know it winter scenery is more charming.

Game 2: birding Action Action!

Lhasa is more than 3700 meters above sea level, every autumn, wet valley has attracted tens of thousands of migratory birds in the winter.The black-necked crane, red linen duck, other are all the regulars here.Tibet bird has a benefit, because mostly believe in Tibetan Buddhism, not to kill, so the birds here is not clear, bold birdwatchers can close, close observation.

Near Lhasa can birding place very much, recognized as the best bird has the following three: first, the Lhasa city on the way to the airport.All the way along the one can see a lot in the water feeding red linen duck and class leading wild goose;Second, 25 km road, Lin Zhouxian Lin Zhouxian to HuTouShan reservoir to Lhasa along the direction of 30 of the side of the road.The ornamental lines should pay attention to time, to the road they waited patiently in the reservoir before morning, took off from the whole to see them spectacular scenes;Third, the lalu wetland nature reserve, in Lhasa city, the best season for December to march the following year.

Game 3: revolving around mountains, go behind the sera of the bond

Behind the sera of the card actually is a good place for mountain climbing, because the special status of palmer states CARDS, is not so much a mountaineering, more like a turn through the journey, walking can also look down at the beautiful scenery of the Lhasa city.

It is said that Mr Bond card originally by songtsen gampo decided to build, host and there are Hu main three since imaging, sontzen gampo and others practice hole, etc., thus receive divine status here.End of tubo, dalma burned out the Buddha when palmer states card, 11 century Renaissance.Card from Mr Foot revolving around mountains, until sera or drepung is one of the traditional transfer by the way.Although the daily walk in the mountain road is not much, but when the grand festival, the locals even one day in advance at night on the mountain plunge into account, morning twilight, mountain road for mulberry is burning smoke, footsteps migrants.

Game 4: meet scholars and a nun in the sweet tea

Many senior travelers will linger on barkhor each sweet tea house, guaranteed that every sweet taste and atmosphere of teahouse is different.

Some sweet tea house space is narrow, but the taste of sweet tea is very good, is a businessman like to go places in this street;Some sweet tea house is opposite the great mosque, here sweet tea boiled milk incense, and because of its location close to the Tibet university and the main street, many Tibetan scholars and teachers often meet at this tea talk;Some sweet tea houses have no sign, front is very small, the teahouse in common several young girls in the busy at ordinary times, they burn out sweet tea sweetness is not high, and so sweet;And the sweet tea houses open in gu's temples, regardless of boiled tea, the fire, collect money, all of temple buddhist nun.