Another ancient city of suzhou slowly enjoy new tone

Another ancient city of suzhou slowly enjoy new tone

Mention of suzhou, the mind will emerge immediately beautiful jiangnan landscape.Fireworks in March of the jiangnan spring, summer, of course, be the vast green water, the autumn chrysanthemum yellow fat crabs are travelers when familiar with the beauty of the season, but, in the tourist season, crowded city of suzhou, I'm afraid than expected as lasting appeal, tone;It is winter musical journey, is can incarnate of gentle quiet water.

To admire the misty rain in taihu lake, go through the ages the vault

All say beauty in taihu lake, suzhou and to lake taihu walk time how also could not say the past.The taihu lake dongshan scenic area is about 10 kilometers long, 3 km wide, gusu city in the east, the rest of the lake, in more as the sea of bamboo forest, rolling hills, vault is thousands of miles, lakes and mountains, famous heroines.Ancient strategist grandson is in seclusion CiZhu the sun tzu's the art, under the qing emperor qianlong jiangnan is six times over the mountain, is the mountain still has the qianlong emperor personally planted trees yulan.

Here, you can appreciate the beauty of the outside of the suzhou implicative diamond gesture.Photography, sketching tourists here might as well bring tents, found a very wait for sunrise and sunset.In addition it is worth mentioning that in taihu lake on the edge of the private garden, garden, commonly known as "home garden", there are once greeted the emperor kangxi imperial dock garden, chairman of qi ".And as all gardens in suzhou and only a mountain building, built alongside the water landscape, its exquisite beauty as much as the big four gardens in suzhou, more because of its near the taihu lake, but much a few minutes landscape sensitivity and natural pure beauty.

Particularly recommended

In off the coast of taihu lake, many restaurants can taste the fresh crab in taihu lake and taihu lake three white (silver fish, white shrimp, white fish), suzhou claims from time to time, don't eat, so enjoy all agamemnon.aeschylus is just fishing from the taihu lake, this for emphasis on fresh food from guangdong, lake fresh sweet cooking out here will be able to satisfy the taste buds.

Of tongli see pillow river

Tongli because of plenty of water, so the bridge, also came to tongli should start from three bridge.Taiping, geely, changqing three ancient bridge finished glyph erection river, are essential to tongli wedding sedan former bridge, to show auspicious, so peace and auspicious implies three bridge has confirmed.

"Jun to gusu see, the somebody else all pillow river", tongli town in the whole house near water, promises, antique langfang bridge pavilions like floating in the water.Scientific park, built in the qing guangxu years because of pavilions and rocks are close to the surface of the water, such as water, so there are "discount garden," said again, master at the art in the history of architecture.Here, the white wall tiles of Ming and qing architecture, pure and fresh and the water bridge the somebody else of of primitive simplicity, lane that hand to warm the teapot nap, or mottled shadows cormorants, carelessly press the shutter, all can become a camera system fitting for the ancient landscape.

Particularly recommended

To spend 80 yuan can rent on a wooden ship package hand, shuttle river town, wen wan of feelings.Ancient town about 40 minutes to swim a circle, experience the fun of the ancients to ship instead of walking.Museum of ancient town in China first, tickets for 20 yuan, exhibited neri of ancient China for thousands of years of physical and sculptures, surprises you have advanced and open side of suzhou art.

Private courtyard at pingkiang road encounter a song ping tan

Suzhou has this kind of small, thering is no lack of suzhou old city is not big, if the first time, is must stroll at pingkiang road.The historical old street has maintained a waterway parallel double chessboard pattern, is not in a hurry to find a trip afternoon, roamed the deep ancient even at pingkiang road, you can pretend you accidentally broke into a private garden door pocket, drink and hospitality park owner bubble "biluochun", meditation to listen to a song of suzhou pingtan, feeling the soft suchou dialect language tactfully tone, let the voice of the ooze sweet with tea into heart.

Continue to explore winding stone path, you will find here the famous kunqu opera museum, in listening to a just $4 per person of kunqu opera performance, can let you to DiXiao, classical Chinese musical instrument pipa has more direct experience.

Particularly recommended

At pingkiang, with the way of a lane between GuanQianJie can enjoy the qianlong emperor praise su cuisines, to loose the crane, on the floor squirrel fish is the most famous.Per capita consumption of 110-130 yuan.

Walking stick

Transportation: suzhou no civil aviation airport, fly there Shanghai hongqiao and pudong airport, hongqiao airport is not out of the terminal can be directly by train to Su Zhouzhan, walk for 30 minutes.

Accommodation: recommend choose GuanQianJie in or near suzhou railway station, so can take a bus to each big scenic spot (suzhou bus has special passage and traffic lights, usually is fast than a taxi), QiongYou gens can go to the private house renovation youth hostel beds of 40 yuan.

Shopping: suzhou's nightlife is not rich, usually close the mall around 9 o 'clock in the evening.Suzhou specialty can be purchased in GuanQianJie confectionery with collects zhi zhai, leaf and had better, silk imitation minimum 50 yuan, while the real thing will cost at least hundreds of yuan.