Sunshine in sanya, ocean paradise

Sunshine in sanya, ocean paradise

Nature has the most pleasant climate, fresh air, the warm sunshine, the blue sea water and the soft sand are given its China's only tropical seaside city of sanya.To experience a variety of exciting water sports, diving WuZhiZhouDao deep blue sea and in the yalong bay to riding a motorboat racing in Shanghai, in the luxury vessel hacked sea fishing, sit sightseeing submarine dive into the corals of the bottom of the sea...

【 + sea fishing yacht swims sanya bay 】

Coconut dream corridor in sanya

If this is your first came to sanya, I believe that you meet the first gulf is the sanya bay long beautiful coastline, here also can give you a first impression about the sea of sanya.There are 22 kilometers coastlines near sanya bay sanya area, along the bay, changsha, fine, such as belt, shore greenery be sanya seaside tourism city beautiful scenery line.East the sanya bay holiday resort SanYaGang, 22 kilometers of binhai avenue in bay length, coconut palm forest stretches west the tianya bay.Look, east, west hawksbill two islands floating ocean, adjacent and hope, DongDao heavily guarded garrison, west island fishermen's freedom, adjacent islands bear different mission.

Long bay plan is divided into three stages, even a city as amusement sightseeing roaming area, is a bit far for public swimming by the sea and maritime activity area, again far is with a batch of resort leisure resort area.Port and urban area in the east, it is not suitable for swimming.The west slope area of sea beach is soft, water clean, is a good place for swimming.At sunset, hongxia all over the sky, not far away, from fishermen are powerful rhythm, "one, two, three," the fishermen are struggling to trawl.Want to beach combing?To join this net force, experiences the reality of fishermen's life.Don't think that just pull so simple, a net there are hundreds of meters long, pull a net to two or three hours, the afternoon net, to pull the net up at 8 o 'clock.In yalong bay, dadonghai and do not allow the Seine, so can only be seen in the sanya bay fish net life intravenous drip.Net gain for the average allocation, and then respectively by the fisherman's wife and daughters get the yingbin avenue, near the city of small fishing.

Phoenix island what set sail

Standing on the beach in sanya bay silvery white, the landmark buildings - sanya phoenix island immediately greeted us, and here also has become a new landmark of sanya.Phoenix island is saved in the sea fill a man-made island, the island all around linhai, by a sea-crossing bridge sightseeing are connected to the city binhai avenue bright road, west to east, and west hawksbill island, north near beautiful 17 km sanya bay beach.Linhai, on three sides by relying on the mountain, all around has advantaged ShanHaiTian tourism scenery.Now includes a super star hotel on the island, commercial street, international yacht club and international institutions such as cruise port, is positioned as the "Oriental dubai, sea heaven".

Every night, phoenix island will send out an attractive light, scrolling LED lights set off in the changing different decorative pattern on the building, will light up the night sanya bay.A distant hill of columnar turn-round deer park lighting is rolling on the sea.Many people like to come here to take the yacht out to sea fishing, or at dusk on sailing to appreciate the vast magnificent sunset, on the shore and vigil glaring sanya bay.After the vicissitudes of port, the busy crowd, shaded by the reflection of the sunset on the sea, like the monet's paintings;Watch the sunset on the yacht, the ship is the dawn, is the dusk, under the ship with seawater in person to measure the distance from dawn to dusk;Touching and moving legends, small qingzhou charming moonlight, sanya bay illuminated, and the order of the phoenix island costly acme, the simplicity of huangshao home fishermen, everything is beautiful scenery, but also a different life...

【 propose immersion + romantic Wu 】 the state

Love love legend of the island

WuZhiZhouDao is a romantic place, both in terms of Wu state the source of the name, or blue sea diving here, can feel thick warmth and romantic breath.From sanya woven sister li around the person's daughter fell in love with han Chinese fishermen angkor, because race is different, their relationship with li around the opposition, woven sister heads into XiuLou, and three days after she married prince Luzon countries.

Angkor begged, but I moved out of the han li not intermarry ZuXun, and lists the rock cracking bleeding, trees, rocks, sea water weeds become colorful, sharks never to harsh conditions.Angkor leaders came to the valley, with a nod to the stone cut out of a crack, became "sight";He came to the mountain, with a nod to the tree, the tree out of the bright red SAP, the tree was named after the "dragon's blood tree";He and weave sister knelt down on the beach to pray mazu empress, hope stone, sea grass discoloration, shark, grow grass, indeed see boulders the sea, there is white, green, blue, green, five kinds of color, ink seas shark fin also disappeared in the distance.The south China sea guanyin also be moved, let grow Christmas tree on the island, confirmed the two peace.I see this is no longer stop two people, but asked them to a distant island life.Later, people put two people live island called "state of angkor woven younger sister", and because of the shape of the island as a kind of seashells - "Wu", gradually became today's "Wu continent", also known as the "island" love here.

The coral sea

On the island of love, also there's so many romantic stories, many new couples like to come here for their wedding photos or honeymoon.WuZhiZhouDao clear blue sea water, coral, also many divers good minds.When it comes to diving, Chinese people really enjoy the convenience.Abroad, there is no international diving qualification certificate is impossible to scuba diving, but it's not in the constraint in our country, so even if can't swim, as long as health qualify for scuba diving, can enjoy the whole process of professional diving diving coach close-fitting and protection, able to submerge the deepest 23 meters, not only safety guarantee, also can enjoy the pleasure with coral, tropical fish swim.

WuZhiZhouDao with beautiful natural scenery, distinctive bar and all kinds of holiday villa, wooden house, tennis courts, seafood restaurants and other supporting facilities, and has carried out including diving, water skiing, motor boats and so on more than 30 sea and beach entertainment project, bring the original, quiet, romantic and dynamic fashion leisure experience.Irregular butterfly shaped island, there are many native plants lush and green, which not only has come down from the age of the dinosaurs such exotic flowers and trees, sand tree fern also grows so far one of the oldest plants on earth, known as the "earth plants better" dragon's blood tree, parasitic, strangulation and other tropical plants landscape can be seen everywhere.WuZhiZhouDao around the crystal clear sea, sea water visibility 6-27 meters, water is rich in luminous screw, sea cucumber, lobster, mackerel, sea urchins, pomfret, and colorful tropical fish, southern waters have well protect the coral reefs of the sea, is one of the few in the world not only mixed rocks or cobble island, is the best diving base.Atop the wide, the harmony.At present, the undersea wedding in fashion, in such a romantic atmosphere of the island, and love into the bottom of the sea, both took out the ring to propose to love, to pledge of eternal love, that kind of happiness, engraved on the bones must let the bride-to-be lifelong unforgettable.

【 submarine + drag umbrella 】

The sea god dadonghai

The growing popularity of urban beach in a long time ago, dadonghai is the place where the black dragon water, according to legend the beauty of the black dragon took a fancy to dadonghai, find the dragon king of the south China sea will dadonghai borrow the paddle.Who knows the black dragon will bring the typhoon, make cable high waves flow nasty, affect the fishermen's life, so the south China sea dragon king only allowed the black dragon occasionally to exercise.

Today we see the dadonghai "plumbing, ShaBai, beach flat", has long been ranked among the sea at home and abroad.Dadonghai is the earliest development of sanya bay, sanya is the most popular beach, even in the winter can also swim between blue waves.Winter temperature 18 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius, become a winter cold weather resort.Movement here also have a lot of sea, the sea god, waiting for you to challenge.

Want to deep underwater with a submarine, "mermaid" submarine is a very safe choice."Mermaid" introduced from Finland, which is China's only can be fully submerged sightseeing submarine underwater, only eight ships around the world.The Boeing 737 aircraft cabin materials, construction technology and process.Cabin is equipped with TV camera system, can through the camera observation deck surrounded by sea is the performance of the world's most advanced submarine underwater sightseeing.

Not limited by age and physical condition, without any equipment easily, overcautious will not feel seasick, ensure absolute safety on the sea.Submarine in 0-45 meters water depth within the scope of any dive, submarine can reach the diving tourism cannot reach, diving experience cannot feel strange landscape, even grandparents also can complete the safety of the underwater swimming.And drag umbrella from take off to the land, all actions on the boat sea movement.On the drag umbrella ship free ups and downs, the vast boundless sky to fly.

"Snorkeling license + diving card"

Blue island

The original west island scenery

Called the west island "XiMaoZhouDao", located in sanya bay waters, with DongDao (DongMaoZhouDao) wave like the blue waves of the drum and the two hawksbill.West island consists of a 400 - year - old fishing village and a main business of diving and Marine entertainment scenic spot, is a major bathing beach and scuba diving destinations sanya, at the same time also provide motorboat, drag umbrella, banana boat Marine entertainment, etc.Subsidiary island Wang Ling, the cow is a former military fortress, maintained the original island scenery, sea day spectacular.

Comes from the movie hai xia west island eight sisters battery's story, since fishing village still retains the simple amorous feelings, there are a lot of old corallite old house and coral stone wall.Go fishing pier the fair, you can buy fishermen catch fresh fish and other seafood.The beauty of the original west island, the original ecological island fishing village, coupled with simple island fishermen, let you thoroughly enjoy and experience of sanya, the only fishing island.Cattle are connected to the west island near Wang Ling is a tiny island, with the most primitive island scenery, enjoy the sea day sunrise and sunset, and dotted with military sites.XiaoQi port is located in sanya bay coconut dream corridor of the west, kempinski hotel and between the ends of the earth, is the west island land transportation portal.

West of the west island sea diving waters is set up, the depth of 10-20 meters, the water clear, high visibility, there are many different kinds of sea creatures, and can see staghorn corals, coronary corals and colorful lion fish, clown fish, tsing yi, such as angelfish tropical fish, starfish and sea anemones, sea urchins, conch, etc. A wide variety of Marine life.Scuba diving there are a variety of projects, but also some earning international diving license agency waters of the training course.Through the white beach, such as cotton, enjoy the warm sunshine, breathing the fresh air...

Wear and breathing tube above, put on life jackets and fins, jumped into the sea from the boat, and floating on the sea, slowly breathing tube, let yourself feel the arms of the sea.In the process of snorkeling, moderate throw some crumbs in the sea, the fish will quickly close to you, will be surrounded by you.At this point, you can only hear your own breathing and heartbeat in the sea, roaming in the fish, appreciate the colorful coral, find the most pure oneself.