Ink xitang living ancient town in one thousand

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Ink xitang living ancient town in one thousand

Xitang with "bridge, get more and more corridor shed more" is famous for its three major characteristics.In xitang, ancient thick simple bridge, to listen to the water whisper, plasma one thousand OARS shallow sing;The deep and wonderful, record the houses on both sides change, old couple;And stands corridor shed, also don't know for how many dynasties from the rain.Hiding in the ancient town as well as the eaves, through childhood times, give yourself a chance to make a naive.

The town has famous with Hollywood.Tom jumps shuttle between the white wall tiles, in the misty rain down the corridor between the rapid also bring xitang region of the world.

A besides curved flows, besides the ship QingYouYou, lane edge peach blossom rouge color, blue brick wall full of branch...Singing is xitang.Xitang and zhouzhuang, wuzhen, is a typical jiangnan water.Top overlooking the white ink, boat flitting shadows, and under the shading of the mist like a light colored paper painting;Near the corridor shed old, alley deep, it seems that in the long history of...Regardless of twilight, xitang is same quiet leisureliness.

Xitang is located in jiashan county, zhejiang province, to build the town has a mere 600 years, but the full retained the ancient Ming and qing dynasties, are called "living town" in one thousand.Since the Ming and qing dynasties, xitang street canal is built according to the river, local-style dwelling houses are built by the water, by now was also "bridge lane gallery shed much more".In xitang, 104 Bridges, ancient thick simple, to listen to the water whisper, plasma one thousand OARS shallow sing;Article 122 lane, deep and wonderful, record the houses on both sides change, past the couple;And that stands one thousand corridor shed, also don't know for how many dynasties of people keep out the sun and the wind and rain.

Xitang, is such a beautiful and ancient, it wear this ancient, elegant and calm all the time.Xitang, with its "pear flower yard on broad, catkin pond light wind" of the temperament, capture the heart of the countless visitors.

Recommended attractions: SongZi LaiFeng bridge

LaiFeng bridge on the east side small tung street, across the water stage, the cruise near the center.Bridge was founded in 1637 (Ming chongzhen decade), for the three hole masonry bridge.Legend was built, there is a bird to fly, people think that lucky and to build a bridge named "SongZi LaiFeng bridge", the qing emperor kangxi 48 years, light reconstruction of fifteen years.

LaiFeng bridge reconstruction in 1997, its shape and structure and chic, suitable for tourism, as one of the new attractions.The bridge 10 meters wide, in the middle of a tracery wall apart, pedestrians can walk each side, bridge people commonly known as rain or shine.

Bridge top shed, red eaves tiles, of primitive simplicity and novel.On both sides of the bridge fence and there is a square brick paved strip, for visitors to rest, considerable river scenery.

Should be how to get to the bridge?

Walk the bridge and pay attention to point, the ancients pays attention to study of Yin and Yang, nanyang north Yin, old male for Yang, female for Yin.The bridge on the south side is a ladder, is the north side slope.Man walk step ladder, of course, women's small step, huangdi zhuxue living stand, the old people said: "SongZi couples to take a walk, south, north is LaiFeng", if there are after marriage also did not have to the child, you might as well to take a walk.

International film the Bridges of Madison county heroine MeiLiEr came to xitang, also walked the covered Bridges.Now on weekends or holidays, a local opera lovers on the bridge entertaining attacks, jiangnan XiaYi leisure reflect incisively and vividly.

Recommended attractions 2: misty rain promenade

The town is very small, only two square kilometers.According to legend the spring and autumn when wu zixu chisel by building water conservancy WuZi pond water of river reach in city, so it is called "professional new pond".Tang and song dynasty when here are most popular family built curtilage, get into the village, to the yuan and Ming dynasty is a considerable size of the town.Xitang through the dynasties time, appear more transparent and exquisite, emptiness meaningful.

The most distinctive ancient town is uniformly HeiWa covered corridor on the top of the tent.This corridor shed not only is a sign of xitang the most unique, and many unique buildings in the jiangnan water.So-called corridor shed, in fact, the street with a roof.Xitang river corridor shed some endangered species, some middle and some still have back along the river side benches, for people to rest, gallery in the top "water" and "second" drowning, also has formed bridge gallery gallery shed roof, although different, but can make the business trade, pedestrians passing from the hardship of weathered.Corridor shed some of the slab is hollow, drumming on the top slab.It is said that this is deliberately, can make water run in the corridor.Jiangnan rainy climate make the misty rain corridor like a duck to water.For thousands of years, it not only let people come and go free in the rain, also let people remember the xitang people's wisdom and goodness.

The gallery tent to have such a legend:

A dynasty in xitang tower bay street merchants, shopkeepers hu's young widow, is difficult to support a last-borns, and a shop.DE gruyter shop in front of the river stand side, there is a water tofu, vendor two strong, honest sincere, he saw that hu's tough, will help her to do some physical strength live, a long day, hu's sleep without him, but it is difficult to say.

Then one day she borrow machine repair shop, please craftsmen built a row along the river corridor, will cover shops street in front of the road, so the king 2 as well as from the sun the wind, but also in the rain as usual stands, two under one roof.Don't want to corridor shed built after, DE gruyter shop business is thriving, so the town businesses to follow suit, a few years down, unexpectedly connect a line, so that later became a kind of xitang, unique architectural style.People know the meaning, later named gallery houses for corridor shed, mean hut built for Mr. Right.

Recommend three places are Shi Pi lane

Alley is another feature of the ancient town of xitang landscape, is the lifeblood of xitang people.Xitang, mostly linhe built the compound, a firm and then formed the strips and channel parallel lanes and streets, refers to the alley.

Xitang alley has more than 122, more than 100 meters long has five.Is divided into three categories: according to the use category used in residential construction, called "with";Another kind is used to connect street and river, known as the "water";There is one kind is people daily walk, will connect two parallel street alley.These alley or long or short, outlined a quiet atmosphere, while light simple morals are vaguely streamed out, let viewers have to gasp in admiration to build a wonderful heart.The most characteristic of an open-air lane named Shi Pi.

Shi Pi are descendants of the wangs make a figure, formed between the two mansions metope by 216 pieces of stone slabs 3 cm thickness, the ground USES 168 stone is spread, total length of 68 meters, 1.1 meters at its widest point, it is the most point is only 0.8 meters, is Wang Guzun WenTang and corridor between the kind of f #.

According to research, under the stone path up is the one that all rain water drain, not as thin as skin SLATE as sewer epidermis therefore calls Shi Pi lane.The above is a narrow sky, so Shi Pi has "the xitang sight".

Recommended attractions 4: yongning bridge

Standing on the yongning bridge can see the full extent of the professional new pond on both sides of the river, south the lounge Bridges of of primitive simplicity.Professional liantang river into small besides, lane west is archaize street, lane is the old pond east east.

Yongning bridge is by far the best observation in town.River south article Dai promenade, like a wound long WoFu at the water's edge, pedestrians and cyclists are walking in the porch, its flavor for other ancient town are rare.

River is the back of the west street and the area along the river is strewn at random discretion of residential buildings, most of the late qing dynasty to the period of the republic of China.House fire wall of full-bodied, blue bricks tiles and stone river crossing.The landscape here most photographers and artists, is the land of their hunting scene.

Xitang vigil projects:

Listen to the jiangnan silk

Jiangnan silk is jiangnan traditional culture, its style is pure and fresh and lively, meticulous and fair;The beautiful melody is fluent, soft tactfully.In the ancient town of xitang west park an old courtyard, you can hear the real jiangnan silk music, enjoy another kind of amorous feelings.

Enjoy ShuiDeng

"Lanterns" has been the xitang in festival retained activity, nearly one thousand various ShuiDeng ornament on the surface of xitang, walk change scene, give town of xitang, this brings colorful designs.It and the delay of km corridor tent under the stars little red lanterns in photograph reflect, and is the most charming scenery in xitang, the night.

See SheXi

Every night Xue Zhai stage of "water" will be put on some of the jiangnan traditional drama, content, view of a river and ghost town.

Taste fragrant teas

In the ancient town of xitang go some tired, find a place to stay for tea, such as a cruise ship, such as small teahouse along the street, a cup of fragrant teas, plead his condition, by the tea.Xitang taste life taste.

Travel tips:

Line: to xitang tourism can by train from Shanghai, hangzhou, suzhou, first to jiashan, then turn Pakistan or travel to xitang.From Shanghai, can rapidly travel in the railway station by air conditioned train to jiashan, namely to 40 minutes.If road, can seize the opportunity to rent a car to Shanghai, in the shanghai-hangzhou highway town of big cloud export under high speed.From suzhou self-drive can from provincial road not far from a habitat of jiaxing road east, can be arrived in the town.

Living: accommodation is divided into three types: modern hotel, near water inn and old house in the Ming and qing dynasties.

A, modern hotel

Most modern hotel facilities complete, but can't fully understand xitang amorous feelings, suitable for business guests, relative to the thinking of the ancient residence problem such as hot water, toilet, sound insulation, the hotel live comfortably at ease, more standard rooms and archaize two rooms.

Second, the water in the inn

Live xitang, choose the most is the water in the inn, more concentrated in the yongning bridge to LaiFeng bridge water around the shore, branch faces water and water in the window.Business is very good, price is in the middle, the weekend need to book in advance, weekends and holidays price will improve slightly.

Three, the Ming and qing dynasties

Houses more scenic area in the Ming and qing dynasties in the inner court, deep deep courtyard, all display are old, although not in the water, but the house is wide, can feel family of ancient ancient life.Very quiet, the price is the cheapest.Asleep one hundred bed of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, smelling the exude an air of flavor, faded, intoxicating.

Food: although xitang is a small town, but many food with a local flavor, but it can let visitors aftertaste for a long time.More famous dishes include steamed pork with rice flour "" lotus leaf," steamed white silk fish ", "MeiGanCai braised pork" and "necessities" the crab.Xitang features is also worth tasting snacks, such as of summer green dumplings, bread, eight Jane cake, xitang zongzi, pumpkin pie, etc., the taste is very unique.Xitang, yellow rice wine is a special skill, with five years commonly made the best.

Entertainment: in xitang, don't miss the boat.SongZi LaiFeng bridge have boats available for hire, boat capacity of 4 to 5 people.General visitors sit the ship.