Leisure pastime to chengdu

Leisure pastime to chengdu

Haven't been to chengdu, I do not know chengdu people's leisure life carefree to which extent, only after being in the city, listening to people talk, dragging a long end and turn the sound, looked at them in intensive antique commercial blocks and alleys and natural and unrestrained the seriously the life, the understanding to penetrate into the heart bone.

If chengdu daily weather can sweep off sullen, more sunshine, the day of the chengdu people estimate that will be more happy.Ok when we arrived, April's generous to a piece of the sky the sun, so the journey became particularly bright.

Chengdu Wu Houci kam: grassroots's paradise

Off the plane because of some can't wait to lay down their luggage, just dinner time.So the first stop to "west sichuan first street".Area of chengdu Wu Houci has always been famous, it is liu bei, zhuge liang shu han this si temple.Caters to the east of Wu Houci kam, belongs to the folk area of Wu Houci, because now is the archaize with full-bodied breath of commercial pedestrian street, with focus on The Three Kingdoms culture, it became the people to know the first sign of chengdu.Building is naturally the mood of the qing dynasty, the concentration of various folk customs, teahouse, inns, restaurants, bars, stage, snacks, handicrafts, local products, everything.Teahouse love to hang a deception, stage love get some lanterns, snacks the full flavor.Before the shop is full of people to hang out play, wanted something to eat, stay under a choleric decorated shop front, a lively spectacle.

In the jin is, as it were, grassroots, local.For grassroots like to eat spicy, affordable delicious estimates as to man-han banquet here - every XiaoChiPu is full of red hot, even a piece of cake.To eat first meal here, is the harshness of the hot pot.Hot pot in April for southerners, also calculate a large span, eating is not a transition to adapt to, make the body of the greasy pot dip into full belly, the essence of the hot pot has no taste.

It is said that here, concentrated the essence of chengdu people life, almost all the carefree.And many of the same is lively pedestrian street, a crowd of young girls with three twenty percent before the spread love to eat, or together, and others, the difference is that most girl hand clip cigarette, clip cigarette like meditation expression compared with men, their faces only a dalliance.So-called grassroots carefree life, perhaps is such, clip cigarette, also can appear so carefree.


No matter people eat not to eat spicy, south to chengdu to eat first meal with light advisable, and then try to gradually bring spicy dishes.Take some medicines to relieve stomach upset or necessary;If you want to appreciate the street scene, suitable to wandering at night, will be more beautiful.

Width alley: mapping chengdu people for a good time

It is said that since the "5 · 12" earthquake, many people in chengdu suddenly figured it out, the people who want to divorce but hasn't been decisive divorced, we want to get married has been never married also get married, the attitude of life because it's a terrible earthquake left behind by fear, suddenly get serious, life seems to be suddenly enlightened variable is too much, should grasp don't dream away your time.

Attitude to chengdu people's life, someone made an apt metaphor: chengdu two dollars, if a man's hand they would spend most of the time a piece of five, save only fifty cents.Width alley, and you will understand the chengdu people's hand where a five spent.From the left over from the qing dynasty and the ancient streets, face width lane building retains the ancient folk flavor, compared with in the jin, here something called an emotional appeal more.All kinds of public welfare expo, characteristic catering, and house bar, creative curator, leisure teahouse together in lane, referred to as "courtyard scene consumption blocks", what, what, it's basically a chengdu citizens recreation a microcosm of life, and visitors will be the meeting in place of recreation.There is no commercial stunk copper thick breath, even special pursuit of leisure culture in chengdu, their own live very seriously.

Width alley beauty of night.Casual look for a bar and sat down on the grounds that can be very simple.Can because it has a quiet piano tonight, can sing because it has in a band in sad love song, you can because it has half the book room for you to read when drinking tea, can because it has a shadow play and puppet show enough beautiful, even can also because the door has a lazy cat sitting on the floor, just waiting for you to stop, walked in, a night time is on your through follow one's inclinations.And of bashan patter, speaking with you.Width alley after a standing, voice roar, tea liquor in the pleasure of lively, will quietly quiet at 10 o 'clock, at that time, the wet roadway under trance blurred light reflect is more ambiguous.


"Chengdu rain often suddenly drop down at night, go out wandering, umbrella is necessary.

Low for the bars of the person you like, no matter what, be sure to find a wonderful place with a friend on a night.

Leshan giant Buddha: bring light and happiness

Chengdu and leshan giant Buddha carving in the minjiang river, qingyi river, dadu river sanjiang the confluence of the rock, and on the other side of the river in leshan city.In April of beach shallowly put aside out of the river, the chengdu buildings lining very far very small.Through wine pavilion, take meaning from su shi's verses "is quite willing to act as han jia, carrying wine when make lingyun Tours".

Leshan giant Buddha is the world's largest stone maitreya statue, connects tall 71 meters, because in the lingyun, also known as lingyun Buddha.And mountain qi, foot jiang, hands on knees, a solemn kind look.The ancient carving techniques are always appeared in the place where JunXian, we walked along the big Buddha on the left side of the narrow road, because DouXian, road with a solid solid iron guardrail.In spite of this, it still need to be careful.Went up from giant Buddha on the right side of the narrow road to return, along the wall to see li bai of sichuan for the first time on the emei mountain song: "emei mountain autumn half round, shadow rivers flowing into. Night qingxi to the three gorges, have you noticed the YuZhou."The poem is reluctant to part, across the entire ShuJiang travelled.

Buddha is said to be ancient haitong monk to kill water potential, purdue beings, gather a chisel, fixed by generations of over 90 years to complete.Maitreya the choice, because it is can bring light and happiness of the future Buddha, they will become calm floods in zhenjiang of Buddha, and Buddha smooth and stable seated can bring people sail over waters, courage and determination.Look up on the river, it is really to shock people.

Here, everywhere can feel the breath of Buddhism.Temple in leshan, it explains Buddhism: all religions, all believe in god's creation and the master of god, Buddhism is thoroughly atheist;So Buddhism is a religion and beyond religion, philosophy and the philosophy, science and non-science.This is a famous physicist Huang Nianzu point of view.And in the eyes of foreign scientist Albert Einstein, Buddhism is a able to cope with modern scientific needs, can co-exist with dependent science of religion.Their understanding and the understanding of Buddhism, to average the temple, may be too difficult, but what does this have to do again?As long as it is played a role, any kind of understanding and understanding, there is no difference.Deeply understand the truth of what Einstein said this sentence --, space, time and matter, it is the illusion of human knowledge - just shows how proverbs.


Low enjoy Jiang Feng, along the road, landscape will be different.

Many pavilions to rest, be fond of poetry at the same time in the rest of the can appreciate the ancient poems and inscriptions.