Where to go for an outing in spring travel quanzhou special

Where to go for an outing in spring travel quanzhou special

Spring peach blossom falls on the ground, austral spring, more green than the north, and for an outing season!You don't arrange your spring outing plan.Students especially pay attention to in the north, the fog on the should have clear season is very arbitrary, one might as well try to dodge, quanzhou is a nice place, everywhere charactizing a fine spring day, sunny, the air quality.Come by for an outing, quanzhou 18 scene.

Pure and fresh and ecology for an outing recommendation: QingYuanShan making tea

QingYuanShan don't need to say more mysterious and beautiful, the moisture in the spring season, vigorously to radically tea camellia village, look at the full mountain green tea, red SanJiaoMei adorn a few plants, mountain stream, wild fruit aroma, tea tree absorb nimbus of heaven and earth, here deep sunshine dew, lived here ecological room, eat ecological food, in a kind of elegant atmosphere, feel the minnan tea culture, feel the heart of ling Ming mountain man, soothe the soul.

Recommended: natural oxygen bar for an outing NiuM Lin SPA

Large areas of virgin forest, excessive levels of negative oxygen ions, let you step NiuM Lin, basked in oxygen pool, fresh air to your your insides, so carefree, will let you eliminate fatigue, make you refreshed.The sunshine through the leaves, falling to a path through the forest, gently caress your body and mind, is permeated with vitality everywhere.

Leisurely afternoon outing recommendation: west lake park

Spring is warm, the west lake flowers in the park.The best way to visit the west lake in addition to walking around, enjoy the spring flowers, sitting is the boat on the lake by boat, feel the nature, quiet and carefree, slowly spend a leisurely afternoon time.

A castle in the wonderland for an outing recommendation: spectacular water rock

Water rock is really a fairyland, in the spring, walk in the quiet quiet lane, far from a look, look like a "emperor" of the temple, a three layer in the dangerous heavy cabinet, lush.Spring scenery is quiet and tastefully laid out, hidden in the vast sea of clouds, fog do not have amorous feelings.

Green water blue waves outing recommendation: a smoke-filled adai fairy waterfall

Spring outing to admire the waterfall, it is a great pleasure in outdoor activities, adai fairy waterfall of spring, those vast, galaxy hangs, valley stream, along with the spring breeze blows from the pure and fresh breath, let the primeval forest form a colorful three-dimensional picture scroll.

The ancient city of spring outing recommendation: terrible chongwu ancient city

Sunny, as the light of the ancient city of plated with gold.Stroll in the ancient city of chongwu, looking at all things recovery, old hard ancient city wall also become lively rise.

Quiet solemn outing recommendation: elegance, fujiang

Has been very quiet, fujiang, peaceful sunshine in spring let things two tower sleek silhouette;Big banyan tree green yaren, make, fujiang quiet more than the joy of life.

Mountain walk walk recommendation: xianjian create fairy mountain

In the spring, fairy mountains green trees and red flowers around the mountains, and a ring by ring wonderland will feast your eyes.Is said to be immortal temple for marriage very efficacious oh, beg a good peach blossom in spring.

Elegant buildings for an outing recommendation: holy temple

In the temple incense exuberant, the warm weather, more convenient everybody's activity, the incense more exuberant.Main hall of the beautiful buildings, exquisite carving, appear particularly yi yi is unripe brightness.

Blow wind outing recommendation: shishi gold coast

Spring came to the gold coast, air is humid, water becomes warm, the wind become soft, walk on the beach, playing in the sea side, find the joy of yourself in the sunlight.

The technological characteristics for an outing recommendation: tsai ancient dwellings

In the warm sunshine, of primitive simplicity solemn tsai ancient dwellings are also a beautiful glow, tsai ancient residential buildings are rare, it does highlight the characteristics of minnan architectural technology, and integrated into the western architectural style, art appreciation and social research value extremely.To walk on the way to take a look at the wonderful artical excelling nature process.

Prosperous street view for an outing recommendation: center street door

Painted the gate street, including commerce, tourism, culture of prosperity.The spring is coming, come here to shop, swim "Hester" cultural group.

Red tour for an outing recommendation: historic zheng chenggong

Zheng chenggong historic ship in scenic shuitou fu mountain, red theme for an outing trip can be a visit here.

Pure and fresh and small town for an outing recommendation: the scenic ShenHuWan

ShenHuWan, is a scenic town in jinjiang, from shishi yongning to jinjiang official mouth, deep Shanghai, forming a beautiful bay, in which several kilometers beach, like a silver necklace inlaid between the blue sky blue sea.In the spring outing, here is a place of pure and fresh.

Celebrity to explore outing: Confucius temple building fu Confucian temple

Fu Confucian temple is the hub of the ancient city context, not only the profound historical culture, the building also is very beautiful, for an outing come and feel the spirit in the process.

Stone bridge have ancient outing recommendation: LuoYangQiao good scenery

Since ancient times have LuoYangQiao good scenery.The luoyang estuary in the spring breeze slowly, walking on the bridge, look at the ancient construction of raft foundation, is a pleasure.

Anping bridge girder Bridges for an outing recommendation: the longest

Anping bridge is the longest bridge, enjoys the reputation of "the world without the long bridge".Bridge construction of primitive simplicity, with pure and fresh and amorous feelings, the path of the spring is coming, here come the flagstone path ".

Garden outing recommended to admire the view: the picturesque scenery east lake park

The east lake park scenery pleasant, static substantial mountain, move substantial water, has unique natural scenery, beautiful and ancient history humanities.In spring, the mountains and rivers, these articles.

Quanzhou spring is good, can deeply feel empty spirit, turbid mountain waterfalls, green water blue waves of passion, you can also feel the beautiful natural scenery, love to make you fully enjoy the fun of nature.Don't waste time in the house again, go out for an outing.


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