Through the fortress jiangnan deep experience in ningxia hui wind

Through the fortress jiangnan deep experience in ningxia hui wind

Ningxia is one of the main areas of hui nationality, accounting for one 5 of the total number of hui nationality in China.Tang, song, through the "silk road" of Persia, Arabia missionaries, businessmen, diplomats and expeditionary army sergeant leave home ownership, the ancestors of the ningxia hui.

Of the yongning, 20 kilometers from yinchuan households, since the Ming dynasty is the standard of islamic areas.Here in addition to the 500 - year - old household outside a mosque, in recent years, the Chinese home new cultural park, grand, is where the "one-stop" work style to understand the hui nationality culture.Cultural park main gate design of the taj mahal in India, there is China's largest museum of hui nationality, China's largest islamic mosque and hui folk village.

Within the resplendent and magnificent mosque, we encountered the interns Ma Bin Arab language school in yunnan province.Ma Bin, 22, was the youngest of five children in the home, grandpa is the imam, he started learning Arabic at the age of 18, aim at promoting the islamic culture.Handsome Ma Bin open enthusiasm, not only is he happy to guide us how to wear the hui nationality traditional clothing pictures inside the hall, more willing to share with us his understanding of Islam.As a devout Muslim, Ma Bin for someone in the world today take the Islam and terrorism together feel helpless, I hope more people can understand Islam, and he is now work within the scenic spot for tourists to introduce the related knowledge of Islam.

Outside the hall, we demonstrated Ma Bin invited for a "bunker", echoed through long tones in the corridors of the islamic style, like a distant, from the call of the kingdom, I am afraid, the Arabic in ningxia only imam etc. Very few people will read.Ma Bin explanation is unripe activation, for example to both "good eye" (ZhuAn, greetings, he said we shoulder around each have a fairy, the right side of the fairy in charge of records we have done good, the left fairy responsible for bad, greeting right rear left before.Because the shoulder a fairy, muslims are not from others when playing the shoulder across in the past.Ma Bin also think that Muslim must "abide by the doctrine and law, otherwise, can only be the hui nationality, not a Muslim".

Sui and tang dynasties, controlled by the empire of nomadic turkic, HuiGu established successively Mongolia plateau and the western regions, has looked at the south of the central plains dynasty.Tang Gaozu Li Yuan in taiyuan arise, the central plains, in order to does not own backyard, at zero to curry favor with the turks.

Emperor taizong account after he began to reign, and he is determined to lift the turkic threat to the central plains dynasty, in turn, for the silk road, elite cavalry as backing, has trounced by khan, valerian, khan and Xue Yantuo, HuiGe such as a table, taizong medical classics LiuPanShan states surrender to spirit, the tribal leaders taizong for khan "day", and said "khan, children and grandchildren is often day die without hate".Chinese emperors of the nomadic monarch of the world, this is the first time in history.Later, emperor taizong these tribes in datang states, opens the solution to the problem of ethnic harmony "state" system (note: freedom, maro head; Mi, cattle rein. Meaning system four leveling and harmony are also like animals, like today's regional national autonomy).Later, in the tang dynasty in the history of Chinese silk road trading the most prosperous era.

From xi 'an evalution, XuMiShan, haiyuan ningxia to wuwei, gansu province, east is the "silk road" the shortest route.Evalution of the unearthed gold silver pot, pin glass bowl and northern wei dynasty lacquer coffin painting is three pieces of national cultural relics.Before two found in general lee couple is their column kingdoms, performance of the Trojan war gold silver pot is more typical of unique style, is called "the ningxia first treasure".Northern wei dynasty lacquer coffin painting in xianbei costume character of the han nationality traditional story, reflects the nomadic at that time, the central plains, the western regions and cultural exchange, prosperous situation.Silk road is also the important channels of the Buddhism east, known as the "dunhuang" in ningxia XuMiShan grottoes is one of the famous buddhist grottoes along the silk road.

Into XuMiShan cave scenic area, the first thing you see is 20.6 meters tall and the fifth grotto of Buddha in the tang dynasty, is higher than gantry, yungang grottoes Buddha, Buddha and majesty, face fat, shows the open in the tang dynasty dynasty generous and elegant.