A fragrance the charming cherry blossom in wuhan to drench the rain

A fragrance the charming cherry blossom in wuhan to drench the rain

Early spring season, the best way to cherry blossoms, the patches of clusters of lush pink petals, bloom in the branches, along with the breeze dance.Flowers, like a party, beating its China.Flowers fall, like petals rain again, falling float in the sky.Cherry blossoms, with its beauty, the early spring so beautiful ornament, how can you miss the beauty of the cheng fang?

It is said that the most beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan, in fact, domestic also has the most beautiful cherry blossoms in resort, which is in wuhan.The cherry blossoms of wuhan university is people the beauty of the sound down.This spring, why don't you go to wuhan, pour a fragrance of cherry blossom rain!

Wuhan university of cherry blossoms are mainly distributed in sakura garden and Oriental cherry avenue.The cherry blossom avenue located below the old dormitory and library, sakura garden nearby.Sakura garden planting a cherry, night cherry, red cherry and so on more than 10 varieties.Mid to late march cherry blossoms opened every year.Stroll the cherry blossom avenue, see white cherry blossoms hanging branches, like the flowers of the sea of clouds.

The day of the cherry blossoms in full bloom, wu3 da4 will be very crowded during the day.If you can't stand the crowds, in the night, the visitors are cleared to wu3 da4, can enjoy the light sparkles, distinctive beauty blossoms.

A must-see attractions of wuhan university

A, the cherry blossom avenue

The cherry blossom avenue in sakura garden before the old dormitory, the cherry blossom is given priority to with the Japanese cherry blossom, design and color is rich and colorful.The cherry blossoms in full bloom season, 300 - metre - long cherry blossom avenue as white as snow, if can is a sea of clouds.The breeze blowing, the wind falling cherry blossoms are voluminous, beautiful.

Second, sakura

Sakura is called a cherry blossom castle, is the second high wu3 da4, standing on top of the sakura enjoy cherry blossoms or just been, is each to wu3 da4 will do.Wu3 da4 sakura top passes elaborate design, stately, potala palace is called wuhan.

Third, the old dormitory

Old dormitory is now sakura garden dormitory, is one of the oldest buildings in wuhan university.Along with 108 steps ascending the stairs, the sakura top overlooking the whole university.Every year the season of cherry blossoms in full bloom, pushed open the old dormitory Windows can see wave of cherry blossoms the rain!


Wu is great reward cherry tip: from the main entrance into wuhan university, is the "national wuhan university" memorial arch, the school bus, walk in there is to the lakeside get in the car after under the cherry orchard.Teaching two kunpeng square near the beginning, stretches to the administration building, near with sakura old dormitory best.From eighty 8 steps can be high on the cherry blossom prosperous panorama.

Transportation: 413 road, 515 road, 519 road, 552 road, 564 road, 572 road, 587 road, 591 road, 608 road, 724 road, 806 road, 810 road, etc.

Other the sakura in wuhan

A blossoming, qingchuan pavilion weeping sakura reflected elegance

Wuhan qingchuan pavilion, there are many cherry trees, each only, cherry blossoms in full bloom.Quaint buildings, lush flowers, clouds hanging sakura in foil and whole, like beauty to lens order floral, brilliant color, attract many tourists to eat and take photos.

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Remind: near qingchuan pavilion, hanyang Jiang Tan is beautiful scenery.Different from hankou Jiang Tan, there are many theme sculpture, a more peaceful, if time bounteous, you can go to browse.

Traffic: take 10, 30, 45, 61, 1, 4, 108, 206, 401, 532, 553, 559, 553 road to qingchuan pavilion (iron door closed) or hanyang bridge (tower).

Second, the bank Angle the dim moonlight of jiangnan water park

Bank Angle park is the park of wuhan first jiangnan garden style.Just like the cherry blossoms scenes of suzhou pingtan general feminine.

In garden Bridges, archaize floor pavilions.Rows of willow, peng island, surrounded by green lake park road twists and turns, bamboo forest paths with relief.Blooming cherry blossoms in the open place, like a short song, hurry and come, hurry away again, like suchou dialect soft beautiful expression, the dramatic.

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Cate: here also is famous for its food cattle bones.Flowers, taste spicy cattle bone, there are beautiful scenery, good mouth, don't waste the trip.

Transportation: by 509, 717, 211, 412, 212 road to the dike under the edge Angle.

Three cuckoos, castle peak park cherry blossoms bloom

Along with hundreds of azaleas in qingshan park cherry blossom hill "home", this year spring, the park's nearly thousands of azaleas will purples, and cherry blossoms contend in fragance and fascination.

Castle peak park already has thousands of strains of cherry blossom cherry blossom Lin, especially there are more than 20 strains of green cherry blossoms, when full tree, is a condensate chardonnay bokeh, maybe this time wu3 da4 blossoms, DongHuLi sakura garden, already crowded, pressing round shoulder, only tour.Can be in here, enjoy flower into a slowly enjoy, walking, cherry blossoms, let's "silent" listen to the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

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Traffic: take bus 308, 215, 7 under the steel city of red.

Four, hongshan auditorium near beautiful sakura shame to hide in the alleyway

Most people, wuhan XiaoWuHan university "cherry blossom avenue", but the unknown alley downtown, unexpectedly is cherry blossoms of the ocean.Yesterday, after the hongshan hall near a about hundred meters long alley, found that the large number of cherry blossoms in full bloom, beautiful scenery than wu3 da4 "cherry blossom avenue".And it is free of charge.

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Traffic: take bus 515, 402, 522, under the hongshan auditorium.Living near the hongshan hall, or the traffic is very convenient citizens is not to be missed in the past.

Five, the east lake mountain

East lake mountain YingHuaYuan covers an area of 150 mu, with Japan of the YingHuaYuan YingHuaYuan, Washington, and called the world three big cherry blossoms.Dominated by Japanese park design, more than 30 varieties of 5000 cherry tree rooted in the park.Citizens can take 401, 402, get off at the YingHuaYuan.

Tickets to 60 yuan, student tickets are half price

Traffic: take bus 36, 59, 515, 557, the city tourism special line 3.

Six, Huang Bei cool village

In the cool and refreshing village scenic area, 100000 strains of wild cherry blossom delicate and charming and moving, compared to the Japanese cherry blossom, wild cherry blossom petals slightly smaller, give priority to with light pink, mostly grew up in the mountain plain field.Due to the temperature of the cool and refreshing village to 5 ℃ lower than the local left right, so the long duration of flowering cherry blossoms 7 to 10 days.When wu3 da4 cherry tree lost its blossom, it is cool and refreshing village scenic area cherry blossom bursting.Scenic area is located in the huangpi district CAI shop township in liujia village, drive to.

Tickets: 50 yuan.For reference only