Xi 'an customs

Xi 'an customs


Family members birthday, the whole family to eat noodles, referred to as "longevity noodles".Now pay more attention to children's birthday, buy clothes, toys, caterers birthday cake, birthday candle.Children also bring gifts to celebrate, warrants to the cake candy distribute kindergarten friend.

Celebrate the birthday

The old man hold a birthday party, nephew and son-in-law to send gift, among them there will be a longevity noodles, peach, birthday cake, red candle.A silver spoon in his mouth, former peach is as high as more than a metre, inserted on m model opera characters, match with ShouBing, ailian long life.Life of class, gift list of Chen, red candle high fever, ancestor god worship, the younger generation by issueing bowed down to birthday, send birthday noodles, long-lived WengShouPo points "life of money".And relatives and friends to come to birthday.

Sent wufu

Have sent wufu birthday always fine on both sides of naxi river nowadays."Five blessings" five bats, namely on the cloth embroidered with bats harmonic, called "wufu offer birthday felicitations, five of the" refers to the longevity, rich, corning, merit, to end well.

Eat five beans

Eat five beans is the folk custom of xi 'an in guanzhong area.Lunar fifth, soybean, adzuki bean, mung bean, red bean, black beans (lack of available other beans or don't replace) of 5 kinds of beans into the pot boiled, the whole family to eat, but cannot eat, must eat after.To wish the good harvest next year, auspicious.After the winter solstice eat five beans grow shorter night and day, grew, at this time.So eat five beans also have the meaning of seasonal change.Eat five beans customs in rural areas is still popular today.

Do one hundred

Do one hundred is custom xian the guanzhong area, divided into neonatal and outlaw one hundred days one hundred days.One hundred newborn baby is too full one hundred days on the day when held to celebrate the blessing of the etiquette, also called a one hundred - day.Outlaw is one hundred days in the deceased death full days held a memorial service.Before this, the house of mourning sites there are forty-nine days of failure time, once every seven days the crane.When the children are in the grave and at home in front of a god, spirit, to burn incense, burning paper, pick up the soul, etc.Day one hundred, the main of the dead relatives and friends and neighbors all want to attend the ritual activities, and will be placed on a god before flashing the spirit of the house to the grave.To entertain guests and homeless this day, to show his gratitude.Do after one hundred days, the house is transferred to the normal work and life.