"Let's go" said will see the world with my parents, 8 days free line detailed strategy - Beijing university

The second stop: Beijing university

Out of the north door, waiting for half an hour, along the road to cut the two taxi, tell the driver, Simon will go to Beijing university.

This is I see strategy to understand the Internet, look at a map in the north west door opposite has a "chang spring park", there are many restaurant, I smugly imagine this is opposite in after lunch, and then by Simon in the north to visit.

Simon also playing table from the north of palace came to Peking University to 10 minutes, was dumbfounded at the door.

During the summer vacation, the north only southeast "door" is open to not teach, Peking University student visitors enter, other door shall not be released., of course, this also is to control the world want to go in pilgrimage to the common people, there are a lot of drivers in at the gate of the Simon soliciting: $50 a, drive pull you go in for a visit!

This is too much confidence in what the strategy to harm, can't, across the Simon to find home out in a restaurant, first to solve the lunch, we again two taxi, kill to southeast gate of Peking University.

Southeast of the north door actually is not far from the east gate, if is take the subway, in the "east gate of Peking University" station, walk 50 meters away.

Ho!!!!!!!!!!!Got off the bus, again to the horrified, southeast gate, a ring of black head, in the hot sun is empty, without any order lined up waiting in the garden.It is said that even with id card registration what just let go in.

To visit Peking University, no more than is during the summer vacation with the children to pilgrimage to the visitors.That day the sun is very poisonous, boulevard an estimated 40 degrees, there is no order at all, is to make the effort to squeeze, the along while also see a move, sweat buccal back, everyone is really pitiful world parents heart.The children small plate, also can only follow their own size to pile in.

Look at this situation, I have to visit this shit school do not have what interest.

Why can't each door to enter?Everyone is willing to obey your management, allows you to register, even say be afraid influence your normal teaching order, now is summer vacation, the students all have a holiday, isn't it?

Once again, I feel China's north-south differentiation.Not to mention.