Love the city that never sleeps guangzhou day and night to play the map

Love the city that never sleeps guangzhou day and night to play the map

Changes in the guangzhou, visit guangzhou map must also change.They are no longer confined to simple and similar consumer place, and continuously explore and cultivate the characteristic shop, coffee shops, restaurants, and art space.These interesting new consumption, on the decoration and location does not lose any big cities, and reveal the guangzhou people unique pragmatic, moderate and carefree life grade.

The day article --

The secret garden, no. 9

Construction of road, because have a lot of hidden in the deep shade the personality of the coffee shop in the street and was praised.And this road will stay out of "nine garden".Which two layers of small houses painted the Mediterranean and Europe type style, as if specially reserved a background, contrast with the shortness of the prosperous city atmosphere.The shopkeeper basic retain the floor pattern, spend more attention on the room layout and style decoration.Blue roof, tie-in iron openwork decoration, use circulation through the design of the main body, have distinguishing feature each, every room also has a hanging garden on the second floor, suitable for a party.Sit here is a kind of enjoyment, and wine is the key, by a hob wrapped in a molten glass wine house, the garden put hundreds of bottles of wine, to meet the needs of various levels at any time.In the summer evening, sitting in the garden, drink a cup of drink at random, hearing the lemon flavor, fan to look at the roar of the street scenery, don't have a taste.

Address: yuexiu district construction road 9

Dream of lu street coffee

Construction of six road, "lu street coffee" of its own.The ground here is like a cup of cappuccino, a layer deep shallow brown, black marble bar, the bottom of the red shadow and milk yellow cloth chair placed alternately, hollow out of globular lights shine with the light of the soft.Coffee in the bar low head, grinding coffee beans for a while, a moment lit alcohol lamp, warm mix with all kinds of coffee.The door is the most popular stone big balcony, with a simple desk and chair, in the clearance of sunshine, can feel the trees breathe.Don't walk into, you never know underground and a quiet space.Side is the pure Victorian restaurant, painted golden pillars and embroidered with tapestry of shadow, back of a chair, chair around the embedded dream-like mirror, recently added two Japanese half open space, allows you to take off their shoes to lie down, hold pillow to sit.One side with a bouquet, constant temperature 18 degrees Celsius, more than hundreds preserved from French bordeaux wine.European-style leisure station, pure white European restaurants, european-style cafes and transparent liquor storage house, it is the place where such a mixture of four kinds of wind.

Address: yuexiu district construction road no. 41

Quiet su heart small build

Thammasat road is a quiet road guangzhou rare, rows of buttonwood road, traffic is not much, "su heart small building" is the road only a cafe.Since it opened in 1999, "su heart small build" are always the same, the same simple but elegant.This is not a bar, so definitely not to sell beer.Here is the most charming pervades every corner of the coffee fragrance, besides rings from time to time the voice of the coffee machine and western oldies, almost can't hear any noise.The guests here have no need to reminds the tacit understanding, no one is talking and laughing loudly, even the chair and will take care all the more."Su" is to the feelings, as real feelings.Ten years, shop just like the master, lived a ordinary days, heart and soul how times change, they can stride.

Address: thammasat road no. 59


Stewart downing bookstore in guangzhou first bookstore "cultural life", there are also have 16 creative team product support creative art gallery.

Address: HuaLe road no. 37

Learning and optimal bookstore specializing in humanities and social science and academic books, with unique design and culture, and not regular seminars and culture activities.

Address: dongfeng road no. 729 of the 20th

The concept of "cafe" piech cafe.The museum's height for two floors, three giant renowned art posters in the early 20th century western copy straight from the middle of the shop.

Address: huanshi east road 4 world trade center building

The night piece --

To Churchill to see at night

Want to overlooking the guangzhou bright new town at night, where is the most suitable place?The answer should be "Winston Churchill" ritz-carlton hotel.From the window, just can view and guangzhou new TV tower and the museum.The English pub is given priority to with brunet attune, opened not soon has become a new hot spot of the city.Its positioning and features from name can take in everything in a glance."Churchill" represents a British men's wisdom and temperament, this became the reason of the bar solemn appeal.Here and the lights on, warm color of light and will look very gentle, let the woman also find a sense of belonging.In addition, Winston Churchill was the favorite of whisky and a cigar is the collection of key here.In addition, all kinds of wine here in guangzhou, most enough cognac connoisseurs.And there is also no cocktail list, talked to the guest the bartender will pass, and modulate unique cocktail for them, and generously gave their formula.

Address: tianhe district pearl river new town sing-an road no. 3, fuli ritz-carlton hotel three layers

To like play table tennis

The night life in guangzhou a little familiar with some of the people all know xi, its sincere and warm, temperament is the most suitable for guangzhou.Happy nest have live music playing music, a lot of people know this, and from various places to come over to listen to.But it is interesting to note that xi nest boss and set up a billiard table in the outdoor pavilion.From now, you can warm music room and move to outdoor applauded ball impact.With different indoor dim light, the incandescent lamp lit calmly, fashionable young people smile she chuckled, action natural and unrestrained and not much said, from time to time under the picture on the blackboard scores, coupled with outdoor newly plus the bar and wet air, here is like the island resort in the movie.

Address: the shadow of water road no. 115 city deputy hall a layer

The performance of the independent coffee

Should say "coffee" is very secret, but it all around are engraved with the "coffee" and reverse the English letter "E" (from "EXPRESS" in English), art stands gracefully in lingnan balcony in the city of art.Open at the subway exit, lined with shops around, should be very busy, but the elevator like tunnel, all of a sudden people pulling away from the noisy.Here is divided into two parts of the indoor and outdoor.Indoor place is not big, but still half place doing the show at random.Red yellow blue gives priority to tone the sofa and chairs with some of the 1960 s pop flavor, is the most like the corner of the guests.The big balcony outdoor and indoor have different views.Big basin plants dress up the terrace of vitality, stone carving and contracted modern steel placed in them, deserve to go up again open the red sun umbrellas, as if people in the garden.

Address: yuexiu district zhongshan road, room 509, no. 3


MOSS, strong music and the most trendy people is a big attraction here.

Address: tianhe district tianhe north road auspicious dragon garden 181 one of the first floor

Heping road bar with live in a singer, indoor outdoor seating on a regular basis with the band and dance performances.

Address: ring road east overseas Chinese countryside road no. 2

Believe in the classical sense, red 8 bar music culture.

Address: tianhe district and west road no. 89

CK bar luxuriant avant-garde space design and a very good stereo equipment is the characteristic here.

Address: Beijing south road no. 3, xinguang business building

In guangzhou contemporary art is more and more people's lives.Perhaps this is the higher requirement of quality for their life.In guangzhou city, more and more old factory building reconstruction of creative park, by the old house rebuilt alternative space also become the new middle guangzhou people proud of place.And guangzhou urban villages, has become a favourite artist new stronghold, handheld camera specially to visit a lot of people from time to time.

Contemporary art in guangzhou --

"798" in guangzhou, fangcun faith hall

Situated in white sticky goose pond faith hall, the original is a land of guangdong water conservancy hydropower plants and factories.Is now learn a few buildings to be developers for a cultural, business, exhibition venues.The overall design retained the basic structure of the plant, but with modern style to transform the doors and Windows, walls of the room with many details.With old ties to laying yard ground or do the anchor line;Mottled damp walls were stripped, with cement, blue bricks or red brick;From the old house down to come back to buy blue bricks, laying on the ground and part of the road.And in those days on plant all kinds of slogans on the wall, the whole area of 83 ancient banyan tree, are intact.Stumps along the circumference is according to its original form the outline of a variety of free abstract form, placed in the corner of the pottery used as trash, plain material and the environment is so.At night, there are all kinds of fashion show or shows in the hall, more time is quiet.Not to be missed is resident in the creative office.Gold carve patterns or designs on woodwork door frame, the ticket gate at the entrance channel, next to the front desk is a wooden "bar", decorated with upper cover of the carousel pavilion above...We want to go to the playground is this?No, this is the new office of guangzhou ogilvy integrated marketing communication group!Merry-go-round, rotating coffee cup, ferris wheel, hand control football and small motorcycle, all elements of amusement park in the wake up our childlike innocence.The unique charm, vigor and childlike innocence of office space, abandoned its repetitive cubicle style, it is no wonder that be shortlisted for the China's most successful creative product design award office.

Address: liwan district fang village road straight street no. 1

Life CONCEPT pavilion: CONCEPT of 225

People always want to put good things from the house.The end of June, Beijing road, a building built in the 1940 s of the lingnan satisfied people this dream.Scaffolding type it from a grocery store, hengmei Jin Pu, yan fang studio's predecessor, become a whole house in a refined, sophisticated life attitude, the concept of the club.Concept of european-style garden, flower art, art exhibitions, fair trade goods, such as secondhand books show all moved to here, show guangzhou art strength for high-quality life yearning.On the first floor of the glass sunshine garden, originally is the location of the building hall.Now no matter from cross to cross the road, or under the overhang, provence, you will suddenly see the large type of greenhouse garden, on the wall is candy from local illustrator cat hand painted murals sharply.French flower shop on the second floor, it is said that here is one of the largest French characteristics florist, south China central location is made of wood and glass large air cooling tank maintenance the rare flower seeds around the peony, diamond rose, etc.On the third floor space 225 exhibition hall is a pure white exhibition space."SHOW TIME" on the fourth floor has kept up to the smell of old houses, especially the designer come back from Thailand for old tile.The film and television the ceiling of the room can be lying on the sofa watching projection;Room hung all over the world in different periods of map.The fifth floor of life fun groceries, selling all kinds of creative life.Introduced secondhand books show "Peter (ancient) our cat", as well as the fashion people Su Qi sweet founded the environmental protection concept "thrift-is series" and fair trade products, creative life full of delicate and sweet.

Address: yuexiu district Beijing south road no. 225

Art circle center: 13 theater

13 theatre is the most famous theater in guangzhou.There are both drama and dance.The name of this sounds so there is a lot, but is actually in the shadow of water named cross road no. 13, compared with "the guangdong modern dance company theater" remember snappy, or resolution in the art world.The water shadow road gathered guangdong theatre drama institute, guangdong province, guangzhou symphony orchestra, guangdong art groups such as the experimental modern dance company.On this road, you will find many art performance information with posters.13 big yard, dark red walls of small theater has a warehouse Loft.It is not big, can accommodate 120 people at most a performance.Because of this, the audience of the interactive actors play incisively and vividly.Can go to the theater, leisurely to find a place to sit, or sitting on the steps of stage at will, can clearly see the actor's face, can watch with rapt attention within the time belongs to the performance of the dancers are decked with gorgeousness painting beautiful arc.Address: shahe shadow of roof water cross road no. 13

Original ecological art: a small island village

Urban expansion so fast, many urban villages in guangzhou quickly surrounded by tall buildings.But a small continent still maintained a village ecological village: low old house group, with its homegrown fresh fruit all the year round, the child still can be in a dragon boat on the river when the water rose to swim...For continuously in the art of the people, the simple life is the biggest temptation.Small chau village, also called yingzhou, located at the southern tip of guangzhou, zhuhai new town, was built in the Ming dynasty, is the best of the guangzhou city in lingnan features reserved region of ancient village, the village now has more than 50000 fruit trees and more than 50 large and small masonry bridge, hemp stone paved streets and winding river flood in photograph reflect.Deep in the streets, you can see the legendary "oyster house" - small chau village, the villagers of the grandparents from coastal sand dike built house excavated in a large number of oyster shell, warm in winter and cool in summer, no rain, not afraid to eat by moth, very suitable for the climate of lingnan.It is said that more than 20 years ago, all the houses here are all built with oyster shell.House eaves, beaded from time to time to see the woman is doing.This is one of the villagers' main source of income.In the village this beaded, almost every woman, young or old, embroidered will sit down when you are free.In small chau village, artists, or buy or rent the old house, as far as possible to keep the original into a coffee shop, reading room, small hall, studio, or accumulation point, the fashion, the pioneer, quietly into the village of modern life.

Small continent people's hall, built in 1959, when the village men, women and children story, a brick built.At the end of 2005 renovation, retained the richest era characteristics in the auditorium slogans such as "long live the people's communes" slogan.Since then become cultural scene in the village, often as a painter of exhibition space now.

Address: gongbei four small chau village lane

Desert island library/HAUS: Jane is next to the famous "house of oyster."Desert island" library is to collect literature, art, history, social science, tourism, culture and other second-hand book store, allowing clubs in the storage, exchange old books.Owner Joseph lau said: this was the origin of solve the problem of their personal library, by yourself and others, think everyone is like me have a heap of trouble throwing, lay and temporarily without books.And every book should have its life, here, the future of each book is some new uncertainties.Another room is Jane HAUS, through "fair trade" and "creativity fair" form, hope the sustainable development of "public interest" + "creative".At the same time, also do small photo exhibition.

Address: small chau village, west park three lane no. 6

Deng ying guan:

Ancient pier of a building on the edge of the blue brick flies in the old house into a small cafe.About 6 meters high on the first floor, suitable for small screening, theme photographic images, or a small niche art film, everyone sit at random.Wooden table on the second floor of the expected to jiang, do a small open-air buffet or tea is pretty good.Here is the island at ordinary times artists or literary youth often leisure place.Due to the neighboring town, there are many students near famous folk festival once took place at cuhk, and other activities.Address: small chau village night vessel no. 1: deng ying street house into a small bar, even decorated courtyard patio.Match with cany chair, wooden desk.Old flower POTS, bamboo weaving fine shopping basket and sieve, a fetish reserved, can't use the water turns into a tea table.Here may be regarded as to pursue the oldest building structure of a cut.Address: small chau village south state street no. 2 house of cooperation: to introduce the creation of art in the community concept, changed the traditional way of art exhibition at the art museum, let people how to appreciate art in people's life.Address: fine small chau village bridge two lane no. 2


MUMA: art exhibition during the day, the evening's cafe, bar special environment art becomes approachable.Address: hai jiangnan west road purple mountain street, number 12

B8 music warehouse: master nand gate is guangzhou famous band lead singer celebrate.Live performance venues are specially for the avant-garde music.

Address: member 10 four cross road into the village, 300 meters

Just outside the city --

New zhanglongjiudian = animal zero distance

Left embrace long lung joy to the world, right in xiangjiang wild animals in the world, before long lung golf practice center and after alongside guangzhou crocodile park...Old chime-long hotel is located "duplicity" place where new zhanglongjiudian fiercely "stand next to it.", centered on the hotel shuttle bus can carry your 5 a grade scenic spot in panyu chime-long resort in full play.However, you want to leave the hotel.According to the 5 star standard construction of the new chime-long hotel is full of surprises, "lingnan region, the jungle, animal" is the theme of the ubiquitous hotel space.Standing at the gate of the hotel "elephant" some face upwards long, some playing chase, far just to feel the call of the animal kingdom.A look back, built with pillars of ELuan trapezoidal platforms, water pour down from the top, like a waterfall of frankness is straightforward.The hotel lobby, "castle" jungle, fierce lion Wang Guzu is studying you, commanding display ambition - their feet from the king of the forest, is the front desk of the hotel and the reception desk.Even choose room into an exciting and difficult choice.1500 rooms have five topics, all related to animals, hunters, bird's nest, cocooning, accommodation facilities, jungle kingdom, according to the vision and to name the style is different.The total area of 360000 square meters of the hotel, from the guest rooms along the hillside and step by step, the enclosed in the middle of the field with white tigers and flamingos range of exotic animals, in the balcony of the room would close watch.Obvious and annoying at night here in the city, neighboring with animals but sleep, and then the next day in the coming on of the skylight, woke up in the songs of flamingos, through room glass and white tiger say "good morning"!

Address: YingBinLu panyu district wildlife tourism scenic spot

Shunde clear tranquil garden = old park found ancient meaning

More and more convenient traffic, let the guangzhou shunde need only an hour or so.So many people choose to spend the weekend like this: guangzhou go to visit a rare ancient garden, guangzhou to taste local famous double peel milk and beef offal, night, shunde food, taste authentic, find another gear.The clear tranquil garden in south China's four big gardens in shunde, is listed as one of China's top ten parks, was built in the 1846 years or so, this is Ming calendar ten thousand top Huang Shijun mansion.Is divided into five scenic spots: small flower pavilion peng ying scenic spot, Finland pavilion scenic area, red Qu bookstore, eight tables to the pavilion scenic area, phoenix peak scenic area.Garden trees flower bed altar and chic, four carved all clay sculpture, implicit carving, painting,Pour some jiangnan landscape architectural shadows, it was also very sophisticated and give priority to with vertical bottle and circular openings, each change, each couplet, on the best place for chicken to peak of the mountain path, a turning of a form, and hole shape such as maitreya in smile...Here is set in the Ming and qing dynasties culture, lingnan's classical gardens, jiangnan garden, the pearl river delta features in one region.Often can see a lot of photographic lovers here, if you want to search for the source of the lingnan culture, here is the best place.

Address: DaLiangZhen qing CDH in shunde city road no. 23

Kunshan south cross water resort = looking up at the night sky

Away from the lane, he prowled the mountains - guangzhou people, it can be working on at that time angry words, can also be a year.and weekend plans.About 98 km from guangzhou south kunshan cross water resort, built in the bamboo forest, compose Yu Xishui, best of all is that mobile phone signal here is not good, let a person enjoy the peace and quiet.Outside the emerging top resort, heaven and earth, there is little things around.It is located in the longmen county nankun mountain national forest park, close to the tropic of cancer, forest area of 180000 mu, animal and plant resources are rich, warm in winter and cool in summer, full of grotesque scene, environment is unique.Now is a good time to go to the summer.After entering the village, in the double brook crossed more than 2500 acres of the valley, the Chinese traditional hakka rammed earth wall and top of the bamboo construction process combined with elements, ubiquitous, such as bamboo bridge, tower, the meditation hall star-gazing private sites can reward.Composed rainbow Colombian designer moso bamboo bamboo bridge, connects the w, and resorts.The night, the wind bamboo forest, birds chirp, very quiet.And watch tower is at its highest level in the resort, lifting is the bright sky, overlooking the entire secondary forests, lush original behind is the most representative in kunshan bamboo wonders.The room is a natural color.Transparent to look at the stars over the bath in the bathroom, large terrace direct stream surface, observatory in bamboo construction, to the best Angle to appreciate green mountains, listening is gurgling water.Inside the kits are all using natural materials, such as pure silk, cotton bedding, the furniture of bamboo material, clay, stone furnishing articles.Villa courtyard next to the most is leisurely, with purple water lily pool have a rest, flat surface will south kunshan green mountain complete, 360 degrees of drunken takes to the sea.

Address: huizhou longmen south kunshan

The city --

Baiyun mountain top grade springs

The traditional things look old?But the new middle class in guangzhou never denied the traditional influences.Before did not think of way to carry forward, learn to enjoy them at least.The mountain tea is one of the moisture regain of entertainment.Famous south guangdong baiyun mountain, known as "Yang cheng first show," said.The mountains there are many scenic spots have teahouse, let people can stop and overlooking the whole city, ahead in the pearl river, while sipping tea.The forest of steles predecessor is baiyun temple, built in the song dynasty, is one of the guangzhou has a long history of the ancient temples, but were destroyed during the Anti-Japanese War, later reconstruction, collected some celebrities through the ages, modern poet's poetry.Tea house is located in the reconstruction of the temple.Two or three terraces out from the mountainside, strewn at random, before and after sit to guangzhou city longemont fundus.25 to 30 yuan a pot of tea, reading a book to admire the view, can be for the better.Chest pavilion teahouse in the valley, surrounded on three sides by mountains and faces the quiet cool and refreshing;In addition, in the valley of the plum blossom, tea variety is more, the main drink kongfu, cheap and fine.Can pick one morning, take a cable car up the mountain, see the beauty in the mountains, after tasting the local landscape tofu pudding, panoramic after out of guangzhou, and carefully yipin especially the landscape of sweet tea.

Address: wide garden road baiyun south road

Toward the setting sun in the afternoon tea

Located in pazhou, guangzhou shangri-la hotel, with its unique music afternoon tea to attract many people's attention.In the lobby, can fully enjoy the leafy garden landscape outside the window, listen to the live band of light melody, tasting the perfect afternoon tea set.Western afternoon tea set include homemade scones with jam and freshly baked mini pie, cake, cake, pie, handmade chocolate, etc.;While Asian wind afternoon tea set is more "sushi" fruit, durian, and turnip puffs, satay chicken string of innovation such as dim sum.The design in accordance with the standards of resort here, were a few steps in one scene, lush plants, let a person stay in tropical botanical garden.Drink afternoon tea, while close to feel these landscape, let a person find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind.If check-in "luxury pavilion", also can go to enjoy afternoon tea, 34 floor overlooking the new guangzhou exhibition center here, also can see the beauty of the sunset dyed the sky red.

Address: hai exhibition east road no. 1

Part of the golf course

City land scale soil an inch of gold, have never thought on the scenic west lake have a golf course!The luhu golf country club has an 18-hole par 72 golf course and 9 hole night light field, two stadium respectively and according to the mountain.In addition to playing golf, there are a lot of fun to be found: 8 standard tennis court, sporting goods stores, fitness center, massage pool, restaurant...Diversification of convenience, it may be said the sparrow is small, all-sided.Club will adapt to set up in order to develop intelligence as the theme of "youth movement camp" activities, organize rich and colorful programs, to the ball friends accompanying children care.

Address: yuexiu district west road scene


LuMing restaurant: one of the four main garden restaurant in guangzhou, reopened in 2007, there are exquisite lingnan garden architecture.Eating, drinking tea and snacks, can see the authentic guangzhou garden.

Address: yuexiu district luhu road no. 11

Zhengda square: there are outdoor cafes, also have a hall, indoor place very spacious, with guangzhou characteristics.

Address: yuexiu district luhu road 300 (head office)

Wind xuan: it is located in the pearl of baiyun mountain building tourist areas, mountain, the air is fresh, scenery bean curd, baiyun groping wait for baiyun mountain tunnels are done very famous.

Address: 1128 baiyun avenue to the heart of the pearl of baiyun mountain building