Swim mountain flowers Yunnan Luo Ping found flowers Tian Hang perturbation strategy

Swim mountain flowers Yunnan Luo Ping found flowers Tian Hang perturbation strategy

Luo Pingyou mountain, water, beautiful flower field.If you are a photographer, if you are a QiongYou backpacker, Luo Ping is in your heart the beautiful pastoral ideal.

Luo Ping in eastern yunnan province, the ten thousand mu beautiful every spring rape fields are to be bent.Jiulong waterfall group of 11 outstanding scenic spots, named for the province small louboutin leather, rippling river at the provincial level scenic spots in scenery more beautiful...Strong ethnic flavor, rich natural resources, a number of factors make this southern small town is known.If you are a photographer, if you are a QiongYou backpacker, Luo Ping is in your heart the beautiful pastoral ideal.

First stop: Jin Jiling

Jin Jiling Luo Ping county about 9 kilometers, is the best place to rape, shooting and early spring is the most beautiful color.

Starts from the rape, a passion for all things.Jin Jiling as a small village, the agrestic breath can let people relax for a long time in the city.Along the rape field there is a lot of selling honey, rape and other simple villagers, in talking to the villagers can feel the local culture breath, cheap and fine products at the same time also won't let you go without.


Tickets: 30 yuan

Recommended play time: 2 hours

Best time to visit: at least 3 to 5 month rape best.

Address: 9 km northeast of Luo Ping county.

Transportation: Luo Ping county have to Jin Jiling minibuses, there is no two pieces, about 20 minutes drive, there is also a taxi or charter, an average of 20 yuan, can make price, charter, carefully to prevent pit.

The second stop: spiral lions field

The rape field and Jin Jiling rape field here is two completely different style, Jin Jiling the sense that gives a person is spectacular, the atmosphere here is a small fine.Terrace with the landform of a circle as if each spiral lions, so this place of terraces also called field of snails.

"Screw field" is by the natural landscape of beaded karst funnel geological formations, funnel so intense, the shape is so strange, it is rare.Landscape of 50 meters deep, in the northeast, south west, ladder type paddy field and dry land, themselves JiZhengZheng.In different season, because of different crops, the formation of a variety of different color piece modelling.From the middle of the garden radioactive form small basin.


Address: located in the county seat 10 kilometers to the northwest NiuJie

Recommended play time: 2 hours

Best time to visit: at least 3 to 5 month rape best.

Third: Kowloon waterfall

Kowloon waterfall group located in the east Luo Ping county JiuLongHe on 22 kilometers, is China's largest waterfall group of landscape.The waterfall is China's national geographic "beauty China" activity named "China's most beautiful six big waterfall" fourth.

In Kowloon waterfall only 4 km long river, there is the size of dozens of calcified beach and ten multi-level waterfalls, strange shapes, vegetation intact, is also rare in the country.Waterfalls cascade appearance each different, at all levels or bold, or dangerous, or beautiful.One of the most spectacular "dragon waterfall" divide 56 meters, 112 meters wide, BaoMian an arc, organ has a depth of about 10 meters waterfall cave, organ is a bottomless pool of circular.In addition to the waterfall, can also feel the buyi special amorous feelings, near February each year for singing festival attracts visitors from home and abroad.

Kowloon waterfall group for Luo Ping ancient first of "the three gorges suspension flow" ten views."Width, big difference, much" is the characteristic of Luo Ping jiulong waterfall.Misty rain, wind, water,Cloud, fly, castle peak, before you start a magnificent landscape picture scroll.Layer cascade folds, form a special skill."Set of guilin the amorous feelings, peaceful of jiuzhaigou, witty, resemblance of the three gorges and steep, the grand of huangguoshu" is tourism Luo Ping falls to a genuine look and feel of the guests.In addition, Luo Ping or China "the rape of the township", rape open season look all golden rape terraces.Jiulong waterfall surrounded by green mountains around, criss-crossed, bucolic.In addition to the festival water-sprinkling festival, torch festival, taste a fresh delicacy, CaiHuaJie, eid al-adha, February each year, fangyuan dozens, in the yi, water and other ethnic minorities will dress up to celebrate the waterfall song contest, the ancient wild hair people dance dance, stilts dance, fantasy, song courtship, very busy.


Tickets: 75 yuan

Open time: 09:00-17:00

Recommended play time: 3 hours

Address: qujing city luoping JiuLongHe.

Luo Ping tourism seasonally strong, in late February to early march every year, the most popular rape.Every year at this time of flowering vary according to the climate of jiulong waterfall which is the most attractive, the water is green, water is moderate.

The fourth stop: according to the river

More in accordance with the river is located in the dianqiangui three provinces at the junction of yunnan luoping county territory, and guizhou XingYiShi ma linghe canyon national key scenic area landscape is linked together, the large peak clump up to one hundred thousand stockaded village into the scenic spot.12 km bed of nearly 40 waterfalls, on both sides of the old-growth timber bamboo, color is rich, clear hierarchy.The movie "thousand variant 2" in the west.

In accordance with the river scenery beautiful, quiet environment, more amorous feedings, organ group gathering, intricacies, too many things to see.More rich intoxicate buyi amorous feelings of scenic spot, especially of the 3rd lunar calendar, booee young men and women costumes from the river, the bamboo raft, egg package, water play, song courtship, as if a piece of xanadu, also can taste the rich national characteristics of food: rice, sour bamboo shoots, fish, brown, "rod" bag, all looks delicious.

More in accordance with the river to watch for include: according to the scene, plate waterfalls, yuanyang falls, etc.


Tickets: 55 yuan

Open time: 07:00-18:00

Recommended play time: 1 day