For most NianWeiEr places in China

For most NianWeiEr places in China

Some "hit" line is a blend of the ancient Chinese Spring Festival culture, folk recreational activities, ethnic customs and other elements.

1, chengdu

Experience of the three folk to kam

Chengdu wuhou temple has been chengdu cultural landmarks, the Spring Festival to the temple of marquis feeling "play god" is one of the old custom of chengdu people.This year, chengdu big temple fair is held in the temple of marquis, marking the 10th anniversary, the Spring Festival activities are more colorful.

In is known as "chengdu qingming scroll" kam, rows of tea workshop, the guesthouse, restaurant, stage, and folk crafts shops are full of red lanterns ribbons, there are three legacy folk experience, let you like back to the ancient New Year."Chinese small pleased god" the scene to send blessings, the three themes carnival has a parade of National People's Congress of The Three Kingdoms, "the hero of The Three Kingdoms" lantern show reproduce the three characters of ying, big temple fair book fair and exhibition to let people know to ancient history goes back to ancient times.

In addition, the traditional dragon dance, stilts, sichuan opera, acrobatics and other folk stunt show in the splendid cultural feast, cheer for tourists auspicious New Year atmosphere, allows you to experience the most original and nostalgic flavor of chengdu civic.

For most NianWeiEr places in China

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Food: fatty intestine powder, sanhe mud, pot pot chicken ribs, jin palace, hot and sour tofu pudding, rice noodle, all kinds of snacks such as shrimp meat, lamb bubble.Shopping: zhang fei beef, red rabbit butyl, shui jing fang, bean curd cake, rice wine flower sugar, watercress, dried chili, etc.Shu embroidery is also hand letter.

2, zhejiang

To take part in a traditional wuzhen strip feast

The tranquility of the Spring Festival of wuzhen change ferial became more lively, various folk activities qiqi: opera, drama, local opera performances, krathong performances, etc., be permeated with full-bodied amorous feelings of waterfront town.Feelings of wuzhen folkway nostalgia, is into simple water, experience the unique customs in jiangnan, warm family reunion dinner.

Don't miss most is the most traditional of the most simple wuzhen long banquet.In wuzhen stretch for street banquet, drinking rice wine, wuzhen to taste the water festival atmosphere, can feel the west gate in the streets of the old traditional Chinese festival atmosphere.During the Spring Festival tourists can also take lantern houseboat, west lake, you can appreciate the shaoxing opera adaptation on board, jiangnan silk, barge cruise, lake dragon dance lion dance, walking on stilts, jan and yuhang rolling lights, street and other activities more let a person feel strong festival atmosphere.

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Food: wuzhen well-known snacks with bean curd, wins cakes, dumplings, etc.Accommodation: in wuzhen can live in a home stay facility, feeling of the Spring Festival, best book in advance.

3, guizhou

Look to the ZhaoXing DongZhai "lift officer person"

The Spring Festival approaching, red lanterns, Spring Festival couplet, mascot...Guizhou everywhere enjoy the festival season, strong festival atmosphere.ZhaoXing DongZhai, located in the province, guizhou miao and dong autonomous county is one of the largest dong village in the province dong area.

Visitors in the natural of primitive simplicity ZhaoXing DongZhai, original "lift officer person" activities, a wild "clay figurine festival", to see in night dong dong song "row sit on" youth men and women.In the "the world's largest miao" xijiang swallowed the miao, the diaojiao building layer cascade folds and wooden house built up to the mountain, with profound farming culture and the integration of the beautiful rural scenery.

For most NianWeiEr places in China

To warmly welcome the arrival of the lunar New Year, the women dressed in bright tinkling silver, cloth dress worn to tourists laid horn wine, invite visitors to dance together.

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Food: merchant sour soup fish, intestinal flourishing planes, bijie dumplings, the local famous snacks but can't miss it.

Accommodation: ZhaoXing hotel is numerous, condition is good early ZhaoXing qian quick hotel.

4, zhejiang

AnChang LaWei full year in sight

Shaoxing is famous historical and cultural city, and its rich mountain water gave birth to countless celebrities, also "vintage" famous waterfront town, AnChang is one.AnChang town also retained the ancient dry sausages custom, at the heart of the shaoxing see so rich festival atmosphere, was surprised.

Thirty minutes of shaoxing city has "clear water penetration must in the street, 17, rainbow across a river bridge" of the reputation of AnChang, the nose is the thick LaWei, walked into the old street, when a canal, full of bright red bream fish sausages, dried, and golden sauce duck...In the evening sun shone red bright color, make whole streets, enveloped in a warm atmosphere.Town of strong festival atmosphere, with the wind.

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Food: AnChang town of sausages, must not miss it.In the soy sauce and pickle shop also need to bring a bottle of home.Take the specialty home 2 samples, to experience the life of thick oil red sauce.

5, hebei

Yu county paper-cut window "carved out" the flowery colour

A true festival in the countryside, the lively folk jan cannot miss yu county in hebei province, in the days of the lunar New Year, the square will be from different villages, performed by farmers themselves, rich and colorful jan performance, this is experienced the joy of New Year.Yu county folk jan, sort is various, from the fourteenth, for three days.By chance we have traditional handicraft and the villagers to get studio can visit, groping to visit.

In some parts of hebei, shanxi and Inner Mongolia, especially in the vast countryside, has the custom of the Chinese New Year paste paper-cut.Yu county paper-cut originated in the Ming dynasty, is a kind of unique style, enjoying high reputation both at home and abroad of the folk art, its production technology is unique among numerous national paper cutting, this paper cutting is not "cut", but "moment", it is a thin rice paper as raw material, with small, sharp scorper seal, transition, and lively again gorgeous color;The basic process is: the set of modelling, embalm sample, carving, dyeing.

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Jan, from the square is a small chug motorcycle, 10 yuan (New Year's day 10, 5 blocks) at ordinary times, for a while to reach "the paper-cut first street".