A fragrance the charming cherry blossom in wuhan to drench the rain

Early spring season, the best way to cherry blossoms, the patches of clusters of lush pink petals, bloom in the branches, along with the breeze dance.Flowers, like a party, beating its China.Flowers fall, like petals rain again, falling float in the sky.Cherry blossoms, with its beauty, the early sp

hubei wuhan The cherry blossom

Through the fortress jiangnan deep experience in ningxia hui wind

Ningxia is one of the main areas of hui nationality, accounting for one 5 of the total number of hui nationality in China.Tang, song, through the "silk road" of Persia, Arabia missionaries, businessmen, diplomats and expeditionary army sergeant leave home ownership, the ancestors of the ningxia hui.

ningxia yinchuan The islamic The hui nationality

Where to go for an outing in spring travel quanzhou special

Spring peach blossom falls on the ground, austral spring, more green than the north, and for an outing season!You don't arrange your spring outing plan.Students especially pay attention to in the north, the fog on the should have clear season is very arbitrary, one might as well try to dodge, quanzh

fujian quanzhou QingYuanShan NiuM Lin The west lake park Water rock Adai fairy waterfall Chongwu ancient city KaiYuan Temple The fairy male mountain The queen of heaven The gold coast Tsai ancient dwellings Painted the gate street Zheng chenggong historic ShenHuWan Fu Confucian temple Anping bridge The east lake park

Leisure pastime to chengdu

Haven't been to chengdu, I do not know chengdu people's leisure life carefree to which extent, only after being in the city, listening to people talk, dragging a long end and turn the sound, looked at them in intensive antique commercial blocks and alleys and natural and unrestrained the seriously t

sichuan chengdu Leshan giant Buddha

Ink xitang living ancient town in one thousand

Xitang with "bridge, get more and more corridor shed more" is famous for its three major characteristics.In xitang, ancient thick simple bridge, to listen to the water whisper, plasma one thousand OARS shallow sing;The deep and wonderful, record the houses on both sides change, old couple;And stands

zhejiang xitang

Sunshine in sanya, ocean paradise

Nature has the most pleasant climate, fresh air, the warm sunshine, the blue sea water and the soft sand are given its China's only tropical seaside city of sanya.To experience a variety of exciting water sports, diving WuZhiZhouDao deep blue sea and in the yalong bay to riding a motorboat racing in

hainan sanya tourism ocean

Another ancient city of suzhou slowly enjoy new tone

Mention of suzhou, the mind will emerge immediately beautiful jiangnan landscape.Fireworks in March of the jiangnan spring, summer, of course, be the vast green water, the autumn chrysanthemum yellow fat crabs are travelers when familiar with the beauty of the season, but, in the tourist season, cro

China jiangsu suzhou The taihu lake

What you don't know the Lhasa four alternative

For most of the travelers, "snow area the holy city of Lhasa" although still sending out mysterious breath, but more and more commercialized is an unavoidable problem.In front of the potala palace, barkhor bustling crowd, more and more well-known attractions, could make a bit less freshness in Lhasa

Tibet Lhasa

The unique charming ancient China's most beautiful town

China has many, each are extremely sensibility, or mountain or water or Bridges QingWaFang.Fugue, often makes people do not know now evening what evening. The first: danba Tibetan village Danba, located near the eastern sichuan ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture in western and daofu, Kang Din

tourism The ancient town Kanas lake in the ancient village ChangTingXian Guangdong town The ancient town of xitang Tongli town zhouzhuang wuzhen Wuyuan town Huang yao ancient town Danba Tibetan village

Explore the mystery of the regional city in xinjiang

Speaking of the ancient city of xinjiang, it is full of mystery and people endless curiosity and exploring spirit.The disappearance of the ancient civilizations, who always crying, LianPian. Karamay ur grain devil city Ur grain demon city also known as ur grain windy city.Located in the northe

xinjiang karamay The ancient city of