To "chengdu garden" in xichang yi
Mention xichang of sichuan, the first impression is the famous satellite launch base.Imagine there must the land in the desert, nothing grows.But it is not the case, xichang with pingyao ancient city, lijiang ancient city is known as one of China's top ten most beautiful ancient city.Here is not onl

sichuan xichang yi The Chinese New Year

Pleasure to admire the wax plum zhejiang may place
Warm warm winter, also didn't let the wax plum one cavity in full bloom.Both the lake and other scenic areas, the anointed with fresh maneuver, must be the season gives us the best gift.They call "wax plum", flowers bloom in cold winter, now is a good season, to watch can come to these places to see

tourism zhejiang Wax plum

Experience of atypical nanjing plain gaochun old street
Gaochun old street, such clean plain an old street, is located in the half sky construction dust half full of river on the outskirts of nanjing. Alive, there are always let me endless surprised - such as a restaurant in Germany, points 1 bottle of 0.75 litres of red wine than three cups of 0.25 l

nanjing tourism

Winter around Beijing hutong deep look at the flowers
The winter in Beijing, desolate and lonely, hovering around the ground outside, to the depths of flowers, miss around far-away place of lovers, that is the current mood of Chen shen?Whenever hear this song "ONE NIGHT IN BEIJING" has always been deeply impress. Everyone has heard it to extrapolate

Beijing hutong

Yunnan alone grams of the dream city of shangri-la
Alone grams of ancient city, is located in the diqing Tibetan autonomous prefecture, yunnan province, build pond town of shangri-la county, therefore is also called the pond ancient city.Here at an altitude of 3300 meters, in the mountains around the open bazi, there is a shaped like a big tortoise

Tibet shangri-la

Pour the wind and cloud roaming yunnan TengChongXian heshun old town
The town had permeated the smoke and fire, also ever enjoy prosperity and glory, it's the sad and beautiful will always struggle together, in the end it is staring at the distant land of the west side. Dealership in mountainous overlapping between the gaoligong mountains, seemingly in the cliff t

yunnan The ancient town

Winter YouGuiZhou to the province to go to the village
Words winter is the off-season, close to the end of the year, many tourists are arranged his trip, this year the last station where to go?If you are going to winter to guizhou tourism, you must be "for the city (village)". Historical and cultural city - the town of ancient roadway Town far passe

guizhou The miao In the winter

Urumqi, is not just a transfer station
Walking in the northwest of China the farthest from the sea city streets, they will make you feel in addition to the bustling city with beautiful, still can produce a kind of exotic novel. The grand bazaar national hand letter In urumqi international grand bazaar, ErDaoQiao market place and is

xinjiang urumqi

Beautiful musical sound pretty very admire the ancient capital of nanjing
China, whoever has the place where the character "jing", give a person is pleased emperors, LongPanHuJu feeling.Nanjing dragon PAM had rests and river of singing, the northern YanZhengFang great weather, and the south feminine charm."Six dynasties gold", "li, bead curtain", the story seems to have d

jiangsu nanjing gu

Shanghai travel small endowment warm afternoon in the bookstore
Read the library is the best place in nature, however, like small endowment for tone "pseudo literary youth", and more used in a variety of small cafes, small bookstore to kill time.The cold winter, nest in Shanghai a few small corner of the environment is good, a cup of delicious coffee, a not too

Shanghai The bookstore