Reveal the capital four top private clubs could not get rich
In the city of more than 4000 private clubs, the most dazzling is the city "the big four clubs" -- changan club, China will be invested by the investment, and claims to be "China's first rich club" the city of the club and the global chain club America.The rich are not necessarily go to the will of

China Beijing The club

Within the city gate house nine door to see what is 400 years ago
ZhengYangMen, chongwenmen, xuanwu gate, ChaoYangMen, dongzhimen, xizhimen...Mention Beijing these prizes, believe that familiar with Beijing is no stranger to his friends.Don't think that these prizes, named "door" is a simple address mark oh, each a "door" the story has a long standing and well est

China Beijing The wall

Beijing winter hot, and winter warm Beijing new "hot spot"
Not cold this winter, Beijing, and even can be very hot.Because to warm you, not just of a fire. Even if the winter is overdue, the trees and fall the last piece of leaf is already.So we are looking forward to snow, while counting fingers waiting to say goodbye to 2013, this is another than grace

China Beijing In the winter pleasure

The Palace Museum intends to carry out the system go to push ticket reform
The Palace Museum is brewing ticketing reform, and is expected to launch the system go to, in order to meet the there are many times in a year into the Palace Museum exhibition audience's needs. Facing the net friend "can provide often need to the Palace Museum visitor friends go" advice, ChanJi

China Beijing The Forbidden City

The ancient capital of nanjing winter sunset lake in the slow time
Ming city wall, cedar with lots of green, quiet street trees which is can't let go of lush, helped walls break old man...Is probably season, it is difficult to use a warm, happy, sweet, this kind of words to describe the winter of nanjing, while nostalgia, lake, carefree, mixed with comfortable feel

jiangsu nanjing

Gypsum seems pretty jiangnan mountain in shanxi
Gypsum hill, formerly known as "stone mountain," to a "stone mountain".High refers to the mountain is the highest, in the green mountain peaks appearing TaiYue position after too self-display, due to the high word in celebrating yuan MingLong by BingBu HuoJi of ministers, is changed to "gypsum mount

shanxi Tianzhu temple Long Yingu Gypsum hill The scenery

Mysterious rift valley WanXi infinite allure
Rift valley boasts beautiful scars on earth, added infinite allure to tourists, in the dabie mountain in wei eight hundred, unexpectedly also hides a mysterious rift valley. There are all kinds of the grand canyon in the world, such as the United States of west zhejiang grand canyon of the Colora

China anhui

The temptation of the west will swim five places - the mogao grottoes of dunhuang
Dunhuang in the world famous ancient silk road, is the ancient silk road city town.Has become a silk road culture symbol of the most significant. Mogao grottoes commonly known as the thousand-buddha grottoes, known as the most valuable culture found in the 20th century, "the Louvre of the east",

gansu dunhuang The mogao grottoes Places of historic interest The world cultural heritage

Shanxi datong played -, and ancient city of pingyao ancient city sites, the yungang grottoes
Hen quietly hanging on the cliffs;Of sunny in the morning, let the hen subduction in the dark with the shadow of the cliff, I went up from the west, respect the gods FoYing slowly;Stop at the attic only through a foot, foot board, is teetering;More than half a dangling body, stretch hand to measure

shanxi datong Pingyao ancient city yanmenguan Yungang grottoes hen

"Let's go" said will see the world with my parents, Beijing 8 days free line strategy - to summarize in detail
Finally, on the eighth day, want to go home, this can perfectly complete the trip to Beijing, or the help of a friend, thanks to Beijing and advanced network and the great god of all stripes and online strategy. From Beijing to guangzhou ash machine is three and a half hours, we had lunch, a taxi

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