Gypsum seems pretty jiangnan mountain in shanxi
Gypsum hill, formerly known as "stone mountain," to a "stone mountain".High refers to the mountain is the highest, in the green mountain peaks appearing TaiYue position after too self-display, due to the high word in celebrating yuan MingLong by BingBu HuoJi of ministers, is changed to "gypsum mount

shanxi Tianzhu temple Long Yingu Gypsum hill The scenery

Shanxi datong played -, and ancient city of pingyao ancient city sites, the yungang grottoes
Hen quietly hanging on the cliffs;Of sunny in the morning, let the hen subduction in the dark with the shadow of the cliff, I went up from the west, respect the gods FoYing slowly;Stop at the attic only through a foot, foot board, is teetering;More than half a dangling body, stretch hand to measure

shanxi datong Pingyao ancient city yanmenguan Yungang grottoes hen