Romantic spring to teach you how to play in Beijing
Beijing spring the weather gets warmer, and the recovery, flowers in full bloom, is the best tourist season of the year, Beijing attractions very much, from the natural landscape to cultural sites, numerous, so Beijing spring tourism where fun, today will give you recommend a few suitable for spring

Beijing In the spring tourism

Sunshine in sanya, ocean paradise
Nature has the most pleasant climate, fresh air, the warm sunshine, the blue sea water and the soft sand are given its China's only tropical seaside city of sanya.To experience a variety of exciting water sports, diving WuZhiZhouDao deep blue sea and in the yalong bay to riding a motorboat racing in

hainan sanya tourism ocean

The unique charming ancient China's most beautiful town
China has many, each are extremely sensibility, or mountain or water or Bridges QingWaFang.Fugue, often makes people do not know now evening what evening. The first: danba Tibetan village Danba, located near the eastern sichuan ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture in western and daofu, Kang Din

tourism The ancient town Kanas lake in the ancient village ChangTingXian Guangdong town The ancient town of xitang Tongli town zhouzhuang wuzhen Wuyuan town Huang yao ancient town Danba Tibetan village

Pleasure to admire the wax plum zhejiang may place
Warm warm winter, also didn't let the wax plum one cavity in full bloom.Both the lake and other scenic areas, the anointed with fresh maneuver, must be the season gives us the best gift.They call "wax plum", flowers bloom in cold winter, now is a good season, to watch can come to these places to see

tourism zhejiang Wax plum

Experience of atypical nanjing plain gaochun old street
Gaochun old street, such clean plain an old street, is located in the half sky construction dust half full of river on the outskirts of nanjing. Alive, there are always let me endless surprised - such as a restaurant in Germany, points 1 bottle of 0.75 litres of red wine than three cups of 0.25 l

nanjing tourism

"Let's go" said will see the world with my parents, Beijing 8 days free line strategy - to summarize in detail
Finally, on the eighth day, want to go home, this can perfectly complete the trip to Beijing, or the help of a friend, thanks to Beijing and advanced network and the great god of all stripes and online strategy. From Beijing to guangzhou ash machine is three and a half hours, we had lunch, a taxi

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"Let's go" said will see the world with my parents, 8 days free line detailed strategy - the temple of heaven in Beijing
On the seventh day, tomorrow will go back home, today's mission is not nervous this morning so all stay in our hotel. First stop: the temple of heaven The traffic Take the subway line 5, the east gate of the temple of heaven to the subway to get off.A1 and A2 exit can look at the east gate of

Beijing tourism The temple of heaven

"Let's go" said will see the world with my parents, detailed strategy - wangfujing Beijing free line 8 days
The second stop: wangfujing Leave the houhai lake, called a taxi, about $20, came to the wangfujing today. Wangfujing commercial development soon, north from nankou Beijing hotel into the street, see the signboard is high, store the looming, crowded, like flowing water.The street now have Asia

Beijing tourism wangfujing

Said "let's go" to see the world with my parents, Beijing free line 8 days detailed strategy - deep, respectful wang fu
Sit tricycles houhai Manpower tricycle in houhai lake is a scenery, rent a three-wheeled rickshaw tour along the houhai - west sea - sea before, will be on the way by soong ching ling's former residence, residence of guo moruo, nine gate snack street, wangfu deqing, respectful wang fu (and of for

Beijing tourism houhai Respectful wang fu

"Let's go" said will see the world with my parents, Beijing 8 days free line detailed strategy - houhai
First stop: houhai  houhai is an integral part of Chinese quadrangles, saying is "the sea", is actually a huge artificial lake.Up the street outside, after its action to xinjiekou street in the west.This is the city before 700 yuan dynasty period of ancient waters.Don't go around houhai lake i

Beijing tourism houhai Nanluogu xiang