Experience of atypical nanjing plain gaochun old street

Gaochun old street, such clean plain an old street, is located in the half sky construction dust half full of river on the outskirts of nanjing. Alive, there are always let me endless surprised - such as a restaurant in Germany, points 1 bottle of 0.75 litres of red wine than three cups of 0.25 l

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Beautiful musical sound pretty very admire the ancient capital of nanjing

China, whoever has the place where the character "jing", give a person is pleased emperors, LongPanHuJu feeling.Nanjing dragon PAM had rests and river of singing, the northern YanZhengFang great weather, and the south feminine charm."Six dynasties gold", "li, bead curtain", the story seems to have d

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The ancient capital of nanjing winter sunset lake in the slow time

Ming city wall, cedar with lots of green, quiet street trees which is can't let go of lush, helped walls break old man...Is probably season, it is difficult to use a warm, happy, sweet, this kind of words to describe the winter of nanjing, while nostalgia, lake, carefree, mixed with comfortable feel

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