The magic are Shanghai leisure livable city
For a long time, about "livable city" are people most concerned topic.Shanghai, is still the top as a livable city.Whether in the bund garden, enjoy the magic scene, or in fengjing town, experience in China ancient people feel in the picture;Shanghai snacks, or is in the city god temple enjoy a wond

Shanghai Chenghuang temple Fengjing ancient town The bund

In front of the temple snack old Shanghai chenghuang temple
Old Shanghai chenghuang temple, is now the yuyuan garden shopping mall, south the city road, north to bliss road, rely on old tinker AnRen street in the east, west, covering a total of 5.3 hectares.Earlier in addition to the temple, shops, and hundreds of families live there, can be called the "nati

Shanghai Chenghuang temple