Article 12 in China is not known as the color line to the public
If every month have a journey, so be sure to China this article 12 color line.The most beautiful four seasons on the road, do you most admire in the heart is a few months? Jan: half is sea water, half is flame Line: haikou, wenchang, qionghai, mannings Main point: wenchang tai wan, stone park

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Xi 'an customs
birthday Family members birthday, the whole family to eat noodles, referred to as "longevity noodles".Now pay more attention to children's birthday, buy clothes, toys, caterers birthday cake, birthday candle.Children also bring gifts to celebrate, warrants to the cake candy distribute kindergarten

shaanxi Xi 'an customs

One day see xian changan flower is most suited to watch flowers in the recommendations
Xi 'an, in the true sense of the spring began on March 12, Arbor Day is beginning, from the mid to late march to mid to late April, xi 'an have more flowers around scenic spot.Do some listed below: Shaanxi rape 1. Hanzhong rape (MianXian) 2012 China's most beautiful rape flowers in hanzhong

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Shaanxi xi 'an wild goose pagoda dream - original works
The city that never sleeps pretty, wild goose pagoda square is even more beautiful.Back to the south square didn't see the people for the monks.Go to the north square, more than twenty thousand square meters of water to the music, tap dance, packed with the big beautiful lustily.Music disturb the ma

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