Article 12 in China is not known as the color line to the public
If every month have a journey, so be sure to China this article 12 color line.The most beautiful four seasons on the road, do you most admire in the heart is a few months? Jan: half is sea water, half is flame Line: haikou, wenchang, qionghai, mannings Main point: wenchang tai wan, stone park

red line hainan yunnan sichuan guizhou guangxi xinjiang plateau gannan shaanxi hunan

Winter YouGuiZhou to the province to go to the village
Words winter is the off-season, close to the end of the year, many tourists are arranged his trip, this year the last station where to go?If you are going to winter to guizhou tourism, you must be "for the city (village)". Historical and cultural city - the town of ancient roadway Town far passe

guizhou The miao In the winter